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  • Fernando Triff

Rising Star #30

Welcome, fellow travelers of the auditory realm, to the thirtieth installment of our mesmerizing expedition, "Rising Star."

As we embark on this exhilarating voyage, we extend a warm embrace to all who have joined us in our quest for extraordinary musical discoveries.

In this enchanting chapter of our saga, prepare to be swept away by the kaleidoscope of talent that awaits. From the farthest reaches of the globe, a symphony of diverse voices converges, each one a testament to the boundless creativity pulsating within the human spirit.

But "Rising Star 30" is more than just a collection of melodies; it is a testament to the indomitable power of artistry. It is a celebration of the universal language that unites us all – music.

So, brace yourselves for an odyssey that defies convention and embraces innovation at every turn. From the ethereal whispers of love to the resounding crescendos of triumph, prepare to be transported to realms where emotions reign supreme and imagination knows no bounds.

Join us, dear voyagers, as we delve into the depths of creativity and embark on a journey that promises to ignite your senses and redefine your perception of music. The stage is set, the curtain rises – let the symphony begin! 🌟🎵

Introducing: "HeartBeat" by Lisa Goldin

In the ethereal realm where music transcends mere sound, where every note carries the weight of emotion, there exists an artist whose vision is as boundless as the cosmos. Enter Lisa Goldin, a fearless maestro on a mission to touch the very heartbeat of humanity with her latest creation: "HeartBeat."

With whimsical lyricism reminiscent of a schoolgirl's daydreams and a melody that dances like the flutter of a thousand butterflies, "HeartBeat" is a testament to Goldin's unyielding dedication to her craft. As she herself confesses, the song's journey from conception to fruition was a delightful odyssey, filled with laughter and creative fervor.

At its core, "HeartBeat" pulses with the relentless rhythm of love, its tender verses and soaring choruses painting a vivid portrait of euphoria and bliss. From the gentle pizzicatos that mimic the pounding of a lovestruck heart to the celestial harmonies that envelop the listener like a warm embrace, each element of the song is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

But Goldin's musical prowess extends far beyond the confines of "HeartBeat." With a career spanning continents and accolades aplenty, she stands as a shining beacon of artistic excellence in a sea of mediocrity. From London to Ibiza, Dubai to Asia, her performances have captivated audiences far and wide, earning her a devoted following and the opportunity to share the stage with luminaries such as Ed Sheeran and Jessie J.

Yet, despite her meteoric rise to fame, Goldin remains grounded in her roots, channeling her experiences into music that speaks to the soul. Her latest album, "Something I Used To Wear," is a testament to her unwavering commitment to authenticity, its poignant lyrics and infectious melodies resonating with fans around the globe.

As "HeartBeat" makes its debut, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and delight. Let Lisa Goldin's music be the soundtrack to your dreams, the rhythm of your heart, and the melody of your soul. Embrace the magic, and let your heartbeat synchronize with hers. 🌟🎶

Introducing FAÏNN's Cinematic Odyssey: "Cinema Sessions"

Step into the enchanting world of FAÏNN as she unveils her latest musical masterpiece, "Cinema Sessions." This EP, produced by the talented Spencer Broschard, is a captivating journey through some of FAÏNN's favorite songs, reimagined in a mesmerizing cinematic dreamscape.

Featuring iconic tracks such as "Never Give You Up" and "Because The Night," "Cinema Sessions" promises to delight fans with its fresh interpretations and ethereal soundscapes. Each song is a testament to FAÏNN's artistry, showcasing her unique ability to breathe new life into beloved classics.

Last year, FAÏNN made waves with her debut EP, "Force," a project imbued with themes of resilience and self-discovery. Now, with "Cinema Sessions," she continues to push the boundaries of pop music, inviting listeners to embark on a transcendent sonic journey.

Described as a "cinematic pop songstress," FAÏNN hails from the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Tennessee. Her lyricism and vocal prowess have earned her praise from critics and fans alike, solidifying her position as a rising star within the genre.

"This project was so good for my creative brain," FAÏNN shares. "Spencer and I wanted to create something epic and fun, and we had an absolute blast casting a new light on these songs that are already so beloved."

When she's not in the studio, FAÏNN can be found gracing the stages of local venues in and around Nashville. From opening for Sarah Darling at the Bowery Vault to sharing the spotlight with music icons like Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli, FAÏNN's live performances are not to be missed.

So, dear music enthusiasts, prepare to be swept away by the cinematic magic of FAÏNN's "Cinema Sessions." Let her velvety vocals and enchanting melodies transport you to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine, and where the power of music knows no bounds. 🎬🎶

Liv Eli: A Journey from Innocence to Reality in "Goodbye Innocence"

Prepare to embark on a captivating odyssey through the depths of human emotion with Liv Eli's electrifying new song, "Goodbye Innocence." As the first tantalizing glimpse into her upcoming album, "The Struggle For Peace Of Mind," Liv Eli invites listeners to explore the intricate tapestry of life's coincidences and conflicting choices in a quest for inner harmony.

"Goodbye Innocence" is more than just a song; it's a visceral experience that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Drawing on elements of cinematic, electronic, and synth-based pop, Liv Eli weaves a mesmerizing soundscape that pulsates with intensity and raw emotion. Her captivating vocals exude a commanding serenity, enveloping listeners in a world where darkness and light collide.

At the heart of "Goodbye Innocence" lies a compelling storyline that exposes the grave consequences of a life-altering decision. Through poignant lyrics and haunting melodies, Liv Eli delves deep into themes of insecurity, justice, and the relentless pursuit of truth. The result is a powerful composition that challenges preconceived notions and invites introspection.

In crafting "Goodbye Innocence," Liv Eli approached the song as if it were a film, meticulously sculpting each moment to capture the perfect atmosphere. Collaborating with producer Kristoffer Lo, she spared no effort in bringing her vision to life, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking. With anticipation building, Liv Eli eagerly awaits the audience's reaction to her latest creation.

As we eagerly await the release of "The Struggle For Peace Of Mind" later in 2024, "Goodbye Innocence" stands as a testament to Liv Eli's artistry and vision. It's a song that demands to be heard, a journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on all who dare to listen.

So, dear music enthusiasts, prepare to bid farewell to innocence and embrace the brutal reality of Liv Eli's world. The adventure awaits, and the soundtrack is nothing short of extraordinary. 🎶🌟

Unveiling BUKVE: The Melodic Journey of "Gonna Get It"

In the pulsating heart of Bergen, Norway, resides a musical luminary weaving tales of introspection and empathy through vibrant melodies and poignant lyrics. BUKVE, the brainchild of songwriter Sveinung Fossan Bukve, is a testament to the transformative power of music. Steeped in the rich tapestry of indie pop and alternative rock, BUKVE's debut album, poised for release in the vibrant bloom of Spring 2024, promises to be a symphony of emotion and revelation.

Collaborating closely with the prodigious producer and confidant, Stamos Koliousis, BUKVE crafts sonic landscapes that resonate with raw authenticity. Yet, it is the visual narrative interwoven into BUKVE's sonic tapestry that elevates this project to ethereal heights. Drawing inspiration from the timeless artistry of his Great Grandmother, Alfhild Fossan, BUKVE infuses ancestral motifs with the majesty of glaciers, rivers, and mountains, tracing the lineage of his family name to its origins.

The lyrical ethos of BUKVE transcends mere words, delving into the depths of the human experience with unflinching honesty. Each composition serves as a portal into the psyche of its creator, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empathy. With every note and every verse, BUKVE lays bare the complexities of existence, weaving a narrative that is at once deeply personal and universally resonant.

Amidst the cacophony of modern life, BUKVE emerges as a beacon of hope and compassion, his music serving as a reminder of the importance of connection and understanding. His latest single, "Gonna Get It," pulsates with infectious energy, its upbeat rhythm and catchy hooks drawing listeners into its irresistible embrace. Yet, beneath its infectious exterior lies a profound message of empathy and generosity.

In "Gonna Get It," BUKVE implores listeners to look beyond the surface, urging them to extend grace and understanding to those around them. In a world fraught with judgment and division, BUKVE's music serves as a rallying cry for compassion and solidarity, reminding us all of our shared humanity.

As BUKVE prepares to unleash his full album upon the world, anticipation hangs in the air like a tangible presence. With a full band in tow, BUKVE plans to embark on a tour that will undoubtedly captivate audiences around the globe, transporting them to a realm where music transcends boundaries and unites souls in a shared experience of beauty and truth.

In the hallowed halls of indie pop, BUKVE stands as a luminous figure, his music a testament to the enduring power of art to inspire, to heal, and to unite. With each new release, he invites us to join him on a journey of discovery, where melodies dance like sunlight on water, and lyrics resonate with the echo of our own deepest truths. And in the end, as the final notes fade into silence, we are left with the profound realization that, indeed, we are all in this together, striving to find our place in the symphony of life.

 Exploring the Soulful Depths of SAASZ's "Perfect Machine"

In the enchanting realm of independent music, where creativity knows no bounds, emerges a captivating new voice: SAASZ. With her latest single, "Perfect Machine," this multifaceted artist invites listeners on an emotional journey through the labyrinth of the human experience.

SAASZ, a one-woman powerhouse hailing from the UK by way of Brazil, is the mastermind behind every note and every lyric of "Perfect Machine." As an independent artist, she wears many hats, seamlessly blending elements of dreamy nostalgia with raw vulnerability to craft a sonic landscape that is as haunting as it is beautiful.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Lana Del Rey, Still Corners, and Cigarettes After Sex, SAASZ weaves a tapestry of sound that resonates with timeless elegance and introspective depth. Yet, amidst the ethereal melodies and shimmering synths lies a profound sense of authenticity, as SAASZ lays bare her soul for all to see.

"Perfect Machine" serves as a poignant exploration of what it means to be human in a world that often feels both familiar and alienating. With each haunting refrain and whispered confession, SAASZ invites listeners to delve into the recesses of their own hearts, confronting the internal conflicts and existential questions that define the human condition.

In a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain, SAASZ's music serves as a beacon of light, guiding listeners through the darkness with grace and poise. With "Perfect Machine," she not only invites us to escape into a world of nostalgic reverie but also challenges us to confront the complexities of our own humanity.

So, as you embark on this sonic odyssey with SAASZ, allow yourself to be swept away by the haunting melodies and introspective lyricism of "Perfect Machine." For in the depths of her music, you may just find the inspiration you need to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Exploring the Depths of Yearning: No Lonesome's "Cool Waters"

In the heart of Chicago's bustling music scene lies a hidden gem: No Lonesome. With their latest single, "Cool Waters," this enigmatic artist delves into new sonic territory, weaving a tale of pained yearning against a backdrop of grainy grooves and haunting melodies.

No Lonesome's music defies easy categorization, blending elements of hi-fi and lo-fi to create a sound that is at once raw and polished. Drawing inspiration from the foggy nostalgia of gothic folk and the intense presence of pop, this DIY project has carved out a unique niche in the musical landscape.

"Cool Waters" represents a sonic evolution for No Lonesome, pushing the boundaries of their sound while staying true to their roots. The track exudes a sense of longing and melancholy, its haunting melodies lingering in the mind long after the music has faded.

But what truly sets No Lonesome apart is their ability to balance darkness with light, crafting music that is both deeply introspective and effortlessly infectious. From the rowdy energy of their live performances to the intimate vulnerability of their recordings, No Lonesome invites listeners on a journey through the depths of the human experience.

Since their previous EP, No Lonesome has continued to refine their sound, honing their craft while maintaining a playful ease that is uniquely their own. With "Cool Waters," they have struck a delicate balance between introspection and exuberance, creating a track that is as captivating as it is cathartic.

As the haunting strains of "Cool Waters" wash over you, allow yourself to be swept away by the raw emotion and undeniable charm of No Lonesome's music. In a world where the lines between genres are constantly blurred, No Lonesome stands out as a shining example of artistic authenticity and creative innovation.

So, dive into the depths of yearning with No Lonesome and let the cool waters of their music wash over you. You may find yourself transported to a place where darkness and light coexist in perfect harmony, and where the beauty of the human experience is laid bare for all to see.

Perdurabo Unveils the Cosmic Odyssey of "Magnetar"

After a decade in the making, the Italian electronic virtuoso Perdurabo emerges from the sonic depths to present his highly anticipated debut album: "Magnetar." A celestial journey through soundscapes both vast and intimate, "Magnetar" transcends boundaries to deliver a truly immersive musical experience.

At the helm of this sonic odyssey is Davide Arneodo, the mastermind behind the Perdurabo moniker. Drawing upon his classical training and extensive experience in the electronic and rock music spheres, Arneodo has crafted a record that defies easy categorization, blending elements of electronica, rock, and classical influences with effortless finesse.

Collaborating with a cadre of talented musicians and producers, including luminaries such as Jörg Wähner of Apparat and Jochen Arbeit of Einstürzende Neubauten, "Magnetar" is a testament to the power of collaboration and creative synergy. With contributions from vocalists Roman Rappak, Chloe Charles, Daudi Matsiko, and Tom Adams, each track is imbued with a sense of depth and emotion that is both captivating and immersive.

Central to the album's sonic tapestry is the masterful production work of Gareth Jones and the impeccable mastering of Matt Colton, whose expertise lends "Magnetar" a clarity and depth that is truly awe-inspiring. Additionally, New York artist Andy Gilmore has added a visual dimension to the record, curating four distinct covers that reflect the album's cosmic themes and ethereal beauty.

"Magnetar" is more than just an album - it is a cosmic journey through the depths of human emotion and experience. From the pulsating rhythms of "Hopes" to the haunting melodies of "Dark Fire," each track is a testament to Perdurabo's singular vision and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence.

As the final notes of "Magnetar" fade into the ether, listeners are left with a profound sense of wonder and awe. In a world filled with noise and chaos, Perdurabo's music serves as a beacon of light, guiding us through the darkness and reminding us of the beauty that lies within.

So, embark on this cosmic odyssey with Perdurabo and let the waves of "Magnetar" wash over you. For in the depths of its sonic landscape, you may just discover a universe of possibility and wonder waiting to be explored.

Embracing Nostalgia and Beats: LOTTE BMFEE's Collaboration with DJ Herr Wolf on "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)"

In the dynamic world of music collaborations, some partnerships spark magic that transcends boundaries and genres. Such is the case with LOTTE BMFEE and DJ Herr Wolf, whose latest single, "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)," is a testament to the power of combining smooth melodies with pulsating beats.

Following their successful collaboration on "Christmas House" in late 2023, LOTTE BMFEE and DJ Herr Wolf wasted no time in joining forces once again to create a track that is as nostalgic as it is electrifying. "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)" is more than just a song – it's a journey through memories, a celebration of love, and a testament to the enduring power of music.

At its core, "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)" is an exploration of the profound connection between music and memory. With its infectious melody and pulsating 138 BPM rhythm, the track captures the essence of a love that lingers long after the music fades. As LOTTE BMFEE explains, "the memory of a great love is almost always connected with the memory of a very special song." In this case, that song is "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)."

Released in January to eager audiences around the world, "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)" has already garnered attention for its unique blend of emotion and danceability. From the captivating vocals to the irresistible beat, the track invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world where memories and music intertwine.

What sets LOTTE BMFEE and DJ Herr Wolf apart is their ability to seamlessly blend genres and styles, creating music that defies easy categorization. With "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)," they have once again proven their prowess as collaborators, delivering a track that is equal parts heartfelt and exhilarating.

As the music industry continues to evolve, collaborations like LOTTE BMFEE and DJ Herr Wolf serve as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that arise when artists come together to create something truly special. With "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)," they invite listeners to join them on a journey through love, memory, and the timeless power of music.

So, turn up the volume, let the beat take hold, and allow yourself to be swept away by the enchanting sounds of "Remember (Boom Boom Boom)." For in the midst of its infectious rhythm and haunting melody, you may just find yourself transported to a place where love knows no bounds and music reigns supreme.

Unveiling the Cinematic Soundscape of APTØSRS: Exploring "Rust Mountain"

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other as APTØSRS, the new instrumental project from composer and songwriter Paul Terry, unveils its debut single, "Rust Mountain." With cinematic orchestrations, pulsating basslines, and glitchy beats, APTØSRS defies genre conventions to create a truly immersive musical experience.

At the helm of this mesmerizing project is Paul Terry, whose illustrious career as a composer and producer has earned him acclaim and recognition in the music industry. With more than thirty soundtracks under his belt, including the award-winning documentary "Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection," Terry brings a wealth of experience and expertise to APTØSRS.

"Rust Mountain," the epic opening track from APTØSRS's forthcoming album "Elders," serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the project's sonic universe. Mixed by Adam Noble (known for his work with Biffy Clyro, Nothing But Thieves, and Don Broco) and mastered by Grammy Award nominee Robin Schmidt (renowned for his collaborations with Pixies, Royal Blood, and Wolf Alice), "Rust Mountain" is a masterclass in production and sound design.

Drawing inspiration from synthwave, cinematic soundscapes, and elements of rock and downtempo, APTØSRS crafts a sound that is both familiar and otherworldly. With lead bass guitar, haunting piano melodies, and glitchy drum patterns, each track invites listeners to explore new sonic landscapes and unearth hidden emotions.

But perhaps what sets APTØSRS apart is its collaborative spirit and willingness to push the boundaries of conventional music. Terry's previous collaborations with renowned artists such as Anneke van Giersbergen and Love Amongst Ruin (the band led by ex-Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt) attest to his ability to seamlessly blend genres and styles, creating music that is both innovative and captivating.

As "Rust Mountain" reverberates through the airwaves, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of sound and emotion that APTØSRS has crafted. With its evocative melodies and atmospheric textures, this debut single serves as a tantalizing glimpse into a world where music knows no bounds and imagination reigns supreme.

So, let the haunting strains of "Rust Mountain" wash over you, and allow yourself to be swept away by the cinematic soundscape of APTØSRS. For in the depths of its melodies and rhythms, you may just discover a universe of possibility and wonder waiting to be explored.


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