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Convo with Chloé Caroline

Updated: Jan 14

Chloé Caroline, a captivating singer-songwriter, emerges as a celestial force in the realms of manifestation and cosmic storytelling. Hailing from Southern California, her journey through the ever-evolving landscape of music is marked by a profound exploration of self-discovery, vulnerability, and empowerment. As we delve into the mystical world of her latest single, "Manifest," and the impending release of The Awakening Vol. 2 EP, let's unravel the layers of Chloé's background that have shaped her into the artist she is today.

"Manifest" originates from a vulnerable place, showcasing Chloé's ability to balance personal vulnerability with creating music that resonates universally. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity in storytelling, drawing parallels with artists like Stevie Nicks and The Fray. The universal nature of music, she believes, allows listeners to connect emotionally, transcending language barriers.

The GRWM-style music video for "Manifest" aligns with the EP's theme of surrendering to the unknown. The 11:11 references and subtle spiritual hints in the video add depth to the cosmic narrative. Chloé explains how the video's creative direction ties into the overall theme, creating anticipation and reflecting the unpredictability of life.

Chloé emphasizes the importance of symbolic elements like 11:11 in conveying hope and empowerment through her music. In a world that often feels hopeless, she wants her music to inspire and remind people that joy, love, and authenticity are within reach. The stories she tells through her music aim to uplift and encourage listeners to pursue their dreams and find small joys in daily life.

Chloé's involvement in Meta's "Convey Value Initiative" underscores the power of storytelling. Sharing her personal journey, including a life-threatening illness and overcoming obstacles, aims to inspire others. The initiative becomes a platform to connect with listeners, fostering a sense of hope and encouragement.

In the ethereal realm where manifestation meets sensuality, Caroline takes us on a cosmic journey through her latest single, "Manifest," and the upcoming EP, The Awakening Vol. 2. In an exclusive interview, Chloé opens up about the creative process, spiritual growth, and the enchanting visuals that accompany her music.

"Manifest" explores the theme of manifestation and sensuality. Can you delve deeper into the creative process behind the song and how it reflects your personal experiences with manifesting and embracing your sensuality?

Absolutely! In 2020, I was newly single for the first time in five years and for the first time in my adult life. I decided I wanted to intentionally focus on me, figure out what I really wanted, and who I was. What came with that was pin pointing what brought me joy and focusing on the blessings I had around me. The energy in my life shifted when I began to align myself with that energy as well as what I was attracting and attracted to. I realized how much power I had within myself and began trusting my intuition again. What I spoke or thought reflected in my inner and outer world so I began writing down manifestations/affirmations and speaking them out loud. What could it hurt? It blew my mind what began showing up and as I began learning how to surrender to the unknown as well, I began to leave room for surprises. Finding that balance between action and leaning back is where I really got in touch with my sensuality. Realizing I played the lead role in my joy yet that didn't mean controlling everything, I could flow and be ok no matter what an outcome turned out to be because I knew how to love me. With "Manifest" specifically, I had never written a "sexy" song & I couldn't get a fantasy out of my head. I figured why not write about manifesting it. Being in touch with our sensuality is a natural part of every human being, especially as a woman, so as bold/vulnerable as it was for me to put my thoughts on blast, I thought it was important to share a different angle within manifestation that hadn't been done in a song. Just because of the topic, it didn't mean it was "dirty", it could be empowering.

The music video for "Manifest" has a unique concept, with references to 11:11 and powerful manifestation energy. How did you come up with the idea for the video, and what message are you hoping viewers take away from the visual representation of the song?

During this time in my life, I began seeing angel numbers like 11:11 everywhere every single day along with strong synchronicities like never before. It didn't matter where I was or what I was doing but I began to equate them to being signals I was on the right path. Simultaneously, I began to see some of my manifestations actualize. I'd think of someone I hadn't spoken to in months and they'd pop up on my phone moments later. I wrote on a post-it note my song would be on my favorite radio station in LA (didn't even fit their typical genres) and a few weeks later it was selected to be played. So for the video, it felt imperative to show 11:11 (sign of strong manifestation energy). Then I connected with Haus of Divinity to sponsor it after finding their angel number jewlery on IG and I loved that it was a new female run company. It seemed like an aligned opportunity to support each other with celebrating divine feminine energy being a theme. I also knew I wanted to show me getting ready for the night and that I wanted to end the video with the audience not knowing if I was getting ready for this dude in my fantasy or just myself. But it wasn't until my friends/co-video creators Allie Snyder (producer) and Alaina Booth (director) stepped in that it became clearer to involve other subtle spiritual hints as well--the A-frame cabin, the grounding in nature on an circular tapestry, the use of the kaleidoscope etc. I really want viewers to be able to picture themselves in the video, fully free and confident in their own presence and embrace the feeling that they too can be magnets for whatever they desire.

"Manifest" was co-written with Emma Lynn White, Shawn Gough, and producer Jamie Kenney. Can you share how this collaboration influenced the song's sound and the overall vibe of The Awakening Vol. 2 EP?

I think it really gives the EP a well rounded vibe. Each song is empowering and really show introspection/self development in their own ways but "Manifest" is the spicy one that also brings another side of me I've never really shared plus still ties in with the "cosmic throughline".

You've mentioned that 2023 has been a year of intense spiritual growth for you. How has this spiritual journey influenced your music, especially in terms of themes and the overall atmosphere of your upcoming EP?

It's brought a cosmic undertone to everything. What I love about The Awakening Vol 2 is that it's more of a prequel to Vol 1 that came out in March 2023. In Vol 1 I had begun to reach a point of surrender in my healing journey, learning to trust the unknown/the universe/perfect timing on another level and found home within me. Then I fell in love again and finally experienced a balanced partnership. I genuinely wrote about it in hopes it'd inspire others to not give up. Vol 2, on the other hand, were songs I began writing earlier in that journey fresh off heartache where there were so many questions and realizations I was having, trying to trust the process and figure out what I aligned with. I think what's cool is that there really is something for everyone in this EP because I was writing about my spiritual awakening in real time where there were so many ups and downs. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe the EPs tie together as the full picture, in a real way proving to listeners that what is meant for us will never pass us by, that anything is possible, and that we are always exactly where we are supposed to be.

"Manifest" seems to be born out of a vulnerable place, where you couldn't shake a particular fantasy from your thoughts. How do you balance personal vulnerability with creating music that resonates with a broader audience?

I have always thought that what makes a great storyteller is the ability to paint their life so honestly that you can teleport to their shoes while being able to pull your own truth in. I look at some of my favorite artists whether it's Stevie Nicks or The Fray and what made their music hit me so hard. It was always the 100% rawness even if it's something I'd never been through. It's definitely not easy sometimes and can be very scary haha Especially once you've already worked through something or have a different perspective later on. But the first thing I do when I need to process anything is turn to music and I've always felt called to immediately share it. I'd literally be insane without that outlet. For me, I try to remember that the beauty of music lies in it universal ability to capture emotion so much so that people all over the world can understand it even if they don't speak your language. It takes the pressure off trying to worry about making it relatable rather than just writing from my soul and it naturally finding the people it's meant to. The moment you try to control your art, you lose your authenticity.

The music video for "Manifest" is described as a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) style video with a twist. What inspired the creative direction of the video, and how does it connect to the overall narrative of the song and the EP?

"Get Ready With Me" videos are probably the most common "trend" on social media so I thought it would be cool to play on that from an artistic standpoint and have me get ready for this fantasy night playing out in my head. Manifestation is all about aligning your energy as if that manifestation has already come true so it made sense yet also fit the EP theme of surrendering to the unknown. We don't know where the night is going to lead, if I'll end up with anyone at all or just myself (which is equally badass to simply have a date night with yourself). GRWM videos work so well because it keeps people anticipating what's going to happen. That's life, we just don't know what magic is around the corner.

The references to 11:11 in the video tie into the idea of being on the right path and in powerful manifestation energy. How important are these symbolic elements in conveying the deeper meaning of your music to your audience?

In a world that constantly wants us to believe everything is hopeless and dark, I want my music to invoke hope and empower people to not just believe but really live a life with the utmost joy and authenticity as possible. They can have the love of their life, they can pursue their passion etc. It starts from within & really focusing on what is truly elevating our lives and what is no longer serving. It's in the small joys daily that we often glaze over or never really pinpointed. Or the toxic relationship we keep putting up with when we know better. We often get in our own way by putting our own limitations on our lives. Yet at any point we can change that and that's beautiful. I want to remind people of that through my stories.

You've achieved remarkable success in 2023, with over 235,000 streams, 600,000 video views, and three #1 radio singles. How do these accomplishments contribute to your growth as an artist, and what do they mean to you personally?

I try not to focus too much on numbers because there are so many factors involved in artists "blowing up" or not these days from algorithm to ad and PR budgets and connections etc. but at the same time to also see the songs that were written during one of the most painful and beautiful periods of self development in my life reach the highest numbers I've had in my career and gain the most support thus far is symbolic for me. Symbolic to keep listening to the truest Chlo inside me even on days when it feels like I'm barely poking through the masses. It makes any nights where I felt so lost, so alone or just purely in tears extra worth it. I'll read comments of how a listener felt motivated to make a change in their lives, or decided not to give up on love or are on a similar journey and there's literally no better feeling of fulfillment.

Being announced as a Top 100 Finalist of CBC Music’s 2023 Toyota Searchlight Competition is a significant recognition. How has this acknowledgment impacted your career, and what can fans expect from your upcoming projects?

Thank you! It was really cool as a half Canadian artist because while I was born and raised in Southern California, I spent every summer of my life for three months of the year in Canada. Most of my extended family lives there and it's where my dad kicked off his own bands and where my grandpa sang on his own radio show in college. To have my music recognized there and supported is full circle and hopefully only the beginning! Touring there and playing more festivals would be incredible. Some of my favorites artists and influences are Canadian from Nelly Furtado to Avril, Alanis and Shawn Mendes--not the worst company! As far as impacting my career, I think any win like this helps to build your team and this industry takes an army. 2024 will be full of releases from the EP to features/collabs with other artists, launching merchandise, shows, and potentially some more acting ;) All hands on deck!

Your continuously growing fan base and collaborations with brands like Moonglow Jewelry showcase a strong connection with your audience. How do you maintain such a meaningful engagement with your fans, and what role do they play in shaping your artistic journey?

From the beginning, the one on one relationship with my fans was key. I can't even tell you how many messages I've sent back and forth between people all over the world getting to know some of them to the point of being real life friends or even working together creatively. I have made it my mission to respond to as many comments and DMs as I can and recognize people for taking the time to give my music a chance. Time is all we have and if someone dedicates you even a minute of their time to listen to my art that's incredible. Beyond that, I love hearing people's stories and seeing their dreams being pursued, they inspire me. When my music aligns with someone, it's this immediate special bond because I know we get each other. Same goes for my brand partnerships. We attract "our people" so why not get to know them as best as I can and elevate each other however we can? That's the point. We live in an age when it's possible to connect on another level from across continents and I'm so grateful for that. The brand partnerships I have (and being selective/making sure they really resonate with me) also give me another vessel for my creativity and build trust with my fanbase as they get to know what makes me tick.

Your partnership with Meta and the "Convey Value Initiative" highlights the power of storytelling. Can you share more about the stories you've shared and the impact you aim to create through such initiatives?

Absolutely!! It was really amazing to get to be a part of a social media campaign that focused on real, positive and motivational stories. I had never really shared the details of my life threatening illness as a kid, getting bullied when I returned back to middle school, and how turning to music as my therapy and using Facebook for the first time to share it set the tone for my purpose. It was the beginning of me realizing the power my songs had to affect others, gave me the confidence to pursue it even when I was terrified of "messing up" and how music connects us. If I had never shared it out of fear or been through the obstacles, I wouldn't have the same perspective. Years later a Violinist wouldn't have covered my song "Ready"'and chose to make a life changing move to go after his dream of being a pilot. A mental health organization with a similar mission in Uganda wouldn't be playing my music for kids who might need some hope. Some days we feel so far from where we want to be, but sharing that story gave me a chance to look back and realize how proud 12 year old me would be despite still having massive dreams I want to accomplish. If it can remind someone else of that, that's epic.

With The Awakening Vol. 2 EP set to release in early 2024, what can fans anticipate in terms of musical evolution and thematic exploration compared to Vol. 1?

I think the main difference is sonically and lyrically each of the songs on EP 2 almost act as a different stage/emotion in this healing period, but together share a dreamy overtone. Lots of "what if" daydreaming with different scenarios, manifesting of course, reflecting on the past, playing with timelines etc.

Stay tuned for more folks!


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