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Embracing Freedom and Empowerment: Felicia Lu's Journey Through Music

In the dynamic world of music, emerging artists often shine bright with their unique sounds and powerful messages. One such rising star is Felicia Lu, a talented singer-songwriter whose dark-pop mixed with indie and drum & bass elements is captivating listeners worldwide. With her upcoming debut album set to release on September 29, 2023, and a headline show in Vienna, Felicia Lu is ready to make her mark on the music industry.

In a recent interview, Felicia Lu touched upon her powerful song "Bitch," which seeks to challenge the way society perceives women exploring their sexuality. Inspired by her own experiences and frustrated by double standards, she courageously reclaims the word "bitch" and celebrates her freedom to live life on her terms. Her hope is to empower everyone who has been put down and give them the courage to embrace their true selves.

Felicia Lu's upcoming debut album promises to be a profound representation of her life, struggles, and triumphs. With a mix of dark pop, indie-rock, and drum & bass, the album takes listeners on a journey through her emotions and personal growth. While the overall tone is darker, the inclusion of uplifting tracks offers a well-rounded experience.

Like any true artist, Felicia Lu's music is a testament to her evolution as a songwriter. Comparing her new album to her previous release, "Dear Karma," she notes a happier sound with a deeper underlying message. Her willingness to explore different themes and sounds demonstrates her artistic growth and maturity.

As fans eagerly await the release of her album and the opportunity to witness her headline show, one thing is certain: Felicia Lu's star is on the rise, and her voice will continue to resonate with audiences around the world.

What do you think has changed about this song that is different since the release of Dear Karma?

As a songwriter I think I’m constantly evolving, so I think the sound compared to Dear Karma sure is a bit different. I’d say it’s clearly happier sounding but still holds a deeper meaning with a very important topic.

Your song "Bitch" has a powerful message about changing the narrative around the word. Could you share what prompted you to write this song and what impact you hope it will have on society?

It’s been annoying me for years that men have always been praised for dating but women have been called a “bitch” just on too many occasions where men would be celebrated. I wanted to switch the meaning behind the word and be proud to be called a bitch because I will no longer live my life to please anyone than myself. I hope it will give courage to everyone who’s been put down by others and finally give the power to them to live their best life.

In your statement, you mentioned the different perceptions of men and women regarding their sexual freedom. How do you see your music contributing to challenging these outdated views and empowering women to embrace their sexuality?

I think it’s important to encourage young people that it’s absolutely fine to embrace their sexuality, no matter their gender. I think it’s terribly outdated to differentiate between gender who’s allowed to do what as we are aiming for all to be equal. I’ll never stop fighting for what I believe been and am very proud to use my music to share the message.

Your headliner show at Flex in Vienna is a significant moment in your career. How do you feel about this upcoming performance, and what can your fans look forward to experiencing at the event?

If you’d told me 10 years ago that I’ll release an album and host a headliner show I’d probably start crying out of joy. I still feel the same way today. I feel extremely lucky and grateful and am looking forward to this special night. It’s not gonna be like any other concert. There’s going to be a couple of special moments only to be held there and then. So if you can, you should definitely get your tickets now while they’re still available.

Performing at Donauinselfest 2023 on the main stage powered by Hitradio ö3 must have been an incredible achievement. Could you share your thoughts on this experience and how it has influenced your journey as a musician?

That day was absolutely insane. It’s been the biggest live audience for me yet to date and I was blown away by the energy. It felt a little bit like tasting blood because it definitely made me hungry for more. Playing live is simply the most amazing thing as a singer so I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come.

As a debut artist, how would you describe your growth and development as a musician from the time you started your musical journey to where you are now, preparing to release your first album?

I can still see the old me in my work but have definitely evolved a ton. Luckily so, because I think my stuff is much better compared to a few years ago haha. I’ve also experienced some parts of this industry that I didn’t enjoy too much, which have surely shaped me. I think you never stop learning and I’m excited to see where I’ll be a few years from now, but as of right now, I’m extremely proud to be sharing my first-ever album with the world. There’s so many tears, so much love and happiness in these songs and I sincerely hope it’ll give something to everyone that listens to it.

Your music seems to combine various styles and emotions. Can you tell us about some of your musical influences and how they have shaped your unique sound?

I’d like to say that my parents have a great musical taste as I grew up listening to artists like David Bowie and Michael Jackson. I think artists like Melanie Martinez, Lorde, and Billie Eilish have definitely shaped me a lot but I’ve always strived to create something new and unique that’s why I started playing around merging different genres in my music. I think this album is a combination of Pop, Indie-Rock, and Drum&Base with a dark feel to it.

In the music industry, artists often face challenges and obstacles. What has been the most significant challenge you've encountered so far, and how did you overcome it?

I think coming into this industry artists often enter with naive expectations, so my biggest advice would be: before signing ANYTHING always get yourself a lawyer and make sure you understand what you’re signing. Other than that I think it’s hard finding your audience in the expanding sea of artists, but I’d say as long as you stay true to yourself and keep on doing what you love - your audience will find you and grow eventually. At least I hope it will.

Your songwriting appears to be deeply personal and introspective. How do you approach the process of translating your experiences and emotions into lyrics that resonate with your audience?

It’s actually the only way I know to deal with my feelings. Being on the spectrum I’ve always been more introverted and didn’t share a lot with anyone. Music has helped me to find an outlet for my emotions and given me a way to cope with my experiences.

Your album release is just around the corner. How do you envision the future of your music career, and what are your aspirations for the next stage of your journey as an artist?

I’m looking forward to bringing the album on stage next year for a little tour. And after the release always means before the release: I’m sure it won’t be long until I’ll be back at the studio working on the next tracks. But until then I’m looking forward to playing live as much as possible.


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