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  • Fernando Triff

Charise Sowells - Obsolescent Adolescence

Charise Sowells is a multifaceted award-winning songwriter, director, and producer from St. Paul, Minnesota, with a degree from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and Orange County School of the Arts.

Charise Sowells has recently released her debut album "Obsolescent Adolescence", a robust collection of songs that cover a range of themes from lust and unrequited love to heartbreak and rising up again.

Charise's experience as a multifaceted storyteller shines through in the songwriting and production of the album, which was largely recorded during lockdown.

The instrumentation is diverse and captivating, with influences ranging from 90's rock to trip-hop and female singer-songwriters.

"Morning Breath" serves as a great opening track to Charise Sowells' debut album "Obsolescent Adolescence," featuring a driving guitar riff and powerful vocals that set the tone for the rest of the album's themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

Another highlight of the album is the track "Better Day" which features a quieter beat with a striking guitar and other elements that blend well with the percussion.

I can say that this track does indeed have a mellow and reflective feel, with the guitar providing a gentle and melancholic melody that complements the emotional tone of the lyrics.

It's a well-crafted and poignant closing track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Overall, "Obsolescent Adolescence" is an impressive debut from this talented artist, featuring standout tracks like "Morning Breath", "Bedroom Eyes", and "Better Day".


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