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  • Fernando Triff

Weekly Discover #22

Step into the luminescent realm of "Weekly Discover," where the curtain rises on our tenth edition, inviting you to embark on an auditory odyssey unlike any other. This isn't merely a list; it's a symphonic exploration, a voyage through uncharted sonic realms where every note and rhythm unveils a story waiting to be uncovered.

Immerse yourself in a mosaic of meticulously curated soundscapes, each a testament to the artistry of our handpicked selection. From the ethereal harmonies to the pulsating beats, prepare to be ensnared by a tapestry of melodies that stir the soul and ignite a fervent passion for musical discovery.

As you traverse this sonic landscape, expect to encounter a plethora of emerging talents and avant-garde compositions that defy convention. Genres meld and morph, creating an eclectic fusion of sound that transcends boundaries and challenges perceptions.

At the heart of "Weekly Discover" lies our steadfast commitment to championing diversity and innovation in music. Our platform serves as a beacon for both seasoned aficionados and intrepid explorers, offering a sanctuary where familiar melodies intertwine with hidden gems waiting to be unearthed.

So, heed the call and join us on this transcendent journey, where every crescendo and diminuendo is an invitation to delve deeper into the transformative power of music. Welcome to "Weekly Discover 22," where the symphony of exploration knows no limits, and the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination. Let the harmonic adventure commence. 🎵

Ava Valianti's "January": A Heartfelt Journey Through Love and Loss

Emerging singer-songwriter Ava Valianti is poised to enchant listeners once more with her latest single, "January," released on May 24, 2024. With her distinctive voice and indie pop flair, this Massachusetts-born artist continues to captivate audiences worldwide, drawing comparisons to industry heavyweights like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Renee Rapp, and Gracie Abrams.

"January" is a deeply personal and relatable song that delves into the bittersweet experience of loving someone from afar, knowing they are with someone who fits them better. Ava's poignant lyrics reflect the lingering pain and the complexity of holding onto memories while trying to move forward. "The hurt is still there and the feelings don’t go away," Valianti explains, "but you know that as hard as you might try, you’re not what they need." This track beautifully encapsulates the emotional turmoil of being tethered to the past and what could have been, resonating with anyone who has felt the sting of unrequited love.

Following the success of her debut singles "bubble wrap" and "Middle Ground," Ava Valianti has firmly established herself as a formidable talent in the music industry. Her ability to blend indie-folk-pop with heartfelt storytelling has earned her a dedicated fanbase and praise from influential music bloggers and critics.

In a recent interview, Ava discussed her approach to music and how she navigates comparisons to more established artists. "I have many bigger artists that inspire my work," she shared. "But I try to stay individual by bringing in mixtures of different genres, styles of writing, production, and vocals. I have so many things I want to explore and believe I can incorporate all of them and make them my own with my unique lens."

To celebrate the release of "January," Ava Valianti will embark on a series of performances across the North Shore of Massachusetts. Fans can look forward to unforgettable shows filled with her captivating melodies and infectious energy. Alongside her producer Chris Plante of CP Pro Audio, Ava is hard at work in the studio, creating new music for an upcoming EP set to release in late summer or early fall.

Ava Valianti's "January" is more than just a single; it's a heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and the passage of time. With her unique blend of indie pop and authentic storytelling, Valianti continues to carve out her space in the music industry, promising an exciting journey ahead for her fans.

Stay tuned and follow Ava Valianti on her musical journey as she prepares to unveil her highly anticipated EP later this year. Her raw talent and emotional depth are sure to leave a lasting impression, making her one of the most exciting new voices in the indie music scene.

Immerse Yourself in the Groovy World of Gianfranco GFN's "SOFT"

Gianfranco GFN, an exceptional guitarist and composer, continues to enchant audiences with his unique blend of jazz, blues, bossa, funk, and rock. Known for his Acid-Jazz style, Gianfranco's music promises to transport listeners into a vibrant, groovy musical world, reminiscent of the 70s yet brimming with contemporary flair. His latest track, "SOFT," is a testament to this, offering a sublime listening experience that fans of groove and good vibes will adore.

"SOFT" is the seventh track on Gianfranco GFN's highly anticipated new album, set for release this autumn. This track encapsulates the essence of pure, groovy acid jazz, immersing listeners in a soundscape rich with rhythm and energy. From the moment the first note hits, you're drawn into a world where the groove reigns supreme, and the melodies are infused with the signature "Giazz" touch.

The composition features a rhythm section bathed in groove, complemented by a brass section that exudes vitality and excitement. Gianfranco's mastery of the guitar shines through, weaving intricate melodies that are both catchy and complex. The result is a track that feels timeless yet fresh, paying homage to the 70s while firmly rooting itself in the present.

Gianfranco GFN released his first solo album, "LINEA," in 2011, marking the beginning of his journey as a solo artist. His compositions have since captivated audiences worldwide, with tracks played on Swiss radio stations and in various countries, including France, Germany, Ireland, and Russia. His unique Acid-Jazz style, which he affectionately dubs "Giazz," blends multiple genres into a cohesive, energetic, and colorful musical experience.

For those who wish to dive deeper into Gianfranco's musical journey, subscribing to his newsletter on his website,, is a great way to stay connected. Subscribers will receive updates on new releases, upcoming performances, and more. Additionally, supporting Gianfranco through donations helps him continue creating the music that fans love and cherish.

Gianfranco GFN's "SOFT" is more than just a track; it's an invitation to experience the groovy world of acid jazz. As you listen, let the rhythms move you, the melodies captivate you, and the groove envelop you. Share the experience with friends, and don't forget to support the artist who makes it all possible.

So, let's groove! Listen to "SOFT," follow Gianfranco GFN, subscribe to his newsletter, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of "Giazz." This autumn, prepare to be transported by the good vibes and relentless groove of Gianfranco GFN's music.

Contemporary Club: Revitalizing Indie Rock with Their New Single "Belong"

Indie rock enthusiasts, meet Contemporary Club – a dynamic four-piece band from South East London that's injecting a fresh, vibrant sound into the scene. Comprised of Jake (drums), Sam (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jude (lead guitar), and George (bass), these young lads are making waves with their debut single "Belong," released on May 21st, 2024.

"Belong" is a bouncing and melodious indie number that perfectly captures the euphoric feeling of being in love and having fun in your hometown. With its catchy hooks and infectious energy, the song is an anthem for those unforgettable moments shared with friends and loved ones. The track is entirely recorded and produced by the band themselves, bringing a raw and authentic vibe that resonates with a wide audience of indie rock aficionados.

The story of Contemporary Club began at North Kent College in Dartford, where four music students bonded over their shared love for classic Britpop and shoegaze indie. Their influences are a testament to their eclectic taste and musical prowess, drawing inspiration from legendary bands such as Oasis, Blur, The Royston Club, The Kinks, The Lathums, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and The Smiths.

Contemporary Club’s music is a refreshing blend of classic and modern indie rock, with a hint of nostalgia and a dash of contemporary flair. Their passion for writing fun, catchy songs and their enjoyment of performing on stage, no matter the size of the audience, shines through in their performances. This authenticity and enthusiasm make their live shows a must-see, offering an exhilarating experience for fans old and new.

"Belong" isn't just a song; it's an experience. The track's lively rhythm and melodious guitars, combined with Sam's compelling vocals, create a sound that's both familiar and new. It's a song that captures the essence of youthful exuberance and the joy of shared experiences, making it a perfect soundtrack for summer days and nights.

As Contemporary Club continues to carve out their place in the indie rock landscape, "Belong" marks the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey. Their dedication to their craft and their love for music are evident in every note they play, and their fans are eagerly anticipating what's next.

Follow Contemporary Club on their musical journey and stay updated on their latest releases and performances. Whether you're a longtime indie rock fan or new to the genre, Contemporary Club's "Belong" is sure to find a place in your playlist. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the fresh, energetic sound of Contemporary Club and let "Belong" transport you to a place where love, fun, and music reign supreme. Listen now and experience the raw, authentic vibe that only this talented quartet can deliver.

Sandy King’s “No Words”: A Powerful New Single That Resonates Deeply

Denver-based singer and songwriter Sandy King has recently dropped her latest single, "No Words," released on May 31, 2024. Known for her thought-provoking lyrics, sticky melodies, and haunting vocals, Sandy's new track tackles sensitive subject matter with grace and poignancy.

"No Words" delves into the complexities of human interaction and the emotional fallout of disagreements. It's about those moments when arguments escalate, leaving both parties feeling unheard and empty, verging on verbal abuse. At this point, there truly are "No Words" that can make things better. Sandy's lyrics reflect this universal experience, resonating deeply with listeners from all walks of life.

Her previous EP, "PLAY," was well-received, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences through her music. With "No Words," she continues to expand and evolve as a songwriter, sharing her feelings, experiences, and the stories of others. Sandy's music is a reflection of her life, from being a daughter, mom, wife, sister, and even a "Grammy." She believes it’s never too late to pursue her dream of sharing her music with the world.

Sandy’s style is a unique blend of pop-rock and haunting indie influences. She draws inspiration from artists like P!nk and Tori Amos, with musical influences ranging from Dan Fogelberg to Lady Gaga. This eclectic mix is evident in her music, which is both unique and relatable. Her goal is to create songs that people enjoy listening to and can connect with on a personal level.

Sandy King’s "No Words" is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for the artist. New songs will be released throughout 2024, culminating in a compilation EP due out late in the year. Sandy's music is energetic, unique, and honest, qualities that have earned her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

As Sandy King continues to create and share her music, she invites you to join her on this journey. Her new single, "No Words," is a testament to her ability to touch hearts and minds through her music. Don’t miss out on this powerful track and stay tuned for more releases from this talented artist throughout the year.

Follow Sandy King on social media and streaming platforms to keep up with her latest music and performances. Experience the depth and emotion of her songs, and let her music become a part of your own story.

Dive into Rony Rex's "Dopamine" – A Sonic Journey Through Eclectic Dance Beats

Renowned for his eccentric performances and innovative approach to dance music, Rony Rex has once again captivated the scene with his latest EP, "Dopamine." This four-track collection is a dynamic exploration of diverse rhythms and captivating vocals, seamlessly blending elements from indie and hyper pop to house and speed garage.

"Dopamine" features an impressive roster of guest artists, each bringing their unique flair to the project. Nigerian American Benni Ola, known for his work with Channel Tres and TOKiMONSTA, infuses the EP with his distinct style. Kitty of The Pom-Poms and Teen Suicide fame adds her edgy touch, while hyperpop icon Ravenna Golden and the innovative Australian vocalist and producer LÂLKA elevate the tracks with their forward-thinking creativity.

"Papi": Diving into deeper basslines, "Papi" introduces edgy female vocals that add a gritty allure. This track stands out with its bold, unapologetic energy, showcasing a darker, more intense side of the EP.

With a DJ career spanning over a decade, Rony Rex has firmly established himself as one of Finland's top dance music tastemakers. His music is characterized by a unique blend of bubbly, quirky, and housey influences, with touches of pop and indie. This eclectic style has earned him collaborations with artists like Carla Monroe and Girli, and his tracks have been championed by industry heavyweights such as Diplo and Dillon Francis on platforms like BBC and SiriusXM.

Rony's distinct sound has also caught the attention of major brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Nickelodeon. Beyond his studio work, Rony Rex hosts his radio show on YLEX, the Finnish equivalent of BBC Radio 1. The show has featured a stellar lineup of guests, including Fred Again.., LP Giobbi, and Gorgon City, further cementing Rony's influence in the dance music community.

Rony Rex's "Dopamine" EP is a testament to his love for dance music and his ability to bring together diverse sounds and voices. Each track offers something unique, making the EP a must-listen for fans of eclectic and innovative dance music. Whether you're looking for a summer anthem, a gritty dance track, or a moody, introspective tune, "Dopamine" delivers on all fronts.

Discover the sonic voyage of "Dopamine" and let Rony Rex's masterful production take you on a journey through the vibrant landscape of modern dance music. Listen to the EP here and join the ever-growing community of fans who have been mesmerized by Rony Rex's captivating soundscapes.

Discover the Mesmerizing Soundscape of INKI’s “Thoughts Midsentence”

Iceland has long been a cradle for groundbreaking alternative music, fostering a rich tradition of artists who push the boundaries of sound. Among these, INKI stands out as a luminous talent. With her latest album, “Thoughts Midsentence,” INKI not only continues this tradition but also sets a new benchmark for innovation and experimentation in the alt-pop genre.

The album delves into deeply personal themes such as love, heartbreak, and carefree moments. Tracks like “Barefoot On The Dancefloor” exemplify this, striking a perfect balance between the familiar and the innovative. Expect to be captivated by deep bass lines, acoustic instruments, and the pure intensity of electronic soundscapes that permeate the album.

INKI’s release concert in Reykjavik on May 3rd was a resounding success, selling out and leaving attendees eager for more. With plans to take “Thoughts Midsentence” on tour later this year, she is set to enchant audiences far and wide. This tour will not only showcase her new album but also highlight her unique ability to blend traditional and electronic sounds into a mesmerizing live experience.

Beyond her music, INKI is an award-winning composer whose works have graced stages and art galleries across Europe and the US. She has crafted unique musical instruments and sound installations, including “Quite the Situation” at the Reykjavik Art Festival and “Brotabrot,” which incorporates narratives from ex-inmates of the Icelandic Women’s Prison. Her diverse background also includes producing music within the walls of San Quentin Prison while pursuing her master’s degree in California.

In a world where music can often feel formulaic, INKI’s willingness to embrace imperfection and experimentation makes her a refreshing and necessary voice. “Thoughts Midsentence” is not just an album; it’s an invitation to explore the complexities of thought and emotion through a sonic lens.

So, dive into “Thoughts Midsentence” and let INKI’s unique soundscape guide you through a musical journey like no other.

Seafarers Unveil "Bedwetters" – A Tender Ode to Embracing Inner Demons

London-based chamber pop ensemble Seafarers have once again struck a chord with their latest release, "Bedwetters." This tender and hopeful track marks the first single from their eagerly awaited new album, set to drop in October. Known for their rich blend of indie rock, chamber pop, and jazz, Seafarers delivers a nostalgic yet fresh homage to the shiny pop tracks of the 1980s.

"Bedwetters" is more than just a song; it's an exploration of learning to live with one's demons. Told from the perspective of someone anxiously navigating the complexities of life, the track captures a kind of beauty in the chaos. The narrative follows two individuals through an evening of shared moments—from enjoying fries outside a McDonald's to attending a pop star's concert, culminating in a late-night spiral of self-doubt.

At the helm of Seafarers is songwriter Matthew Herd, whose impressive resume includes collaborations with Jacob Collier, Glass Animals, The Howl & Hum, and Siobhan Miller. Herd is supported by a talented group of long-term collaborators: vocalist Lauren Kinsella (Kit Downes, Snowpoet), guitarist and vocalist Arun Thavasothy, pianist Tom Taylor, bassist Tom McCredie, and drummer Dave Hamblett. Together, they create a sound that is as virtuosic and elegant as it is thoughtfully crafted.

As Seafarers prepare to release their third album in October, the excitement among fans and critics alike is palpable. "Bedwetters" offers a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come, blending heartfelt storytelling with a sound that bridges the past and present.

The band's ability to craft songs that are both deeply personal and universally relatable ensures that their music resonates with a wide audience. "Bedwetters" is a testament to this, capturing the essence of life's struggles and the beauty that can be found within them.

Seafarers have a knack for creating music that is both intricate and accessible, making "Bedwetters" a must-listen for anyone who appreciates thoughtful, well-crafted songs. As the band continues to push the boundaries of chamber pop, their upcoming album promises to be an extraordinary addition to their already impressive discography.

Dive into "Bedwetters" and let Seafarers guide you through a poignant journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This track is not just a song—it's an experience that invites you to find beauty in the chaos and embrace the imperfections that make us human.

Beyond the Wall: Discover the Vibrant Sound of Despite the Wane

Meet Despite the Wane, an innovative electronic rock/new wave duo hailing from Italy. Comprising the charismatic Mir Kollins on vocals and synthesizer and the immensely talented Max Dury on lead guitar, this band has crafted a sound that's as powerful as it is unique. Their latest album, "Beyond that Wall," is a testament to their musical prowess, blending rock with electronic elements to create something truly special.

"Beyond that Wall" features ten rousing tracks that undeniably rock. The album showcases Despite the Wane's knack for catchy and irresistible refrains, all framed within a crystalline rock structure. Max Dury's guitar solos are outstanding, serving as the backbone of the band's sound, while Mir Kollins' passionate vocals and insightful lyrics take center stage.

The album is the result of years of devoted listening and inspiration drawn from the most influential and iconic bands since the late 1970s. Listeners will find references to electronic music and the British New Wave, making "Beyond that Wall" a vibrant collection full of drama and emotion.

The story of Despite the Wane begins with two teenagers heavily influenced by British rock. They started as a four-piece band, incorporating bass and drums, and named themselves after a song by the German techno-pop pioneers, Kraftwerk. However, as their musical vision evolved, they transformed into a duo and adopted the name Despite the Wane. This shift allowed them to focus on creating a unique blend of electronic rock, incorporating elements of British New Wave, progressive, alternative, gothic, and post-punk.

"Beyond that Wall" isn't just an album; it's an experience. Each track is carefully crafted to take the listener on a journey through different emotions and soundscapes. The melodies are infectious, the lyrics poignant, and the overall production is a nod to the band's deep appreciation for rock's rich history.

Songs like "Echoes of the Past" and "Silent Thunder" highlight the duo's ability to blend electronic beats with rock riffs seamlessly. Meanwhile, tracks such as "Eternal Flame" and "Shadow Dance" delve into more gothic and post-punk territories, showcasing their versatility and depth.

Despite the Wane's "Beyond that Wall" is a must-listen for fans of rock and electronic music alike. Their ability to merge different genres into a cohesive and engaging sound is a testament to their talent and dedication. Whether you're a fan of British New Wave, progressive rock, or gothic post-punk, this album has something for you. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Despite the Wane and let "Beyond that Wall" take you on an unforgettable sonic adventure. Listen now and experience the dynamic and powerful sound that only this Italian duo can deliver.


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