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  • Fernando Triff

Rising star #40

Step into the captivating realm of "Rising Star 40," where we invite you to embark on a journey of musical exploration and limitless creativity.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to innovation, "Rising Star 40" transcends mere event status – it's a dynamic fusion of artistry and imagination, meticulously crafted to elevate your musical experience to extraordinary levels.

Envision a vibrant tapestry of emerging talents from across the globe, each weaving their unique melodies into a narrative that deeply resonates with the soul. From anthems of resilience to heartfelt serenades, prepare to traverse an emotional landscape unlike any other.

In this exceptional showcase, artists transcend the role of performers to become storytellers, crafting narratives that transport you to realms of wonder and introspection. Through the universal language of music, they invite you on a transformative journey where creativity knows no bounds.

"Rising Star 40" celebrates diversity as a cornerstone of its narrative, breaking down barriers and placing innovation at the forefront. Join us as we venture into uncharted musical territories, where the stage is set, the artists are poised, and the symphony of "Rising Star 40" awaits to captivate your senses and ignite your imagination.

Boy Ferguson's "Grown Man": A Nostalgic Yet Forward-Thinking Journey

Music has a unique way of telling stories, and Boy Ferguson’s first single, “Grown Man,” is no exception. This debut release is an emotional dream chugger with a strong vibe, and it introduces listeners to the multifaceted world of Boy Ferguson, a character brought to life through the creative efforts of Oliver Gale.

Oliver Gale, a music composer and sound designer for fashion commercials by day, sought a more authentic creative outlet. Thus, Boy Ferguson was born. Working from his home studio in Hackney, Gale poured his heart into this project, crafting a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. The single juxtaposes electronic elements with a folk-inspired performance style, creating a unique sonic experience.

“Grown Man” delves into the theme of searching for satisfaction in an unsettled state, capturing the regret and longing that often accompany such a journey. The song's emotional depth is complemented by its rich musical influences, which include Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Hornsby, Mk.gee, and Bullion. These influences are evident in the track’s layered production and poignant lyrics.

Oliver Gale’s previous project, Blue Boats, concluded in 2013. Since then, he has been experimenting with new musical ventures, and Boy Ferguson is the first to come to fruition. Gale’s evolution as an artist is evident in “Grown Man,” a track that showcases his growth and artistic maturity.

Gale's journey to finding Boy Ferguson is as intriguing as the music itself. “This came out from trying to find myself musically but then losing myself and then finding Boy Ferguson,” he explains. This personal and artistic exploration is embedded in every note and lyric of “Grown Man,” making it a compelling listen.

In a world where music often conforms to trends, Boy Ferguson’s “Grown Man” stands out as a refreshing and authentic piece of artistry. It invites listeners to embark on an emotional journey, resonating with those who have ever felt the pangs of searching for something more. Oliver Gale, through Boy Ferguson, has crafted a single that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.

Rediscovering Strength and Passion: Seema Farswani's Debut Album "Got My Mojo"

A citizen of the world, Seema Farswani is a remarkable multilingual artist with roots in India and the Middle East. Professionally trained in Fine Arts and Spatial Design, Seema's journey has taken her from pursuing the American dream to making Singapore her home over a decade ago. Her natural flair for languages and her keen ear for music led her to discover a passion for world music, which ultimately culminated in her debut album, "Got My Mojo."

"Got My Mojo" is a multilingual journey that explores themes of love, connection, finding inner strength, and self-discovery. The album features songs in Spanish, English, Arabic, Algerian Folk (Rai), and French, covering a wide array of genres including Blues, Pop, Jazz, R&B, and Bolero. Seema's debut album is a testament to her belief that creativity knows no boundaries, and that art, whether in design or music, has the power to unite people.

Recorded in a professional studio in Singapore, "Got My Mojo" was brought to life with the help of talented studio engineers and a close friend and mentor in vocal artistry. Despite facing significant personal challenges over the last four years, Seema channeled her experiences and emotions into the album. The result is a deeply personal project that speaks to her resilience and growth.

Got My Mojo Working: This Blues track was a challenge for Seema, as it was not her usual style. However, after three months of perfecting the deep bass voice required for the song, it became one of her strongest performances. The track symbolizes Seema's revival and her determination to pick up where she left off, especially after taking a break from her career to raise her two daughters.

Seema's journey into music began as a hobby in Singapore in 2019, evolving into a passion that led her to launch this album. The creation of "Got My Mojo" was heavily influenced by the significant personal challenges she faced, including the loss of her father and her sibling's battle with a kidney failure due to lockdown side effects. These experiences tested Seema's strength and faith, but she emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to her art.

"Got My Mojo" is more than just an album; it is a celebration of Seema's journey as a world citizen, a tribute to her late father, and a testament to her resilience. As an independent artist and interior designer, Seema continues to reinvent herself, using her creativity to inspire and connect with others through her music. Her debut album is a beautiful reminder that art has the power to heal, unite, and transform lives.

Jesse Linn's "Feb. Hearts": A Journey Through Avant-Garde Pop

Music has a unique way of telling stories, transporting listeners to different worlds where lyrics meet melodies. For Jesse Linn, music is the answer to sharing the stories in her mind. Growing up surrounded by theater, film, and competitive dance, she found that music was the common ground that tied her passions together. Now, Jesse Linn uses her music to create moments in time that listeners want to live in forever.

Jesse Linn’s latest single, "Feb. Hearts," is a testament to her ability to craft such moments. Anyone who hears her singing softly, almost whispering, might think it comes easily. However, this delicate balance requires incredible skill, akin to holding a car without brakes on a downhill slope. This meticulous dedication shines through in "Feb. Hearts," a track that stands out for its balanced, nuanced performance.

Her vocal delivery in "Feb. Hearts" is a masterclass in restraint and emotion. She avoids the common pitfalls of overblown high notes and instead opts for a subtle, intimate approach that draws the listener in from the first note. Her unique 'backings' add depth to the track, enhancing the main lines without overshadowing them.

Sonically, "Feb. Hearts" is a journey through avant-garde pop. The beats are as subtle as Jesse's singing, yet diverse and percussive, creating a dynamic backdrop for her vocals. Atmospheric synthesizers and epic soundscapes add layers of complexity, while a well-placed guitar solo punctuates the song, making it both innovative and accessible.

As the title suggests, "Feb. Hearts" is a love song, but it’s not a typical romantic ballad. Jesse Linn delves into the experience of finding her first love and the challenges that come with navigating such a profound feeling for the first time. It's a universal theme—everyone has or will experience their first love, making the song relatable to all.

"Feb. Hearts" is more than just a song; it's a moment captured in time, a story told through delicate whispers and avant-garde beats. Jesse Linn's ability to blend these elements creates a track that is both timeless and contemporary, appealing to a wide audience while maintaining a unique artistic voice.

In a world where music often leans towards the grandiose, Jesse Linn's "Feb. Hearts" is a breath of fresh air, a reminder that sometimes, the most powerful stories are told in the quietest moments. Her enchanting vocals and innovative production invite listeners to immerse themselves in the world of "Feb. Hearts," a place they won’t want to leave.

Discovering AVOVA's "Indigo": A Nostalgic Yet Novel Soundscape

Bristol's rich musical tapestry has long been synonymous with the "Bristol Sound," a unique blend of downtempo, trip-hop, and electronic music that has captivated listeners worldwide. Enter AVOVA, the latest torchbearers of this iconic sound. This downtempo electronic indie project from Bristol is making waves with their new single "Indigo," released on June 21st across all major streaming platforms.

"Indigo" marks a significant milestone for AVOVA as they collaborate with singer Nalarié, who not only lends her haunting vocals to the track but also co-wrote it. This partnership infuses the song with a depth and emotive quality that is both refreshing and nostalgic. Nalarié's ethereal voice perfectly complements AVOVA's signature atmospheric production, creating a track that pays homage to the Bristol sound while pushing its boundaries.

AVOVA's music can be described as atmospheric, moody, and melodic, with an emphasis on strong songwriting and meticulous production. "Indigo" is no exception. The track nods to the past with its downtempo beats and bass-heavy undertones, yet it introduces a fresh perspective that is distinctly AVOVA. The use of traditional instruments alongside electronic elements showcases the duo's eclectic range of influences and their commitment to evolving the Bristol sound.

While AVOVA's sound is firmly rooted in the electronic genre, they are not confined by it. Their willingness to incorporate traditional instruments adds a rich, organic layer to their music. This fusion is evident in "Indigo," where lush instrumentation meets intricate electronic production, resulting in a soundscape that is both immersive and evocative.

AVOVA's approach to music-making is a testament to their dedication to the craft. By valuing good songwriting as highly as production, they ensure that each track resonates on an emotional level while maintaining technical excellence. This dual focus sets them apart in the crowded electronic music scene and promises a bright future for their musical journey.

With "Indigo" now available, AVOVA is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene. Their ability to honor the legacy of the Bristol sound while introducing innovative elements makes them a standout act. Fans of downtempo and electronic music will undoubtedly find "Indigo" to be a compelling addition to their playlists.

In a world where music constantly evolves, AVOVA's commitment to pushing boundaries while respecting their roots is a breath of fresh air. "Indigo" is not just a song; it's a statement of intent, a glimpse into the future of the Bristol sound. As listeners immerse themselves in this captivating track, one thing is certain: AVOVA is a name to watch in the world of electronic music.

Stream "Indigo" now on your favorite platform and be transported into AVOVA's atmospheric and melodic soundscape.

"America": For You Brother's Anthem of Hope

For You Brother is a dynamic and versatile band making waves in the music industry with their latest album "America." The trio, consisting of John Davis, Jean Carlos, and Phil Noah, has a rich history and a deep connection that began in their childhood. Their journey from playing together as kids to becoming influential musicians in various media platforms worldwide is nothing short of inspiring.

For You Brother draws inspiration from legendary bands and artists such as Van Halen, Mother's Finest, Ozzy Osbourne, Boston, and Jelly Roll. This diverse mix of influences is reflected in their eclectic sound, which spans across rock, metal, and classic rock genres.

Jean Carlos has an impressive record of selling over 5 million records with Oficina G3 in Brazil, and both Jean and John have extensive touring experience across the US and Brazil. Their music has also been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, and ads worldwide, further establishing their presence in the global music scene. Notably, the band has written two songs for Mercedes Benz, showcasing their versatility and appeal.

"America" was recorded at Dizzleland USA, a place that became a creative haven for the band. The recording process was filled with fantastic moments, as the band members enjoyed every step of bringing their vision to life. The album, produced with meticulous attention to detail, embodies a spirit of hope and resilience.

The title track, "America," is a song of hope and unity. It reflects the band's ethos of resilience and optimism, aiming to inspire listeners to find strength in challenging times. Each track on the album carries this message, woven through powerful lyrics and compelling melodies.

For You Brother's album "America" is more than just a collection of songs; it's an anthem of hope and a testament to the band's journey and growth. With their rich history, impressive achievements, and unwavering spirit, For You Brother continues to make a significant impact in the music world. Their latest release invites listeners to join them on a journey of hope, resilience, and unity.

Exploring the Ethereal Soundscapes of Liston's "Beautiful Strangers"

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music, Liston emerges as a beacon of innovation and emotional depth. His latest record, "Beautiful Strangers," is a testament to his unique artistry, blending alternative vibes with ethereal soundscapes to create an experience that is as captivating as it is transformative.

Liston is not just a musician; he is a sonic painter whose canvas is the boundless realm of sound. A Grammy-winning producer and songwriter, Liston's musical journey transcends genres, seamlessly weaving together elements of gospel, jazz, R&B, fusion, classical, and hip-hop. His versatility is not only reflected in his compositions but also in his live performances, where he has shared the stage with luminaries such as Mario, Shawn Stockman, Black Violin, Q Marsden, Baby Rose, Kurt Elling, and Ulysses Owens Jr.

"Beautiful Strangers" is a prime example of Liston's ability to create music that defies conventional boundaries. Each track is meticulously crafted, allowing the music to dictate its course and take listeners on an emotional journey. The album’s alternative vibes are interwoven with ethereal soundscapes, creating a kaleidoscope of emotions that resonate deeply with the audience.

Listening to "Beautiful Strangers" is akin to embarking on a journey through a dreamlike world. The album invites you to lose yourself in its intricate layers, each one revealing new facets of Liston's creative genius. The fusion of genres and the seamless transitions between different musical elements make for an experience that is both refreshing and deeply moving.

Liston’s ability to evoke a wide range of emotions through his music is a testament to his mastery as an artist. Whether it’s the hauntingly beautiful melodies or the dynamic and rhythmic shifts, "Beautiful Strangers" captivates the listener and elicits a profound emotional response.

In "Beautiful Strangers," Liston has crafted more than just an album; he has created a sonic masterpiece that challenges the listener to think, feel, and dream. His fusion of alternative vibes and ethereal soundscapes stands as a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and connect with the soul.

As you step into Liston's world, prepare to be swept away by the emotional and innovative journey that is "Beautiful Strangers." It’s an invitation to experience music in its purest form, where every note is a stroke of genius and every track a beautiful stranger waiting to be discovered.

Exploring Desire and Temptation: ANACY's Provocative New Single "Delight"

Cape Town-based artist ANACY has just unveiled her latest record, "Delight," a track that promises to captivate listeners with its sultry, mysterious, and irresistibly captivating sound. Drawing on the influences of icons like Stevie Nicks, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Nessa Barrett, Sabrina Carpenter, and Florence and the Machine, ANACY weaves a rich tapestry of electro-pop and indie vibes, anchored by the lush instrumentation of synthesizers, drums, high hats, keys, electric guitars, and bass.

"Delight" was meticulously crafted at the renowned Cosher Studios and impeccably mixed and mastered at Sunset Studios in Cape Town. The collaborative genius of producer Ross Rowley, Tanner Mason, and Melissa Van Der Spay brings ANACY's vision to life, creating a track that not only showcases her unique sound but also her fearless approach to storytelling.

The inspiration behind "Delight" is a provocative exploration of desire and temptation. With seductive melodies and poignant lyrics, ANACY delves into the complexities of human desire and the allure of the forbidden. The mood of the track is unmistakably sultry, drawing listeners into a world of intrigue and allure.

ANACY invites listeners to indulge in the allure of desire and explore the intoxicating world of "Delight." This track is where passion and temptation collide in a symphony of sound, creating an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and enthralling.

"Delight" serves as a bold statement of artistic intent, paving the way for ANACY's upcoming album and establishing her as a formidable force in the world of pop music. Its dynamic and infectious sound is sure to capture the attention of playlist curators across various platforms, making it a standout track that is perfect for playlists looking to showcase the latest in pop music innovation.

With "Delight," ANACY takes a fearless leap into the depths of human desire, creating a track that is both provocative and captivating. Her unique blend of electro-pop and indie sounds, combined with her emotive vocals and edgy production, make "Delight" a must-listen for fans of contemporary pop music. Stay tuned for more from this rising star as she continues to push the boundaries and explore new artistic horizons.

MINORARC's "Inclusions": A Symphony of Emotive Unease and Artistic Evolution

In the vast landscape of Australia's underground music scene, few figures have been as influential and passionate as Ivan Bullock, the multi-instrumentalist and visionary behind MINORARC. With a career spanning over two decades, Bullock has not only contributed to the sonic tapestry of experimental music but has also played a pivotal role in fostering a community for independent artists. His latest release, "Inclusions," is a testament to his enduring commitment to the craft and his ability to evolve while staying true to his roots.

Ivan Bullock's musical odyssey began in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, where he first made his mark with the project Mystral Tide. Performing alongside Tokyo’s “Seij minus aC” at the renowned Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig in 2002, Bullock's early work showcased his penchant for blending classical training with experimental sounds. Upon his return to Australia in 2003, he channeled his passion into the Enzyme concert series, a decade-long endeavor that highlighted the diverse talents of Australia's experimental musicians. Through these events, including performances at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Bullock provided a platform for independent artists to share their unique voices.

MINORARC, Bullock's primary musical alias, has seen a remarkable evolution over the years. Initially known for its synth-heavy dark electronica, the project has traversed through various sonic landscapes, incorporating elements of progressive metal, post-rock, and beyond. Each album has been a reflection of Bullock's personal and artistic growth, characterized by piano-driven melodies, unconventional song structures, and an array of stringed instruments that evoke a spectrum of emotions.

"Inclusions," MINORARC's fourth full-length album, is a powerful instrumental work that masterfully blends modern metal and djent influences with classical piano, orchestral pads, and delicate acoustic guitar. The album's emotive unease is palpable, creating a haunting yet captivating listening experience. It's a culmination of Bullock's extensive musical journey, offering listeners a glimpse into his soul through intricate compositions and evocative soundscapes.

As MINORARC continues to push boundaries, Bullock is expanding his creative horizons through new collaborations and projects. Working with Brendan Henriques on bass and Eric Shek on violin, Bullock is preparing for live performances that promise to bring the evocative energy of "Inclusions" to audiences. Additionally, his recent involvement with Michael Aliani's gothic band Chiron as a guitarist marks another exciting chapter in his career.

Ivan Bullock's story is one of relentless dedication to the underground music scene. His efforts have not only shaped his own musical path but have also enriched the broader community of independent artists in Australia and beyond. With "Inclusions," Bullock continues to share his passion, inviting listeners to join him on a journey through emotive soundscapes and intricate compositions.

For music enthusiasts and culture publications alike, MINORARC's "Inclusions" and Bullock's extensive career offer a rich narrative of artistic evolution, community building, and the enduring power of independent art. As Bullock himself continues to evolve and inspire, his story remains a testament to the transformative power of music.


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