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  • Fernando Triff

Rising Star #38

Welcome to the magical universe of "Rising Star," where we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey of musical exploration and innovation.

Fueled by unwavering passion and a commitment to redefining the musical landscape, we proudly present "Rising Star 38." This is not merely a blog post – it is an electrifying symphony of creativity and artistry, designed to elevate your auditory experience to unparalleled heights.

Imagine a vibrant mosaic of fresh talents from around the globe, each artist wielding their unique sound to craft melodies that resonate deeply with the human spirit. From powerful tales of triumph and resilience to delicate whispers of love and tenderness, prepare to traverse a rich landscape of emotions.

In this exceptional showcase, artists transcend performance to become storytellers, weaving intricate narratives that immerse you in their imaginative worlds. Through the universal language of music, they invite you on a transcendent adventure, where every note unlocks a door to limitless creativity.

"Rising Star 38" shatters genre boundaries, celebrating diversity as its guiding star. Here, innovation takes center stage, and unity threads through the fabric of our collective musical journey. Prepare to be enthralled as each artist reveals their unique perspective, enriching our shared sonic tapestry.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary expedition? 🌟🎵

Join us as we venture into uncharted musical realms, where talent knows no borders and creativity flows freely. The stage is set, the artists are poised, and the symphony is about to begin.

Get ready for another spellbinding experience – "Rising Star 38" awaits your eager ears and open hearts!

Discovering Anna Thoresen: The Genius Behind "Mary Jane"

Meet Anna Thoresen, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey who is making waves in the music scene with her latest single, "Mary Jane." With a unique blend of influences and a DIY approach to music production, Anna's artistry is a breath of fresh air. Her journey from New Jersey to LA has culminated in a powerful debut that speaks to her creativity, passion, and unfiltered honesty.

Anna Thoresen isn't just the voice behind "Mary Jane"; she is the song's sole architect. Every note, beat, and lyric was crafted in her bedroom in LA. Reflecting on the song’s genesis, Anna shares, "I've always wanted to write a song that was somewhat of an homage to my love of marijuana. One day, I was high and messing around on Logic, and happened to come up with the beat. I recorded and wrote the entire rest of the song while I was high too, just to add that special touch lol."

Anna's sound is a rich tapestry woven from her eclectic influences, including Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Alanis Morissette, and Charli XCX. These inspirations shine through in her music, which combines soulful introspection, pop sensibility, and a rebellious edge. "With each release, Anna Thoresen reveals her growth as an artist and her knack for penning songs that are memorable and original," notes Plastic Mag.

"Mary Jane" is more than just a song about marijuana; it is a deeply personal narrative. Anna compares her relationship with weed to a toxic romantic relationship, drawing on her own past experiences. This metaphorical approach adds layers of meaning to the track, making it relatable to anyone who has navigated the complexities of love and dependency.

Creating "Mary Jane" was an intimate and immersive experience for Anna. She produced, recorded, and wrote the song entirely on her own, often under the influence of her muse, Mary Jane herself. This unique process imbued the track with an authenticity that resonates with listeners. "MARY JANE" is the child of my two favorite things: love, and weed," says Anna, capturing the essence of her creative process.

While Anna hasn't yet graced the stage of notable gigs, festivals, or TV appearances, her talent and dedication promise a bright future. Each release is a step forward in her artistic evolution, and "Mary Jane" is a testament to her potential.

Anna Thoresen’s "Mary Jane" is a compelling introduction to an artist who is unafraid to bare her soul through her music. As she continues to evolve and share her story, there's no doubt that she will leave an indelible mark on the music industry. So, sit back, spark up, and let Anna Thoresen's "Mary Jane" take you on a journey of love, dependency, and raw, unfiltered talent.

Andrew Wiscombe: From Sniper to Songwriter with "Cosmic Holiday"

Andrew Wiscombe's journey from an army sniper to an award-winning singer-songwriter is nothing short of extraordinary. His latest record, "Andrew Wiscombe’s Cosmic Holiday," encapsulates the profound transformation of a man who has seen the world through both the lens of a rifle and the eyes of an artist. This album is a testament to his resolve to listen, learn, and love more deeply during his time on this "crazy, cosmic holiday."

"Cosmic Holiday" is not just an album; it's a collaborative masterpiece. While Andrew typically performs solo, this record brought together an exceptional group of Utah-based musicians and friends. Andrew's music is deeply influenced by legends like John Prine, Roger Miller, Bob Dylan, and Townes Van Zandt, among others. These influences are evident in his storytelling and the emotional depth of his lyrics.

"Cosmic Holiday" is a reflection of Andrew's life experiences, from his sheltered upbringing on a rural Utah farm to his time in combat and beyond. The album explores themes of self-discovery, love, and resilience. For instance, "Alone With You" delves into the struggle of facing one's inner demons, while "Lovely Lola Jean" offers a whimsical take on unattainable love. "Playground" is a poignant and haunting song inspired by stories of child trafficking encountered during his military service.

The creation of this album was a triumph over adversity. Andrew has faced significant health challenges due to toxic exposure during his military service, which left him physically and emotionally drained. Despite not feeling up to the task, he was encouraged by Daniel Young and supported by the nonprofit Operation Encore, which helps military veterans pursue careers in the music industry. Their support, coupled with Andrew's determination, made "Cosmic Holiday" a reality.

Andrew has shared the stage with notable artists such as Ray Wylie Hubbard, .38 Special, and Mary Gauthier, to name a few. His involvement with Operation Encore highlights his commitment to helping fellow veterans through music, adding another layer of depth to his already compelling story.

"Andrew Wiscombe’s Cosmic Holiday" is more than an album; it is a narrative of transformation and resilience. Andrew's journey from sniper to songwriter is a testament to the power of music as a means of healing and expression. As Michael Palmisano of GuitarGate aptly put it, "This dude is on it. This dude is absolutely on it."

Dive into "Cosmic Holiday" and experience the raw, heartfelt artistry of Andrew Wiscombe, a man who continues to inspire with every note. For Andrew, this album is not just music; it's a part of his journey on this crazy, cosmic holiday called life.

Lipford's "Sunday Morning": A Heartfelt Journey Through Love and Loss

Lipford, the Italian-American pop artist, returns with his thirteenth single, "Sunday Morning." This self-produced track, recorded, mixed, and arranged by Francesco Grammatico at the Jungle Music Factory studio in Tivoli, is a poignant exploration of love's aftermath. With a rich musical history and a new direction in his solo career, Lipford's latest release promises to captivate and resonate deeply with listeners.

"Sunday Morning" delves into the lingering pain and reflections that follow the end of a romantic relationship. Lipford captures the essence of seeing an ex-partner as a distant dream, where the physical and emotional chasms become glaringly apparent. The song speaks to the inevitable changes that come with adulthood—where pride and forgiveness are no longer sought, and the naive illusions of rekindling are left behind. It poignantly marks the transition from youthful love to the stark realities of mature relationships.

Born in Rome in 1985, Lipford has been a stalwart in the music scene for years. As a guitarist and composer for the Alternative Rock band MANTRAM for 17 years, his talent and creativity were integral to the band's success. The band's dissolution in January 2019 marked a turning point, propelling Lipford into his solo career. His solo work represents a renewed musical identity, exploring new paths and chapters in his life. Through his music, Lipford aims to communicate the raw emotions of everyday life, offering listeners a mirror of their own experiences and feelings.

Lipford's sound is influenced by a diverse array of artists, including Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tears For Fears. These influences blend to create a unique musical style that is both familiar and innovative.

Lipford's solo work marks a departure from his days with MANTRAM, showcasing his ability to adapt and evolve as an artist. His renewed musical identity is evident in "Sunday Morning," where his emotional depth and lyrical prowess shine through. Lipford's music is perfect for fans of Ed Sheeran and James Morrison.

"Sunday Morning" is a testament to Lipford's ability to translate complex emotions into beautiful music. His journey from a band guitarist to a solo artist is marked by growth, introspection, and a deep connection to his listeners.

With this latest release, Lipford continues to open new chapters in his musical journey, inviting us all to reflect on the nuances of love, loss, and the passage of time. Listen to "Sunday Morning" and experience the heartfelt storytelling of Lipford, an artist who truly understands the power of music to heal and connect.

DRUINE's "Emotional Portal": A Journey Through Sound and Consciousness

DRUINE, an artist who blends life experience with musical ingenuity, presents his latest single, "Emotional Portal." Born in 1965, DRUINE's rich tapestry of experiences—from a tumultuous childhood to a distinguished career in artificial intelligence—fuels his unique sound. With a background that spans military service, advanced research, and linguistic innovation, DRUINE's music is a testament to resilience, intellect, and the transformative power of emotions.

"Old enough to not have to take myself seriously. Young enough not to accept the obvious." These words encapsulate DRUINE's philosophy. His journey began in the military at 15, where circumstances and an abnormally high IQ led him to pursue unconventional paths. His work in artificial vision and linguistic automata engines opened his eyes to diverse cultures and the deeper aspects of human consciousness.

"Emotional Portal" is more than just a track; it's an immersive experience. Despite its melancholic tones, the single is driven by a profound sense of hope. DRUINE believes that emotions alone can awaken consciousness, a belief that resonates through every note of his music.

The track, which spans 13 minutes, is a deep dive into a dreamy, melodic, and meditative soundscape. It's an exploration of dark ambient and electronic lounge music, designed to evoke feelings of both unease and calm.

DRUINE's music is a collaborative effort, heavily influenced by his wife, a poet and jazz pianist who has also faced her share of hardships. Together, they sculpt sounds that transform personal revolt into soothing waves of music. DRUINE is eager to collaborate on various projects, from creating instruments to mastering sounds, and aims to ease the daily lives of listeners, helping them regain self-confidence through his music.

DRUINE's goal is to explore multiple genres, including techno, trance, and reggaeton. His knowledge and technical capabilities allow him to push the boundaries of conventional music production, leaving room for pure creativity.

"Emotional Portal" by DRUINE is a testament to the artist's journey and his unwavering belief in the power of music to evoke deep emotions and awaken consciousness. As he continues to explore new musical paths and collaborate with other artists, DRUINE's work promises to inspire and resonate with listeners around the world. Whether you're a fan of ambient, drone, or electronic lounge music, "Emotional Portal" is a track that invites you to embark on a sonic journey through sound and consciousness.

One Flew Over: "Last Man Standing" – A Triumph of Spirit and Sound

One Flew Over, a dynamic music duo hailing from County Meath, Ireland, is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene with their latest single, "Last Man Standing." Composed of Irene Ní Chuinn and Martin Quinn, One Flew Over has been captivating audiences since their formation in 2019 with their blend of Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and Soul. Their newest release, available from June 7, 2024, promises to resonate deeply with listeners, serving as an anthem of resilience and victory.

The musical journey of One Flew Over began when session vocalist and lyricist Irene Ní Chuinn met multi-instrumentalist and producer Martin Quinn at JAM Studios. This encounter sparked a powerful songwriting partnership that has since blossomed into a formidable duo. Martin Quinn, owner of JAM Studios and a seasoned musician with a rich history of live performances, brings a wealth of experience to the table, while Irene’s emotive vocals and lyrical prowess add depth and soul to their sound.

One Flew Over’s music is characterized by strong melodies and rich, weighty arrangements. Their sound draws inspiration from a wide array of influences, blending elements of Rock, classic Rhythm & Blues, and Soul to create a unique and compelling musical identity. Fans of artists like Hozier, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Sam Cooke will find much to admire in their work. Their ability to seamlessly integrate vintage RnB with contemporary pop and rock elements sets them apart in today’s music landscape.

"Last Man Standing" marks the duo's first single release of 2024, and it’s already generating excitement. The song stands as a powerful anthem of tenacity, encapsulating the spirit of overcoming obstacles and emerging victorious against all odds. With its compelling lyrics and stirring melodies, "Last Man Standing" serves as a testament to enduring life’s trials and triumphs, ultimately standing tall amidst the challenges.

Martin Quinn’s musical pedigree is impressive. As a former member of Little Palace and a live touring musician with acts like TURN, Eimear Quinn, and Hail The Ghost, he brings a wealth of experience and a refined musical sensibility to One Flew Over. This extensive background in various musical genres enriches the duo's sound, making it both diverse and sophisticated.

One Flew Over’s sound comfortably sits alongside contemporaries such as Hozier, SYML, Imelda May, Adele, Rag'n'Bone Man, Brandi Carlile, Mary J. Blige, and Teddy Swims. Their music channels the emotional intensity of Nina Simone and Sam Cooke, while also embracing modern pop/rock sensibilities. This blend of the old and the new results in a sound that is both timeless and fresh, appealing to a broad audience.

One Flew Over’s "Last Man Standing" is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey and a powerful declaration of resilience. Irene Ní Chuinn and Martin Quinn have crafted a single that not only showcases their musical talents but also delivers a message of hope and perseverance. As they continue to develop their sound and reach new audiences, One Flew Over is a name to watch in the music industry. Be sure to listen to "Last Man Standing" and experience the compelling artistry of One Flew Over for yourself.

David Ray Richardson: "Toll of the Bell" – A Soulful Journey Through Sound and Story

David Ray Richardson, a seasoned musician based in Chapel Hill, NC, brings a rich tapestry of influences to his music. His latest single, "Toll of the Bell," featured on the new album "The Endless Tree" released on May 24, 2024, offers a haunting and evocative exploration of an imprisoned man's soul. With a unique blend of alt-rock, blues, folk, and Americana, Richardson's music resonates deeply, capturing the essence of his Southern roots and the power of storytelling through song.

David Ray Richardson's music is an intricate fusion of various genres, seamlessly blending folk, blues, rock, and country to create a distinctive Americana sound. His influences range from the timeless singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s to the high-energy alt-rock bands he's played with over the years. This eclectic mix results in a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary, appealing to a wide range of listeners.

"Toll of the Bell" stands out as a highlight of "The Endless Tree." This single delves deep into the psyche of an imprisoned man, providing an intimate glimpse into his hopes for liberation and the clarity of his conscience. The song's evocative musical feel and metaphorical overtones create a haunting atmosphere that lingers long after the final note. Richardson's skillful guitar work, ranging from gentle acoustic picking to bluesy, surf-tinged electric leads, sets the perfect backdrop for this poignant narrative.

For David Ray Richardson, music is not just a craft but a passion that runs deep. His love for music is evident in every note he plays and every song he writes. A skilled guitarist and solid songsmith, Richardson performs with an intensity that comes from his profound connection to music and its ability to touch the soul. His performances are charged with emotion, drawing audiences into the stories he tells through his songs.

Richardson's music is deeply rooted in his Southern upbringing, which infuses his sound with authenticity and warmth. He draws inspiration from legendary singer-songwriters while infusing his music with a modern edge. His guitar work showcases his versatility, moving effortlessly between various styles, from rockabilly-inspired riffs to bluesy leads and delicate acoustic melodies. This versatility is a testament to his years of experience and dedication to his craft.

"The Endless Tree" is a testament to Richardson's growth as an artist. Released on May 24, 2024, the album features a collection of songs that showcase his unique style and storytelling prowess. Each track on the album is a reflection of his journey, offering listeners a window into his soul. "Toll of the Bell" is a standout track, encapsulating the essence of the album with its haunting vibe and intimate narrative.

David Ray Richardson's "Toll of the Bell" is a powerful addition to his discography, offering a soulful journey through sound and story. With his unique blend of genres and deep passion for music, Richardson continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. As he explores new musical horizons, "The Endless Tree" stands as a testament to his artistic vision and dedication to his craft. Listen to "Toll of the Bell" and immerse yourself in the evocative world of David Ray Richardson.

Indigo Sun: "Tu n’est pas seul" – A Captivating Fusion of Sounds

Indigo Sun, an internationally acclaimed band renowned for their innovative fusion of Trip-Hop, Dub, and Electronica, has once again captivated the music world with their latest single, "Tu n’est pas seul." This new track, a precursor to their upcoming album "Electric Blue," was released on June 7, 2024. The song not only marks a new musical milestone for the band but also introduces their first French-language performance, blending a bass-heavy dub reggae groove with a mellow trip-hop vibe to create a uniquely captivating sound.

"Tu n’est pas seul" is co-written with Ida Nielsen, the long-time bass player for Prince. Nielsen's soulful bass lines form the heart of the track, showcasing her influential touch and adding depth to the song’s rhythm. The single is performed by half-French singer Ena Egelund, whose captivating vocals deliver an authentic and emotive performance, perfectly capturing the song’s theme of longing for a loved one yet to be met.

The track is expertly produced by Indigo Sun's drummer, Tobias Weltzer, who has skillfully crafted the sound to highlight the distinctive blend of genres. The result is a seamless fusion of bass-heavy dub reggae and mellow trip-hop, creating a sound that is both fresh and timeless. This unique combination sets "Tu n’est pas seul" apart, making it a standout addition to Indigo Sun's discography.

"Tu n’est pas seul" serves as a tantalizing teaser for Indigo Sun's upcoming album, "Electric Blue." The album is eagerly anticipated by fans and promises to deliver more of the band's signature sound while exploring new musical territories.

Indigo Sun has already garnered significant international recognition with their tango reggae version of Queen's "You Don’t Fool Me." This track has been featured on over 50 lounge compilations, including the renowned Buddha Bar series, showcasing the band's ability to blend genres and create music that resonates with a global audience. With "Tu n’est pas seul," Indigo Sun continues to push the boundaries of their sound and reach new heights in their musical journey.

Indigo Sun's latest single, "Tu n’est pas seul," is a testament to their innovative spirit and musical versatility. By blending dub reggae grooves with trip-hop vibes and introducing their first French-language track, the band has created a song that is both unique and universally relatable.

As a teaser for their upcoming album "Electric Blue," "Tu n’est pas seul" sets the stage for what promises to be another groundbreaking release from Indigo Sun. Be sure to listen and immerse yourself in the captivating sound of Indigo Sun as they continue to redefine the music scene.

Jodré’s "Angel (From Heaven)": A Celestial Journey Through Love and Inspiration

Emerging as a unique voice in the contemporary R&B scene, Jodré has released his latest single, "Angel (From Heaven)," under Aether Records. This track, which marries soulful melodies with ethereal themes, marks the beginning of a new era for the artist, one that will unfold through a series of releases culminating in an EP by early 2025. The single was recorded at No Starz Studios in London, with renowned music engineer NoCap, who has worked with talents like James Arthur and Tom Misch, contributing to its production.

"Angel (From Heaven)" delves deep into the complexities of human emotions and the quest for true, unconditional love. The song's lyrics are a testament to the divine connection Jodré feels with his muse, depicting an encounter with a higher self and a source of inspiration that feels almost heavenly. This track represents the artist's journey of finding genuine love, a rare blessing in today's generation, and transforming it into a simple yet profound musical language.

Jodré’s musical journey in London began with a memorable performance at the Camden Assembly in December, during a Christmas Carnival hosted by Aether Records. Since then, he has graced several notable stages, including The Star In Shoreditch, the O2 Academy Islington, and the Spice of Life in Soho. Each performance has been a step forward in establishing his presence in the UK music scene, culminating in a mini-3-city tour across London, Bristol, and Manchester.

Jodré’s live performances have been met with great enthusiasm and appreciation. His headline show at The Star In Shoreditch marked the start of the year on a high note, while his private performance at Ealing Trailfinders Pre-Match Hospitality saw an unprecedented reaction from the crowd. His appearances at the O2 Academy Islington and the Spice of Life in Soho have further solidified his reputation, earning him compliments from both venues and the promise of potential residencies.

Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Daniel Caesar, Brent Faiyaz, Giveon, and The Weeknd, Jodré’s music blends elements of alt-rock, blues, folk, and Americana. His sound is a unique fusion that bridges emotional lyrics with evocative deep soundscapes, inspired by both modern hits and timeless classics. This blend creates a soulful and authentic listening experience that resonates with a wide audience.

"Angel (From Heaven)" is not just a song; it's an invitation to experience the divine and ethereal aspects of love through Jodré’s unique musical lens. As he continues to evolve as an artist, his music promises to touch souls and inspire listeners to seek out the blessings of unconditional love. With his growing presence in the music scene and a series of exciting performances lined up, Jodré is an artist to watch as he continues to make his mark on the world.

War Gods of the Deep Unleash "Breaker of Worlds": A Sonic Odyssey Across Decades

Astro Dragon Records proudly presents the latest single from Chicago-based band War Gods of the Deep, "Breaker of Worlds." Available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms, this new release is a testament to the band's eclectic musical journey and evolution. "Breaker of Worlds" uniquely blends elements from various eras and genres, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and refreshingly innovative.

"Breaker of Worlds" is an audacious mix of 70’s country pop vocal ensembles, nu-metal influences from the late ’90s, and the classic rock and metal foundations of the 80’s that have long defined WGOTD's identity. This fusion of styles results in a track that stands out in their already diverse discography, showcasing the band's ability to continually explore and integrate different musical landscapes.

Whether you are a long-time fan of War Gods of the Deep or just discovering their music, "Breaker of Worlds" offers a compelling glimpse into what makes WGOTD a standout in the heavy and hard rock genres. The single serves as a reminder of the band's versatility and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sound.

The official music video for "Breaker of Worlds" adds a unique layer to the song's experience. The concept is a humorous nod to 1988, imagining what it would be like if War Gods of the Deep walked into a video greeting kiosk at a shopping mall and decided to record a music video. Utilizing retro technology and subverting modern expectations, the video provides a perfect visual companion to the anthemic single, offering a blend of nostalgia and entertainment that complements the song's epic feel.

"Breaker of Worlds" is more than just a new single; it’s a milestone in the War Gods of the Deep's ever-evolving musical journey. By merging diverse influences and eras, WGOTD has crafted a track that is both familiar and innovative, a testament to their skill and creativity. Whether through the powerful audio experience or the amusing and nostalgic music video, "Breaker of Worlds" is sure to captivate and entertain.

Astro Dragon Records and War Gods of the Deep invite you to embark on this musical odyssey with "Breaker of Worlds." It’s a journey through time and sound that showcases the band's unique ability to blend the old with the new, creating music that resonates across generations.


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