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Weekly Discover #6

Hey there, music lovers! We are excited to present to you the sixth edition of "Weekly Discover" - a musical journey that celebrates the diverse universe of sound while breaking barriers.

Our goal is to provide you with the freshest and most thrilling tunes to serve as the perfect soundtrack for your daily life. In this journey, you have the power to tailor your own experience and discover new and upcoming artists, hidden gems, and virtuosos that you might've missed.

Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone, and together, we will explore the melodies that stir emotions, memories, and dreams. Whether you're into infectious rhythms or poetic lyrics, "Weekly Discover" is your reliable source in the vast world of music.

Join us on this rhythmic adventure where different genres blend seamlessly, and the best music of the week unravels before your ears.

Let's get started!

Nastee Chapel's "Lost & Found": A Journey Through Music, History, and Self-Discovery

Join us as we embark on a captivating journey through time and sound with Nastee Chapel, a musical duo whose latest record, "Lost & Found," is a testament to the power of music and storytelling. Let's delve into their enchanting world and explore the depths of their creativity.

Nastee Chapel is composed of two talented individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills and a shared passion for music. NatalieGrace, with her enchanting vocals and mastery of the flute and mandolin, complements Steve's dynamic presence, as he lends his vocals and prowess on the guitar and banjo. Their harmonious partnership blossomed in 2015 when they crossed paths while pursuing their musical studies in London. Having originally immersed themselves in the energetic world of rock and metal, they later transitioned to a more acoustic sound after relocating to a 16th-century cottage nestled by an ancient forest.

In 2019, Nastee Chapel was born, and their musical voyage took off. They had grand plans for the summer of 2020, but as with so much of the world, those plans were disrupted. In response, the duo explored new avenues, including livestreaming from their home and taking to the streets to share their music through busking. Today, Nastee Chapel is an ever-evolving and diverse entity, crafting music that resonates across generations.

Nastee Chapel's music is a beautiful blend of diverse influences. NatalieGrace's background in classical music, choral singing, and opera, with a deep appreciation for artists like Arvo Pärt and John Tavener, provides the foundation for her expressive vocals. Steve's guitar virtuosity, inspired by legends like Steve Vai, is further enriched by his passion for music arrangement and sound engineering.

Nastee Chapel has already left an indelible mark on the music scene with their captivating performances. They've supported notable acts like The Trials of Cato and Merry Hell and graced the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in support of arts charity Talitha Arts. Their music has also found a home on the airwaves, with frequent plays on BBC Radio Shropshire, courtesy of Genevieve Tudor.

The latest jewel in Nastee Chapel's musical crown is their album, "Lost & Found." This immersive experience is a journey to discover the self, told through the lens of history and human emotion. The album cover features a labyrinth, a symbol of a safe and introspective journey with no wrong turns.

The album's opening track, "Old Wind," invites listeners to reconnect with our ancient past and the world of nature. Subsequent songs like "Rivers Run Dry" and "50 Soldiers" delve into the impact of war and the essential connection between freedom and life. "Lost & Found" is not just an album; it's a profound exploration of the human experience through the medium of music. So, step into the world of Nastee Chapel, and let "Lost & Found" guide you on an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery through the echoes of history and the magic of music.

Father-Son Duo James & Paul Rock On with "Dead or Alive"

Music knows no boundaries, and sometimes the most beautiful melodies are created in the most unexpected places. One such remarkable duo, James & Paul, comprising father James Brown and son Paul Brown, have combined their musical influences to craft a unique sound that's taking the music scene by storm. Their latest single, "Dead or Alive," is a testament to their boundless creativity and musical synergy. Let's dive into their world and explore the magic they've conjured.

Their latest single, "Dead or Alive," is a thrilling fusion of rock and catchiness. While the song initially started as a slow melodic piece, the duo decided to infuse it with a rockier, upbeat vibe reminiscent of bands like Green Day and Blink-182. The result is a track that's not just alive but brimming with energy.

The song came to life at Blast Studios in Newcastle, with a massive shout-out to engineer and producer Ollie for his invaluable contribution to the single's production. It's often the behind-the-scenes talents like Ollie who help transform raw ideas into polished musical gems.

"Dead or Alive" is a song that grapples with the inevitable passage of time. It's a theme that resonates with everyone as we all navigate the journey of aging. With its catchy rhythm and thought-provoking lyrics, it's a track that's sure to stay with you long after you've listened.

While the music of James & Paul is extraordinary, it's worth noting an interesting tidbit about James. Despite running his own gym and excelling as a personal trainer, he remains unassuming and camera-shy, even though his physique resembles that of a bodybuilder. His focus remains steadfast on their music, and it's his humility that makes their journey all the more inspiring.

James & Paul are a testament to the enduring power of music. Their father-son partnership, blended influences, and inspiring resilience are the building blocks of their ever-evolving journey. As they continue to impress with each release, the future holds even greater promise for this remarkable duo. Their latest single, "Dead or Alive," is a shining example of their boundless creativity, and it deserves to be heard by music enthusiasts far and wide.

Will Sims: Unleashing Raw Emotion Through "You Have a Voice, Use It"

In the world of music, few artists dare to bare their souls as genuinely as Will Sims does in his latest release, "You Have a Voice, Use It." This powerful album is a collection of songs that encapsulate raw emotions, ranging from anger and regret to acceptance and personal growth. It's an unfiltered expression of Will Sims' inner world, and it's a record that's bound to resonate with anyone who has ever navigated the turbulent waters of life.

"You Have a Voice, Use It" is more than just an album; it's a heartfelt journey through the emotional landscapes that define us as human beings. With every note and lyric, Will Sims delves into the depths of his feelings, drawing from his well of experiences and perspectives.

The album features an eclectic mix of musical styles, showcasing some of the heaviest rock songs and heartwarming ballads Will Sims has ever penned. Recorded at Seventh Wave Records in Palmyra, PA, and expertly mixed and mastered at The Deep End Studio in Middle River, MD, the tracks on this album are a testament to musical craftsmanship and sonic finesse.

Will Sims is a Baltimore-based singer and songwriter with over a decade of experience in the local music scene. His music defies easy categorization, drawing from a blend of rock, alternative, and pop influences. It's this diverse musical palette that allows him to craft a range of songs, from heartwarming ballads to energizing anthems that can fill stadiums.

His songwriting delves into universal themes, exploring romantic and social relationships, the challenges of our modern society, and delivering uplifting and hopeful tunes. Will Sims' music has found a home on radio stations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, as well as on numerous online radio stations and podcasts. He has graced stages in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas, with appearances at local festivals and events, alongside opening for national acts such as Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, Like a Storm, and many more.

This album is a testament to the power of music to connect, inspire, and heal. Will Sims has poured his heart and soul into "You Have a Voice, Use It," and it deserves to be heard. It's an emotional rollercoaster, a musical odyssey, and a reminder that we all have a voice to use – a voice that resonates with the profound emotions of life itself.

Autorub: The Rock Band with a Political Twist

New York-based rock band Autorub is making waves with their unique blend of modern and classic rock sounds, paired with sharp, sarcastic political humor. Their music is polished yet raw, commercial-friendly yet rebellious. With an extensive musical background and a passion for crafting substantive lyrics, Autorub's latest release, the mini concept EP "Women of the Right," is turning heads in the music industry.

The brainchild behind Autorub is multi-instrumentalist Michael Corn. Corn, a former member of the post-grunge band 'Sammy' (signed to Geffen Records) and the critically acclaimed 'Heydevils,' is no stranger to the music scene. In addition to his contributions to the rock world, Corn has also composed music for popular TV shows like "Pawn Stars," "Wahlburgers," and "Duck Dynasty." His vast experience shines through in Autorub's compositions.

"Women of the Right," the mini concept EP released on 7/21/23, showcases Autorub's signature blend of infectious melodies and grooves. The band takes a creative approach, focusing their lyrical content on election denier Kari Lake, who has taken the bold step of blocking Autorub on Twitter. Their songs also explore America's fascination with guns, particularly among certain women who proudly bear arms.

The music of Autorub is a hybrid of hard-driving modern and classic rock, seamlessly blending decades of rock influences. You can detect hints of Weezer, Foo Fighters, and Green Day intertwined with the classics such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Police, The Cars, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath. The result is a sound that captivates from the very first beat and refuses to let go.

"Women of the Right," much like Autorub's previous releases, boasts clever songwriting, masterful production, and polished performances. In just six minutes, the EP takes listeners on an exciting musical journey, offering a taste of what Autorub has in store.

Autorub is gaining attention for their irresistible and familiar yet fresh rock music. With their tracks already in rotation on various indie, internet, and college radio stations, as well as garnering positive press reviews, Autorub is poised for a remarkable musical journey. They're ready to take their music as far as it can go and are seeking the support of music enthusiasts along the way.

If you're in the mood for rock music that's both entertaining and thought-provoking, Autorub is a band to watch. Keep an eye out for their catchy tracks and political humor as they continue to make waves in the world of rock.

Matyascorvinus: A Musical Journey from Darkness to Light

Matyascorvinus has a knack for creating music that dives deep into the well of human emotions, often exploring the hardships of life, Gothic imagery, and more. "Across The Acheron" is no exception. It was born out of a severe burnout that brought Matyascorvinus' life to a screeching halt. This EP's creation was no walk in the park; it took immense effort to put it all together. From songwriting to recording and mixing, every step was a journey in itself. It's a testament to resilience, a tale of human recovery.

One of the remarkable facets of Matyascorvinus' music is its ability to tell a story. "Across The Acheron" draws inspiration from the first-ever expedition to Antarctica in 1897, the voyage of Belgica. This was a voyage marked by extreme bravery, yet tinged with sheer madness. The era of sail ships and early polar expeditions has a unique allure, blending horror and hardship, making it the perfect backdrop for a musical journey.

"At the Acheron" serves as an allegory for life's end, a reminder of the limits we all face. It echoes the sentiment of "memento mori," a reminder of our mortality. However, this is not necessarily a negative theme. The EP is a story of recovery, a celebration of life despite its impermanence. Just as the Belgica's journey was completed despite significant human suffering and loss, "Across The Acheron" is Matyascorvinus' journey from darkness to light.

Matyascorvinus' musical journey began with a ukulele around six years ago. An article sparked Matyas' interest in this unique instrument, leading to the acquisition of his first ukulele. What followed was an exploration of the ukulele's expressive potential. Matyas experimented, ventured into classical compositions, and even delved into Bach's music. Despite having studied classical guitar almost two decades prior and forgotten all about notes and sheet music, his passion for fingerstyle guitar prevailed. Over time, the ukulele began to feel limiting, leading Matyas to transition to the guitar.

Matyas' music is crafted without the confines of traditional music theory. He follows his intuition, seeking the beauty, serenity, and simplicity within his compositions. His music reflects the splendor of nature and its undeniable greatness. Yet, it also holds a certain darkness, akin to themes found in death metal or Gothic imagery. His influences hail from a world darker than the traditional greats like Tarrega and Segovia.

With "Across The Acheron," Matyascorvinus invites us to explore the intricate tapestry of human emotions, a journey that delves deep into the well of life's experiences. It's a musical narrative that speaks to our inner struggles and triumphs, a reminder to embrace life's fleeting beauty. Matyascorvinus has taken us on a voyage from darkness to light, much like the courageous souls of the Belgica expedition.

Leekayja: Reviving the Nostalgic Vibes with "too catchy, therefore worthless"

In a world where music genres are constantly evolving and blending to create new sounds, Leekayja stands out as a torchbearer of the old-fashioned. His latest work, "too catchy, therefore worthless," takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the '80s and '90s but with a touch of modern influences that breathe new life into the classic vibes. It's a refreshing departure from the dominant Trap, Hip-Hop, and Pop productions of today.

Leekayja's music is a unique fusion of SynthPop and Rock, characterized by a somewhat dark and melancholic atmosphere. The result is a collection of tracks that, despite being a throwback to the past, feel relevant and contemporary. It's a reminder that good music transcends time, and Leekayja certainly makes that point with his latest project.

Hailing from the eternal city of Rome, Leekayja, an Italian guitarist and musician, has quite an interesting musical journey. He began his musical career in 2005, playing with various Italian heavy metal and rock bands. However, his love for music production and the allure of using new technologies to create unique sounds led him to embark on a solo career.

In 2023, Leekayja introduced the world to his Leekaja project, an exploration of the potential of using virtual singers. It's a testament to his versatility and adaptability as an artist. While his earlier musical endeavors may have been steeped in the traditional heavy metal and rock scene, Leekayja's foray into the world of virtual singers and innovative production methods showcases his willingness to evolve with the times and embrace new musical horizons.

"too catchy, therefore worthless" is more than just an album; it's a testament to the timelessness of good music. Leekayja's ability to weave together the sounds of the past with the technology of the present is a nod to the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. It's a reminder that, as music continues to evolve, there's always room for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, provided it's done right.

So, if you're looking for a musical experience that's a little different from the mainstream, "too catchy, therefore worthless" is definitely worth a listen. Leekayja's ability to capture the essence of a bygone era and infuse it with a modern twist is a testament to his musical prowess. It's a journey through time and technology, and it's a journey that's definitely worth taking.


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