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  • Fernando Triff

Lex Jones On 82

Lex Jones is a new rapper who shares and discusses Korean and Japanese hip hop culture. He just released a music video for the single 82, which was created when Lex Jones was residing in South Korea and was inspired by the Korean phone code. He relocated after being active in the rap industry as an interviewer of known musicians such as BTS producer Supreme Boi, Jay Park, and Sik-k.

82 is his first foray into drill music and serves as a pop drill expresso. With themes of wanting to be alone and an enticing swagger, it's bright and entertaining, straying away from the darker themes frequently associated with the genre while yet maintaining a harshness to the music.

The first verse circles the rhythm, the chorus is a basic droned voice about not picking up his phone, and the third verse is an all-out assault on the music.


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