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Weekly Discover #10

Salutations, aficionados of music!

Step into the ninth edition of "Weekly Discover," where we summon you into a realm of electrifying auditory pleasures. This episode pledges a mesmerizing musical odyssey, transcending genre boundaries and submerging you in a vivid tapestry of sonic escapades.

Our mission stands resolute – to fastidiously curate the freshest and most exhilarating tunes, meticulously chosen to compose the soundtrack to your daily escapades. By embarking on this musical expedition with us, you'll wield the liberty to carve your own sonorous trail, unveiling concealed talents, delving into emerging artists, and rediscovering virtuosos you may have previously passed over.

Music, that universal language binding us together, acts as our compass through melodies that stir emotions, rekindle memories, and kindle dreams. Whether enticed by infectious rhythms or ensnared by poetic lyrics, "Weekly Discover" remains your unwavering companion in the expansive realm of music.

Embark on this rhythmic journey where genres seamlessly meld, unveiling the week's most exquisite musical treasures right at your ears. Your harmonious voyage beckons – let the exploration commence, and prepare to be carried away by an insatiable craving for more musical enchantment!

Unleashing Darkness: HOLLY JADE's 'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version)'

Los Angeles-based artist Holly Jade is turning heads with her latest release, 'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version).' Known for her wickedly dark and fast-paced pop tracks, Holly has been making waves in the music scene, garnering attention not only for her unique sound but also for her recent success with the track 'November.' As she gears up for her upcoming EP, let's delve into the mysterious allure of 'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version).'

Holly Jade, the creative force behind this mesmerizing track, has been making her mark in the music industry from the heart of Los Angeles. Not a stranger to success, Holly gained traction with her previous release, 'November,' which captivated audiences in Australia and the United States, earning her a spot on major streaming playlists and an influx of new fans.

'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version)' is not just a solo effort; it's a product of collaboration with the talented producer Cory Barker and Th3rdstream. The combination of Holly's artistic vision and their production prowess has resulted in a track that stands out for its dark intensity and evocative energy.

This dark and fast-paced pop track wasn't just conjured out of thin air. 'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version)' found its roots in the world of television, as it was crafted for and subsequently featured in the NBC Peacock series Vampire Academy. The song's inclusion in the series speaks to its atmospheric and evocative qualities, creating a sonic backdrop that enhances the show's narrative.

Described as wickedly dark, 'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version)' takes listeners on a sonic journey characterized by its fast-paced beats and haunting melodies. Holly Jade's distinctive voice cuts through the music, adding an extra layer of intensity to the overall atmosphere. The track is a testament to Holly's ability to seamlessly blend pop sensibilities with darker undertones.

Holly Jade's 'Ride of Your Life (Royal Blood Version)' is more than just a song; it's an experience. With its roots in the world of television and a sound that captivates from the first note, Holly Jade continues to solidify her place in the music industry. As she prepares to unveil her upcoming EP, one can only imagine the musical gems that await, each promising to be as compelling and unforgettable as the last.

"Cinnamon" by Michael Louis Austin: A Love Song as Sweet as the Spice

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, Michael Louis Austin brings a breath of fresh air with his latest single, "Cinnamon." A down-home, upbeat ode to unconditional love, this track showcases not only Austin's musical prowess but also the heartwarming story behind the lyrics.

"Cinnamon" is more than just a song; it's a testament to the transformative power of love. Born out of Austin's personal experiences, the lyrics narrate his journey from a place of brokenness, planning to go through life alone, to finding unexpected love and companionship. The track encapsulates the idea that everyone has a perfect match, someone with whom life becomes a harmonious melody.

Michael Louis Austin is not alone in bringing "Cinnamon" to life. The band members, including Brandon Kitterman on electric guitar and Thaddeus Corea on bass guitar, percussion, and drums, contribute to the rich, melodic tapestry of the song. The collaboration between Austin, Kitterman, and Corea adds layers of depth to the music.

The journey of "Cinnamon" began in Las Vegas, where Austin met Thaddeus Corea, son of the late jazz musician Chick Corea. The collaboration took shape when Austin expressed his desire to find a producer for a new album, and Corea stepped up to the plate. Later, in Salt Lake City, Austin connected with Brandon Kitterman, of the band Fictionist, adding another layer of musical brilliance to the project.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Tom Petty, Mumford & Sons, and Johnny Cash, Michael Louis Austin's sound is a fusion of timeless folk rock. The track exudes a down-home, folk-inspired vibe, creating a sonic landscape that feels both comforting and invigorating.

Michael Louis Austin's "Cinnamon" is more than a song; it's a love story set to music. With its upbeat rhythm, heartfelt lyrics, and a touch of folk rock magic, this track is a celebration of finding that special someone who makes life sweeter. As the first taste of an upcoming project, "Cinnamon" leaves us eagerly anticipating more musical gems from this talented artist and his band.

"Not Good For Me": One Flew Over's Musical Odyssey through Love's Complexity

In the vibrant landscape of Irish music, the duo "One Flew Over" emerges as a distinctive voice, weaving a tapestry of sound that seamlessly blends vintage R&B, Rock, Pop, and Soul. Their latest release, "Not Good For Me," delves into the intricate emotions of love, exploring the magnetic pull of someone who simultaneously breathes life into your existence and inflicts pain.

"Not Good For Me" unfolds with a vintage R&B heart, setting the stage for a musical journey that transcends genres. The track's rich composition incorporates elements of Rock, Pop, and Soul, creating a unique sonic fusion that mirrors the complexity of the emotions it explores.

The song's magnetic pull begins with a tense opening ambience, drawing listeners into an infectious acoustic groove supported by a rhythmic blend of drums and bass. As the journey intensifies, a relentless vocal performance takes center stage, guiding the narrative through the inner conflict of being captivated by someone both toxic and irresistible.

As the narrative deepens, "Not Good For Me" expands into a dense production, layering strings, guitar, and vocals to create a multifaceted soundscape. The layers of instrumentation mirror the layers of emotion, building a sonic experience that resonates with the complexities of the human heart.

Formed in 2019, One Flew Over is the dynamic duo of Irene Ní Chuinn and Martin Quinn, hailing from Kells, Co. Meath. Their musical journey has been marked by strong melodies, weighty arrangements, and a distinctive sound that draws on influences from Rock, classic Rhythm & Blues, and Soul. Martin Quinn, previously associated with acts like Little Palace, TURN, and Hail The Ghost, brings a wealth of experience to the duo.

One Flew Over's "Not Good For Me" is more than a song; it's a musical odyssey through the complexities of love. With a vintage R&B heart, a dynamic composition, and a dense production that mirrors the intricacies of human emotion, the duo continues to carve a unique niche in the Irish music scene. As their journey unfolds, listeners can anticipate more sonic adventures from One Flew Over, promising to be as emotionally charged and musically captivating as ever.

NXCK Takes the Punk Scene by Storm with "Without Me": A Skateboarder's Anthem

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, one artist is making waves with a sound that harks back to the golden era of punk rock. NXCK, the rising star who left college to pursue his musical dreams, has teamed up with Jupiter Records to revive a sound that has been lost for decades. One of his standout records, "Without Me," not only showcases his talent but also provides a glimpse into the creative process that fuels his unique retro-garage sound.

NXCK's journey into the music scene took a fortuitous turn when he reconnected with high school friend Carson Aday, a connection made during their time on the high school swim team. Recognizing NXCK's massive potential, the team at Jupiter Records saw an opportunity to bring back a sound that resonates with the soul of punk enthusiasts.

Rooted in the punk rock ethos, NXCK draws inspiration from the likes of Green Day and blink-182. Raised on the anthems of the '90s, he has successfully integrated the spirit of punk legends into his music, breathing new life into a genre that craves authenticity.

"Without Me" came to life at Jupiter Studios, a creative hub where Carson Aday and the talented team at Jupiter Records handled the production and mixing. The synergy between artist and production team at this renowned studio resulted in a track that captures the essence of punk's raw energy.

Behind every great song is a story, and "Without Me" is no exception. Inspired by a fleeting encounter with a mysterious girl at a bar, NXCK's emotions fueled the creation of this punk anthem. The moment she slipped away, the idea for the single struck, weaving together a tale of heartache and resilience.

As "Without Me" continues to resonate with punk enthusiasts, NXCK is poised to become a trailblazer in the revival of the punk rock scene. With influences from the legends of the past and a keen eye for the pulse of the present, NXCK's journey is one worth following as he propels punk into a new era.

GEA's Uplifting Anthem "U R U": A Celebration of Individuality and Empowerment

In a world that often demands conformity, GEA, the enchanting art-pop artist and producer, emerges as a beacon of self-expression and individuality. With her latest record, "U R U," she weaves a captivating tale of personal empowerment and celebrates the diversity that makes us beautifully unique. Join us on a journey into the heart of GEA's musical realm, where self-discovery, healing frequencies, and a celebration of tolerance take center stage.

"U R U" unfolds as a powerful narrative, echoing the struggles of an individual who once grappled with insecurities and the relentless pursuit of societal acceptance. The track evolves into an anthem, urging everyone who has felt like a misfit to embrace their inner light, acknowledging their gorgeous, unique, and amazing selves. More than just a song, "U R U" stands as a celebration of tolerance, championing human rights, the LGBTQIA+ movement, and neurodivergent individuals.

Comparisons to legends like Björk and Kate Bush only scratch the surface of GEA's art-pop prowess. Her music serves as a bridge between worlds and dimensions, resonating with the mystic energy of the earth and nature. GEA's creative process is deeply intuitive, channeling powerful and healing frequencies that seek to connect listeners with their inner light, fostering inner peace and happiness.

For GEA, music is more than a career—it's a lifeline. Her transformative journey led her to break free from a toxic relationship and embrace her identity as a full-time artist. Through self-discovery and healing, GEA's music became a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment, inspiring others to embark on their unique paths.

GEA's musical expressions delve into the sacred and spiritual. From honoring the essence of departed loved ones to connecting with the spirits of the earth, her work reflects a profound reverence for the spiritual path. Each note and sound emanates GEA's unique essence, creating an immersive experience for her audience.

As GEA continues to evolve as an artist, "U R U" stands as a testament to her commitment to authenticity, tolerance, and celebration of individuality. In a world where conformity often overshadows uniqueness, GEA's music serves as a reminder that embracing one's true self is a powerful and liberating journey. "U R U" invites us to celebrate our light, rise to our own power, and shine brightly, just as we are.

Dave Mohan's Musical Odyssey: Unveiling the Soulful "Somewhere Beyond the Blue"

In the vast realm of music, some artists transcend the boundaries of genre, weaving intricate tapestries of sound that defy categorization. Dave Mohan, primarily a songwriter, composer, and lyricist, embarks on a musical journey that takes us "Somewhere Beyond the Blue." Behind the scenes, Dave collaborates with a diverse array of international musicians, creating a harmonious nexus that elevates his work to new heights.

Dave's musical alchemy is evident in his collaborations with a stellar cast of international talents. From the iconic Abbey Road Studios in the UK, Andy Walter and Simon Gibson lend their expertise to the production. The lineup extends across the globe, featuring musicians such as Carolina De La Muela (Argentina), Lydia Salnikova (USA), Juliet Lyons (USA), Ilia Skibinsky (Russia), and many more. This global collaboration forms the backbone of Dave's musical vision.

While Dave's roots lie in a classical conservatoire background, specializing in the Baroque harpsichord repertoire, his musical exploration knows no bounds. Embracing Louis Armstrong's timeless philosophy that there are only two kinds of music—the "good kind and the other kind"—Dave seamlessly blends folk with fusion, traversing through neo-classical crossover, jazz, soft rock, soul, and beyond. His compositions are a testament to a harmonic inventiveness that defies easy categorization.

Dave's musical narrative extends beyond self-conscious commercial aspirations. His compositions delve into the core of the human experience, addressing themes of loneliness, love, loss, human conflict, homelessness, and social exclusion. With a hopeful outlook, Dave envisions music as a force for positive change—a medium that can heal, challenge, and enrich the soul. In his own words, it's about offering a glimpse of sunshine after the rain, a solace for the soul.

At the heart of this musical journey is "Somewhere Beyond the Blue," a poignant and gentle song that explores themes of loss and longing. Featuring the hauntingly beautiful voice of Carolina de la Muella, the song unfolds with delicate piano accompaniment by Dave, complemented by subtle interweavings of solo cello and upper strings. Masterfully crafted at the legendary Abbey Road Studios by Simon Gibson, the track is an original composition with underlying inspiration drawn from a well-known Bach prelude (BWV 998).

Dave Mohan's musical odyssey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. "Somewhere Beyond the Blue" stands as a testament to his ability to transcend musical conventions, embracing a universal language that speaks to the depths of the human experience. In an ever-evolving landscape, Dave's music invites us to venture beyond the familiar, explore the unknown, and discover the beauty that lies "Somewhere Beyond the Blue."

Unleashing Sonic Mastery: POINT3NINE's "The iLLEST" Takes the Throne

In the dynamic universe of music creation, POINT3NINE emerges as a one-man powerhouse, crafting a sonic experience that defies conventional boundaries. His latest record, "The iLLEST," is a testament to decades of unwavering dedication, drawing influences from a diverse musical palette that spans hip-hop, rock, soul, and funk. Let's dive into the intricacies of POINT3NINE's world, where "The iLLEST" reigns supreme.

POINT3NINE isn't just a moniker; it's the musical identity of a lone virtuoso. Armed with a wealth of experience spanning decades, POINT3NINE is a one-man band, seamlessly blending genres and influences to create a sound that resonates with authenticity and creativity.

At the core of POINT3NINE's musical DNA are the influences that have fueled his creative fire. Drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking Mo Wax Records of the mid-'90s, along with a potent mix of hip-hop, rock, and soul-funk, POINT3NINE's music is a melting pot of sonic innovation.

"The iLLEST" wasn't crafted in a traditional studio; instead, it emerged from the depths of POINT3NINE's home laboratory. As a true solo artist, he took on the roles of composer, producer, and performer, weaving his musical magic without external assistance. The result is an album that bears the raw, unfiltered essence of POINT3NINE's creative process.

"The iLLEST" isn't just an album; it's a sonic journey into the mind of POINT3NINE. The lead track, "Immortality," bursts forth with an unapologetic vigor—undeniably the flyest and gnarliest creation to hit the airwaves. Yet, just as the listener catches their breath, the second cut unveils itself, proving that the intensity is far from over. In the immortal words of the Beastie Boys, POINT3NINE claims his "License To Illlllllllllllllll!"

In a world where musical boundaries are continually pushed, POINT3NINE stands as a beacon of innovation. "The iLLEST" isn't just an album; it's a sonic revelation, a testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when a dedicated artist embraces their unique vision. As POINT3NINE invites listeners to witness his musical prowess, we find ourselves immersed in a world where creativity knows no bounds, and "The iLLEST" reigns supreme. Get ready to embark on a musical journey that transcends expectations, courtesy of POINT3NINE's unparalleled sonic mastery.

D'Z Unleashes the Groove: Unraveling the Magic of "Something New"

From the heart of Rotterdam, a musical maven emerges, breaking barriers and spreading positivity through every beat. Born into a conservative family, Dutch drummer and composer Hans-Peter de Zeeuw, known as d'Z, embarked on a journey that transformed him into a one-man musical phenomenon. His latest record, "Something New," is not just an album; it's an uplifting celebration of life, a vibrant testament to universal themes, and a sonic journey that transcends genres.

D'Z's musical voyage began at the age of nine when he first sat behind a drum kit. The rhythm resonated with him, and he knew he was destined for a life of creating music. Fast forward to 19, and d'Z found himself attending the largest conservatory for pop, jazz, and world music in Europe. Under the guidance of leading musicians in the Netherlands, he thrived and explored the richness of various musical styles.

D'Z's musical palette draws inspiration from legends such as Incognito, Steely Dan, The Brand New Heavies, Tower of Power, and Gino Vannelli. As a sought-after drummer known for his inherent sense of groove, d'Z eventually ventured into composing his own music, giving voice to melodies and positive messages that resonated within him.

Released on December 1st, 2023, "Something New" is a funk-driven musical statement that pays homage to the legendary funk band Tower of Power. D'Z's composition, enriched by the soulful vocals of Ingmar Glerum, invites listeners to re-think, start anew, and celebrate life in the face of challenges.

D'Z's ethos for "Something New" revolves around universal themes. He steers clear of conventional relationship-centric songs, opting instead for uplifting, inspiring, and positive narratives. A notable highlight of the record is a drum feature—a one-time standout moment within the groove. While d'Z doesn't typically favor drum solos, this intentional inclusion adds a unique touch to the album.

D'Z's "Something New" isn't just an album; it's a testament to the power of music to uplift, inspire, and create positive change. As d'Z's drumbeats echo through the vibrant compositions, we're invited to embrace life with renewed enthusiasm. In a world hungry for hope and positivity, "Something New" stands tall, a testament to the transformative power of music crafted with heart and soul. So, hit play, let the groove take over, and celebrate life with d'Z.

Velour Fog Unleashes Sonic Thunder with "Dopehead": The Next Wave of UK Rock

From the outskirts of London, where the city's pulse meets the untamed, emerges a sonic force that's redefining the landscape of British rock—Velour Fog. A four-piece powerhouse, this emerging talent is set to propel the UK into a new era of rock music. With stone-cold riffs, rapid guitar shredding, and a smackdown of beats, Velour Fog serves listeners a sonic feast that demands headbanging for all the right reasons.

Formed in 2020, Velour Fog is a collective of musical virtuosos led by frontman, lead guitarist, and songwriter Jake, aka 'Snakebite.' His fingers dance across the frets like lightning, delivering tasty licks and powerhouse vocals that are nothing short of invigorating. Ali, known as Chainsaw Ali, powers the band's rhythms with an intensity and groove that forms the rock-steady backbone. Marshall, aka 'Herculez,' brings hypnotic stage moves and rhythmic guitar magic to the mix. Completing the lineup is Naois Bonar, aka 'Bone,' whose bass-playing prowess matches his skateboarding skills.

Velour Fog has embarked on a musical journey with legendary rock music producer Nick Tauber, whose illustrious career includes collaborations with Thin Lizzy, UFO, Venom, and Def Leppard. While the band draws inspiration from the greats of the 80s and 90s, Velour Fog is unmistakably imprinting its unique sound on this decade and beyond.

Fresh off the press, Velour Fog recently released their second single, "Dopehead," on October 23, 2023, following the success of their debut, "Black Babylon." Both singles were mastered by the late iconic John Davis at Metropolis, adding an extra layer of prestige to Velour Fog's sonic endeavors. With each chord and beat, Velour Fog embraces Ozzy Osbourne's timeless proclamation, "You can't kill rock 'n' roll; it's here to stay."

Velour Fog isn't just a band; it's an experience—a sonic rollercoaster that catapults audiences into a realm where the raw energy of rock reigns supreme. Their influences may trace back to the golden eras of rock, but Velour Fog is carving out its own destiny, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

As Velour Fog takes the stage, the air resonates with thunderous riffs, electrifying solos, and a pulsating rhythm that captures the very essence of rock's rebellious spirit. With "Dopehead" leading the charge, Velour Fog emerges as the torchbearer of a new wave of British rock, inviting music enthusiasts to join them on a journey where the roar of guitars and the pounding of drums are the anthems that echo through the ages. In the ever-evolving landscape of rock, Velour Fog stands tall, ready to usher in a new era of sonic brilliance. Keep your ears attuned—the revolution has just begun.

Peppermint Moon's "Pocket Dial Tears": A Sonic Tapestry of Narratives

In the realm of musical ingenuity, where storytelling transcends boundaries, emerges Peppermint Moon—a one-person recording project led by the versatile and seasoned musician Colin Schlitt. His latest creation, "Pocket Dial Tears," unveils a melodic odyssey, inviting listeners into a world where each track is a narrative gem. Let's delve into the sonic tapestry that is "Pocket Dial Tears" and explore the multifaceted artistry of Colin Schlitt.

Colin Schlitt, a stalwart of the SF Bay Area/LA music scene, dons multiple hats as the mastermind behind Peppermint Moon. Beyond being the creative force, Colin also lends his musical prowess to the band El Radio Fantastique, where he plays bass and contributes vocals. His journey in music traces back to his earliest memories of wearing out his parents' copy of "Revolver" by The Beatles on a toy record player—an early testament to his deep-rooted connection with the art form.

"Pocket Dial Tears" emerges as the latest magnum opus from Peppermint Moon. Written, performed, and produced entirely by Colin Schlitt, the album is a testament to his solo artistry. The thematic landscape of the songs is as diverse as the human experience, spanning from crime mystery novellas to the complexities of identity discovery. Each track on the album serves as a musical vignette, capturing the nuances of life with an authenticity that resonates deeply.

The intriguing title, "Pocket Dial Tears," is a phrase that encapsulates the unexpected consequences of a seemingly innocuous butt-dial. It also cleverly rhymes with "crocodile tears," adding a poetic layer to the album's conceptual depth. As Colin Schlitt guides listeners through this auditory expedition, the record unfolds as a unique and special creation—a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship invested in every note and lyric.

Colin Schlitt wears his heart on his sleeve, pouring his experiences and observations into the musical canvas of "Pocket Dial Tears." From navigating frenemies and toxic cable news to delving into the enigma of personal identity, the album offers a rich exploration of the human condition. Drawing inspiration from a range of influences, Colin seamlessly weaves together a sonic tapestry that feels both familiar and refreshingly novel.

As "Pocket Dial Tears" resonates through the airwaves, it invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and storytelling. Colin Schlitt's musical prowess shines through, creating an album that demands attention and appreciation. "Pocket Dial Tears" stands as a testament to the enduring power of a singular artistic vision—a vision that captures the essence of life's myriad stories in each chord and lyric. In the vast landscape of music, Peppermint Moon's latest offering is a shining star, beckoning all who appreciate authenticity and musical storytelling.


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