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Rising Star (Dope Edition) #22

Dear music enthusiasts and those who enjoy discovering new talent, we cordially invite you to join us on our upcoming thrilling musical adventure, "Rising Star 22". Prepare to be amazed by emerging artists from all over the world, each with their unique melodies and lyrics. This event promises to redefine your perception of the music scene and leave you in awe.

Our unwavering commitment to providing a diverse and intriguing lineup of artists has yielded exceptional results. You will embark on an audio journey that transcends national and cultural boundaries, creating a beautiful mosaic of the human experience through various genres and perspectives.

Between the harmonies and melodies, you'll discover tales of triumph over adversity, whispers of love and dedication, and the enchanting alchemy that transforms dreams into harmonious symphonies. The artists invite you to journey alongside them through the intricate corridors of their creativity, sharing their most personal and profound experiences through the universal language of music.

"Rising Star 22" is more than just a performance; it's a bridge connecting hearts across divides, a testament to the power of music to move us all. This event defies genre restrictions, offering a vast array of emotions, ideologies, and storylines, regardless of your individual musical preferences. Get ready to be mesmerized as innovation takes center stage and harmony unites us all.

So, gear up for a spectacular musical showcase, where talent knows no bounds, and creativity knows no limits. The stage is set, and the performers are ready to cast their spells, igniting a symphony that celebrates the diverse range of human expression.

Are you prepared to be amazed? Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let "Rising Star 22" redefine your perception of the music scene. It's time to let the symphony commence! 🌟🎵

Exploring the Sonic Skies with IONA SKY: A New Voice in Indie Electro Rock

When it comes to indie music, the UK has always been a fertile ground for budding talent, and 2023 has witnessed the birth of an exciting new addition to the scene – IONA SKY. This Anglo-American indie electro rock band, hailing from the picturesque Cambridgeshire in England, is making waves with their distinctive sound and captivating performances. Comprising lead vocalist and keyboardist Anna-Sophia Henry, vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist James Malone, and lead guitarist Simon Jupp, IONA SKY is here to redefine your musical journey.

The story of IONA SKY began with a serendipitous convergence of musical talent in the quaint town of Ely. In April 2023, Anna-Sophia Henry joined James Malone and Simon Jupp for a performance under the banner of the existing indie band Shambertans, of which James and Simon were already members. Little did they know that this fusion of artistic spirits would spark a new era in their musical careers. It wasn't long before they realized that they had stumbled upon something truly special.

IONA SKY's ascent in the music world was swift, and they made an unforgettable debut as the opening act for an American Air Force July 4th gig, sharing the stage with headliners X Ambassadors. This remarkable performance was a testament to the band's rapid rise and undeniable talent. Their music transcends boundaries, and their sound is a fusion of indie, electro, and rock, creating a sonic tapestry that is both intriguing and inviting. With influences ranging from alternative rock legends to contemporary electronic innovators, IONA SKY has carved a unique niche for themselves, blending genres seamlessly.

As we step into the vibrant Autumn of 2023, the time is now to immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of IONA SKY and their debut single, "Better." With the song already gracing the airwaves, the anticipation has transformed into sheer excitement. Their growing fan base is eagerly embracing this promising track, and it's clear that their distinctive sound, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, is resonating with listeners on a profound level. The musical journey with IONA SKY is already underway, and "Better" is your gateway to an unforgettable experience.

In a world where music often transcends borders and cultures, IONA SKY's diverse backgrounds and musical influences have become a driving force behind their unique sound. They represent the modern face of indie music, where innovation and a commitment to craft are the keys to success.

As IONA SKY takes their place in the indie electro rock landscape, there's no doubt that they are set to soar to greater heights. Their journey has only just begun, and we can't wait to see where their sonic adventures take them next. So, keep your ears tuned to the skies, because IONA SKY is here to stay, and their music is bound to make you feel "Better" in more ways than one.

"Love Ghost's 'LEFT ON READ': A Pop-Punk Anthem for the Ignored"

In the ever-evolving realm of music, Love Ghost's "LEFT ON READ" has taken center stage as a pop-punk anthem that hits hard, resonating with those who've experienced the sting of being ignored. The Urban Dictionary aptly defines "left on read" as the highest level of disrespect one can receive in the digital age. Collaborating with Mexico's own Wiplash, Love Ghost's "LEFT ON READ" brings raw emotion and a fresh sound to the scene, drawing comparisons to the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, All Time Low, and Green Day. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of Love Ghost and their hit record, exploring the band's journey and the impact of their music.

"LEFT ON READ" is not just a song; it's a collaboration that spans across borders. Hailing from Los Angeles, Love Ghost has joined forces with Mexico's Wiplash to create a powerful anthem. The song perfectly encapsulates the modern experience of feeling ignored and unheard, a sentiment that resonates with people worldwide. This collaboration beautifully blends the American and Mexican music scenes, creating a bridge of emotions through their music.

"LEFT ON READ" was brought to life under the skilled production of Mike Summers, known for his work with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Tech N9ne. Summers has masterfully crafted a sound that complements Love Ghost's distinctive style, resulting in a track that strikes a chord with listeners.

The band's reach extends far beyond the borders of the United States. Love Ghost has recently toured Europe, with performances at the Rockpalast Festival broadcast throughout Germany on German television. In Mexico City, they have graced the stages of Auditorio BB, Indie Foro Rocks, and Amazon's Gamergy Festival, which was broadcast throughout Latin America. Their collaboration with artists from around the world, including Rico Nasty, Adan Cruz, Teeam Revolver, Geassassin, Mabiland, and Tankurt Manas, reflects their global approach to music.

Finnegan Bell, a core member of Love Ghost, is currently in Mexico collaborating with a host of Latin artists, including Wiplash, Dan Garcia, Ritorukai, Go Golden Junk, ND Kobi, FLVCKKA, Phyzh Eye, Josue, Young Dupe, Blnko, Helian Evans, and many more. The array of producers they're working with in Mexico, such as Shantra and BrunOG, adds layers of depth to their upcoming releases.

Love Ghost isn't slowing down. They have more songs in the pipeline for this year, including "Dopeman" with Ghana Afrobeat artist Camidoh. In addition, they're set to release an entire album produced by Tim Skold, the guitarist of Marilyn Manson. This album is commissioned by Metropolis Records, promising an exciting musical journey for fans. In the world of music, Love Ghost's "LEFT ON READ" stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, raw emotion, and a unique sound that speaks to the experiences of many. As they continue to make waves both internationally and at home, Love Ghost is a band to watch out for in the ever-evolving landscape of modern music.

"Grace & Moji's 'Sad Times': A Vibrant Journey of Self-Discovery Through Music"

In the ever-evolving world of indie pop, Grace & Moji shine as a beloved husband-wife duo, known for their ability to blend raw emotion with witty lyricism. Their latest single, "Sad Times," is a testament to their unique style, exploring profound themes with a playful twist. Hailing from Los Angeles, Grace & Moji invite listeners on a high-energy, up-tempo journey through self-discovery, inspired by their transformative experiences with plant medicine, specifically ayahuasca. With "Sad Times," they prove that the path to self-awareness doesn't always have to be solemn; it can be a vibrant and spirited dance between introspection and joy.

"Sad Times" boldly stakes its claim as possibly the only pop song about ayahuasca in existence, adding a fresh and unique perspective to the world of pop music. The lyrics are a captivating blend of self-reflection and a call for positive change, featuring an infectious chorus that's bound to resonate with fans.

"Sad Times" is a worthy addition to Grace & Moji's growing collection of hits, following the success of songs like "Our Love" and "Monster." Their unique ability to address real-life experiences in an engaging and relatable manner has resonated with fans worldwide. With "Sad Times," they offer a fresh perspective on personal growth, painting a vivid picture of the highs and lows, ultimately leaning into hope and the human capacity for resilience.

The dynamic duo behind Grace & Moji, Grace Hong, and Martin Wave, bring a unique blend of love, creativity, and healing to their musical partnership. Grace, a native New Yorker raised in a complex family situation, started her musical journey with classical piano and voice. After a diverse career spanning international development, Wall Street, and corporate leadership, she pursued her passion for music, launching her solo project as Nolo Grace in 2021. Her multifaceted career includes business consulting in private equity, co-founding the creative community PARASOL, and serving on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Save the Music.

Martin, hailing from the forests of Sweden, is an award-winning, platinum-selling music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. His passion for music production led him to Los Angeles in 2018, where he has built an impressive repertoire. His work spans hundreds of millions of streams, collaborations with notable artists, and compositions for films, video games, and global brand campaigns. Martin's ability to evoke emotions and create immersive experiences shines through his blend of cinematic soundscapes, beats, and introspective lyrics that explore personal transformation and a sense of belonging.

With "Sad Times," Grace & Moji continue to break new ground in the world of indie pop. Their ability to combine profound themes with an infectious beat and playful lyricism sets them apart in the music industry. As they journey through the highs and lows of self-discovery, their music resonates with fans on a deep and personal level. Grace & Moji are more than just a musical duo; they are storytellers, healers, and champions of the human spirit through their vibrant and heartfelt music.

"Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps: Celebrating Two Decades of Music with 'Rainbows and Dead Flowers'

Tom Tikka, a renowned hit songwriter, is celebrating an impressive twenty-year journey in the music industry with his latest album, "Rainbows and Dead Flowers." Known for his incredible talent and a string of successful singles, Tom Tikka's music has touched the hearts of fans worldwide. In this blog post, we'll delve into the unique qualities of "Rainbows and Dead Flowers" and explore the remarkable career of Tom Tikka, who has left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Tom Tikka's "Rainbows and Dead Flowers" is not just another album; it's a reflection of a musical journey that spans two decades. Tikka shares his experience, saying, "This album took forever to make. I started working on it in 2020. In fact, some of the tracks date back to 2018. 'This Is My Happy Face' and 'Better Man' both came out first but only because they were more straightforward to make. With 'Rainbows and Dead Flowers,' I wanted each track to have a life of its own." This dedication to crafting a unique experience for each track, both musically and lyrically, shines through in the album's diverse themes, ranging from childhood nostalgia to the contemplation of life's end.

While "Rainbows and Dead Flowers" delves into profound themes like the fear of dying, it is not solely a somber album. Tom Tikka ensures that there's a vibrant mix of themes, including sex and fun, to keep the listening experience diverse and engaging. This balance of light and dark adds depth to the album, making it a captivating journey for the listener.

Tom Tikka's solo career, which began in 2020, has been nothing short of spectacular. Having previously worked as a Sony/BMG songwriter, Tom is best known for his contributions to Carmen Gray. Since embarking on his solo career, he has released two critically acclaimed albums, "This Is My Happy Face" and "Better Man." The former featured two #1 hit singles, while the latter included the #2 hit "Done with Blues" and "By 2022," which reached impressive chart positions in Canada.

Tom Tikka's recent singles have continued to climb the charts, with "Something New" and "Fire and Ice" both achieving UK Top 10 hits, peaking at #4 and #10, respectively. His collaboration with the British group WILLJACK, particularly "Overnight Sensation," reached #3 in Canada and #51 in the UK, marking Tikka's first transatlantic hit.

"Rainbows and Dead Flowers" is a testament to the incredible journey of Tom Tikka in the music industry. With a career spanning two decades, chart-topping hits, and a unique ability to craft songs that resonate with audiences, Tom Tikka continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. This latest album not only celebrates his remarkable career but also showcases his dedication to creating music that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. It's an album that captures the essence of Tom Tikka's artistry, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what the future holds for this prolific artist.

"Annakye's 'Ocean': Riding the Grunge Rock Wave of Love and Mental Health"

In the ever-evolving world of music, Annakye, the six-piece band hailing from Australia, is making waves with their grunge rock sound. Their latest single, "Ocean," delves deep into the complex dynamics of love and the roller coaster of emotions that often accompany it. With two charismatic front singers, Lukas and Cameron, and a lineup that includes Joel on drums, Richard on guitar, Carlos on bass, and Ben on guitar, Annakye is a force to be reckoned with. In this blog post, we'll explore the essence of their latest track, "Ocean," and the band's journey so far.

"Ocean" is more than just a grunge rock track; it's a profound exploration of love and the tumultuous journey of mental health within a relationship. As the lyrics and melodies entwine, the song takes the listener on a roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of emotion. The band captures the essence of dealing with the changes in a partner and the associated frustrations, confusion, and moments of despair. It's a musical journey that encapsulates the complexities of relationships, reflecting the feelings of helplessness, depression, and yet, moments of hope.

Annakye emerged on the music scene in 2020, with a mission to bring their unique sound to the world. Originating from Australia, the band quickly gained recognition for their distinctive approach to grunge rock, drawing inspiration from various musical elements. Their music resonates with fans who appreciate the fusion of pop-punk and classic rock, all crafted through world-class production.

"Ocean" was recorded on the Central Coast, marking another milestone in Annakye's musical journey. The band has joined forces once again with the legendary audio engineer, Brent Kolatalo, whose portfolio includes working with notable artists like Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, and Jay Z. Kolatalo's expertise has elevated Annakye's sound, giving "Ocean" the depth and power it deserves.

Since their debut single "Too Far South," Annakye has continued to evolve and grow as a band. The addition of new members and a refined approach to their music has enabled them to rock the party like never before. They have taken their music to different corners of Australia, playing in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and Queensland.

Annakye's "Ocean" is not just another grunge rock track; it's a powerful musical journey that explores the complexities of love and mental health within a relationship. With their distinct sound and a growing fan base, Annakye is poised to make a significant mark in the music industry. As they continue to evolve and expand their reach, the future looks promising for this Australian band, and "Ocean" is just one more step on their musical journey.

"D.O.M of DnD: Dominating the World of Rap with 'World D.O.Mination II'

In the dynamic world of rap music, Canadian artist D.O.M of DnD has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this talented rapper has been making waves since 2015. From covering Eminem songs in middle school to creating his own unique tracks, D.O.M's journey is a testament to his passion for the genre. With a unique blend of wordplay and humorous lyrics, he's captivating audiences far and wide. In this blog post, we'll explore D.O.M's remarkable musical journey and take a deep dive into his latest record, "World D.O.Mination II."

While D.O.M attempted to create his own songs in 2018, his success was limited. However, this changed significantly in 2020 and 2021 when he discovered the "r/makinghiphop" subreddit, which focuses on cyphering and freestyling. This community became a crucial platform for D.O.M, helping him gain exposure and develop his skills.

Notably, he is part of a rap supergroup from "r/makinghiphop" called Splinter Faction, where he's had the privilege of working with artists like Rittz, Krizz Kaliko, and Rick Ross. D.O.M's reputation in the industry is built on his wordplay and humorous lyrics, making him a standout talent in the rap scene.

The album is a bridge between old school hip hop and modern sensibilities, with features from renowned artists like Conway The Machine, Xzibit, and Krayzie Bone. It represents a polished piece of work in the public eye, with greater coherence and cleaner mixing, demonstrating D.O.M's growth and evolution as an artist.

D.O.M of DnD's journey in the world of rap is a testament to dedication and talent. From humble beginnings covering Eminem's songs to collaborating with industry giants, he has carved a niche for himself with his wordplay and humor. "World D.O.Mination II" stands as a powerful reflection of his emotions and an exploration of mature themes.

As D.O.M continues to dominate the rap scene, his unique blend of old school hip hop and contemporary sensibilities sets him apart. Whether you're an old school hip hop lover or a fan of modern rap, his music offers a thrilling and engaging experience. "World D.O.Mination II" is a testament to his evolution as an artist, and it promises to be a journey that fans old and new will cherish.

"Pagan Lust's 'Commie Salami Mommie': Tearing Down the Veil of Society Through Music"

In a world where music often mirrors the status quo, Pagan Lust emerges as a musical force unafraid to challenge the norm. The release of their second studio album, "Commie Salami Mommie," is a testament to their unique approach. By blending hard-charged riffs with blues-inspired melodies, this band takes their listeners on a thrilling journey, pushing the boundaries of societal norms and comfort zones. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of Pagan Lust, exploring their band members, influences, and the unapologetic spirit that defines their music.

Pagan Lust's roots can be traced to the mountains of Colorado, which serve as their home base. The wild, untamed spirit of the mountains seems to have found its way into their music, igniting a fiery, rebellious essence that is unmistakably theirs.

The members of Pagan Lust draw from a wide range of musical influences, including rock, metal, punk, jazz, and blues. This diverse palette of inspirations infuses their music with a rich and eclectic sound that refuses to be pigeonholed.

Pagan Lust's latest album, "Commie Salami Mommie," was recorded at FTM Studios in Lakewood, CO. The album is a powerful commentary on society as a whole, and Pagan Lust doesn't hold back any punches. Their tracks offer a scathing view of societal norms and conventions, underlining their refusal to conform to the expected.

While Pagan Lust confronts some serious themes, they infuse their music with a generous helping of dark humor. From the cheeky nod to vintage horror films in "Feeds" to the more somber exploration of a battle against depression in "Malady," the band covers a wide spectrum of human emotions.

Pagan Lust is more than just a band; they're a rebellious force using music as their weapon to tear down the veil of societal norms. "Commie Salami Mommie" is a thrilling journey that challenges listeners to confront their deepest longings and question the world around them. With their unapologetic approach and unique blend of genres, Pagan Lust invites their audience to join them in breaking free from conformity and embracing the raw, primal energy that resides within all of us.

Bill Godfrey's "Hypnotized": A Sonic Journey Through Influence and Identity

Bill Godfrey, an Austin-based singer-songwriter, is making waves with his debut album, "Hypnotized." This 5-track EP is a captivating exploration of the human mind's constant search for identity and love while grappling with external influences and control. In this blog post, we delve into the mesmerizing sounds and the deep meaning behind Godfrey's music.

Bill Godfrey's music is an intricate tapestry of genres. He couples Indie Pop and Folk with Electronica, Soul, and Indie Rock, crafting a unique and spellbinding signature sound. Although he draws inspiration from classic influences, his approach is born from a modern perspective. Growing up in rural Texas, he began playing music at a young age and was exposed to artists like Townes Van Zandt, James Taylor, and John Prine at the Kerrville Folk Festival, a three-week-long campout where acoustic instruments reign supreme.

"Hypnotized" is more than just an EP; it's a coming-of-age exploration of the mind. Each track delves into the various means of influence over the human psyche, whether through fear, grief, co-dependence, substances, dogma, or malice. The listener is taken on a journey, experiencing the emotional turbulence of a young mind seeking to break free from external control and discover its true identity.

This exploration is deeply introspective and speaks to the universal struggle for self-discovery and autonomy. Bill Godfrey's ability to convey this struggle through his music is a testament to his storytelling acumen and emotional depth. The result is a collection of songs that resonate on a profound level with anyone who has grappled with their own path to self-identity.

Innovative and immersive, "Hypnotized" is accompanied by an interactive, touchable music video created by Bill Godfrey himself using web technology. This creative use of technology allows the audience to engage with the music on a whole new level. By interacting with the visuals, listeners can immerse themselves in the emotional depth of the music, making each experience unique and personal. Godfrey's use of interactivity adds a transformative layer to his musical compositions, captivating and delighting audiences in unexpected ways.

In conclusion, Bill Godfrey's "Hypnotized" is more than just an EP; it's a musical odyssey that explores the depths of human influence, identity, and love. With its unique blend of genres and interactive music video, Godfrey is not just making music; he's crafting an immersive experience that resonates on a profound level with his audience. This is just the beginning for this talented artist, and we can't wait to see where his musical journey takes us next.

B. Snair's "Manifested Dreams": A Tale of Resilience and Musical Triumph

In the world of music, there are tales of hardship, triumph, and the indomitable spirit of artists who persevere against all odds. B. Snair, a New Hampshire native and a local musician of two decades, is one such artist, and his latest release, "Manifested Dreams," is a testament to his unwavering determination and passion for music.

B. Snair's journey is a remarkable one. On March 3rd, 2022, he was one of the unfortunate victims of a massive propane explosion in Bradford, New Hampshire. While the details of his ordeal are legally restricted, his remarkable resilience and artistic dedication shone through in the face of adversity.

Severely injured in the explosion, with third-degree burns on both hands and numerous other severe injuries, B. Snair's path to recovery was long and challenging. But it was during this period that he channeled his unwavering spirit and love for music into the creation of "Manifested Dreams" and several other EPs and singles set for release.

"Manifested Dreams" is not just a song; it's a symbol of resilience, determination, and the belief in oneself. It's a musical embodiment of the ethos of never giving up on your dreams and actively pursuing them every single day. This is a song that urges us to push ourselves to be better than we were yesterday, to chase our aspirations with unwavering dedication.

B. Snair isn't alone in this musical journey. He collaborates with Vincent Tesoro, whose versatility in blending genres such as hip-hop, rock, punk, pop, and alternative music adds depth and variety to their music. The two artists met at a show in 2019 in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and their partnership has given rise to something truly remarkable.

"Manifested Dreams" is only the beginning of B. Snair's musical journey. Despite facing near-death experiences and numerous surgeries, including six hand surgeries, he has shown that nothing can deter his passion for creating music. With several EPs and singles scheduled for release in the coming months and early 2024, the world can expect more captivating and inspirational music from this remarkable artist.

Desarae Dee: Toronto's Queen of Vibes and Her Electrifying New Single "FUSE"

In the vast realm of music, there are artists who not only captivate us with their sound but also inspire us with their unique blend of creativity and soul. Desarae Dee, known as "Toronto's Queen of Vibes," is one such artist whose music is a testament to the power of faith, soul, vulnerability, and divine balance. With a passion for pushing boundaries and genre-bending, Desarae Dee is setting her own path in the world of music, leaving her distinctive mark for all to see and hear.

Desarae Dee recently released her latest single, "FUSE," an 80s-inspired electronic dance track that's nothing short of a high-intensity musical dance party. Collaborating with Connecticut Producer Trill Beetz, she's crafted a song filled with flavorful jazz chords and classic pop songwriting. From slick synth melodies to unique drum patterns and a solid bass foundation, "FUSE" promises to keep the vibes going deep into the late night.

Desarae Dee is no newcomer to the music scene. Since 2014, she has been making waves in the Canadian music industry. Her unconventional playing style, which is both genre-bending and boundary-pushing, has earned her recognition and acclaim. She's not just an artist; she's an Award-Winning Canadian Instrumental Fusion Artist.

Desarae Dee's extensive resume includes a multitude of music releases, national and international radio plays, media coverage, and even a recurring artist spot on NPR Music's "Jazz Night in America." She recently toured with the Canadian premier Hip-Hop group Super Duty Tough Work and was honored with the 2022 SiriusXM Black Canadian Music Award, powered by the SOCAN Foundation.

In addition to her musical accomplishments, Desarae Dee is also a trailblazer. She's breaking barriers and forging a path for current and future Black Women Musicians in Canada. Her presence in the music industry is a testament to her strength, resilience, and her ability to inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face.

Desarae Dee's "FUSE" is not just a song; it's a musical embodiment of her journey and her passion. It's a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and to the power of music to move and inspire us. As "Toronto's Queen of Vibes," she continues to create music that resonates deeply, transcending genres and captivating listeners on a profound level.


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