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Fiona Ross - Thoughts, Conversations, and To Do Lists


Fiona Ross, the multi-award-winning jazz singer-songwriter, is set to take listeners on a captivating musical journey with her latest album, "Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists." With a keen focus on capturing the essence of everyday life, Ross skillfully navigates the intricacies of the human experience through her mesmerizing vocals and profound songwriting. This 14-track album, written, arranged, and produced by Ross herself, promises a blend of sassiness, introspection, and wild musical adventures. In this review, we delve into the remarkable qualities that make "Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists" a standout addition to Ross' discography.

Exploring the Album:

The album commences with the paradoxical yet captivating track, "When Will You Leave My Mind." Ross skillfully combines a lively Latin guitar groove with syncopated vocals that perfectly capture the post-breakup standstill. Despite the internal turmoil, Ross exudes a sense of sassiness and steadfastness, leaving the listener with a feeling of hope and resilience.

"Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists" effortlessly transitions between various moods and themes. From the strutting energy of "I Want To Know More" to the pensive and meandering saxophone-infused "The Small Things," Ross demonstrates her versatility as an artist. The album's standout tracks include the sexy and undulating "Trumpet Man," paying homage to a Renaissance figure, and the delightfully playful "The Don't Stop Just Breathe Ragtime," featuring almost cartoonish instrumentation.

Ross's songwriting prowess shines through in "A Single Source of Truth," which delves into the desire for straightforwardness and authenticity amidst a world of melodrama and fake news. Her soaring voice and evocative lyrics carry a sense of urgency, urging listeners to seek the truth in a sea of misinformation.

The album concludes with the instrumental piece "#ThursdayThoughts," where glittering piano, danceable beats, and groovy guitar reflect a mind brimming with boundless energy and ideas. Through this powerful finale, Ross leaves an indelible impression, showcasing her ability to captivate listeners without uttering a single word.

The Essence of Fiona Ross:

As an artist, Fiona Ross has carved out her own unique space in the contemporary jazz scene, drawing inspiration from Latin jazz, vintage jazz clubs, and a touch of neo-soul. Her distinct style, coupled with her heartfelt ballads, has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted following worldwide.

Beyond her undeniable musical talent, Ross is a trailblazer in the industry. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including Best Jazz Song from the World Songwriting Awards, Outstanding Achievement from the Global Music Awards, and International Female Songwriter of the Year from the International Singer-Songwriters Association. Her contributions to jazz and her role as the founder of the Women in Jazz Media organization have solidified her as a prominent figure in the genre.


"Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists" is an extraordinary addition to Fiona Ross' illustrious discography. With her enchanting vocals, masterful songwriting, and a band that exhibits impeccable chemistry, Ross successfully captures the essence of everyday life. From the depths of introspection to the exuberance of celebration, this album traverses the multifaceted aspects of the human experience.

As we listen to Ross's soul-stirring melodies and immerse ourselves in her profound lyrics, we witness the artistic growth and evolution of a musician who continues to push boundaries. "Thoughts, Conversations, and To-Do Lists" not only

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