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Rising Star #10

Welcome back, music enthusiasts, to the electrifying world of the 1111CR3W We're thrilled to present the latest edition of our renowned series, "Rising Star," where we delve into the mesmerizing realm of diverse musical genres and spotlight both established sensations and promising newcomers.

Join us as we embark on an unforgettable session, the sensational Rising Star #10, where the stage is set to blaze with a fusion of styles and a constellation of renowned and emerging recording artists.

In this extraordinary session, Rising Star #10, we strive to bridge the gaps between musical genres, blurring the boundaries that often confine creativity. We believe that true artistry transcends labels, and this event promises to be a testament to the power of unity through music.

Prepare to be captivated by a breathtaking lineup of musicians hailing from various corners of the industry. From iconic figures who have shaped the landscape of contemporary music to the freshest faces set to revolutionize the scene, Rising Star #10 is an eclectic celebration of talent, innovation, and boundless creativity.

As you explore the sessions' diverse offerings, you'll be transported on a sonic journey like no other. This session promises to take your musical sensibilities on a rollercoaster ride, leaving you inspired and yearning for more.

But it's not just the seasoned veterans who will grace the stage of Rising Star #10. This session shines a spotlight on rising stars who are poised to claim their rightful place among the industry's luminaries. With their raw talent and unbridled passion, these emerging artists will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

So, mark your calendars and prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable experience. Rising Star #10 is primed to be a celebration of musical diversity, a melting pot of sounds, and a testament to the unifying power of art. Join us as we come together to celebrate the extraordinary talents that inhabit the ever-evolving world of music.

Stay tuned to the 1111CR3W blog as we unveil exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, and highlights, giving you a front-row seat to this groundbreaking session. Brace yourself for an extraordinary collision of genres and a rendezvous with the brightest stars on the musical horizon.

Let the music carry you away, and let the Rising Star #10 session ignite your passion for the boundless possibilities of sound. Together, let's embark on this exhilarating adventure into the heart of the music that moves our souls.

NATHANIEL PAUL - The World We're Living In

In the vast world of music, some artists captivate our attention and leave a lasting impression with their talent and creativity. One such artist is Nathaniel Paul, a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Known for his work as one-half of The Bergamot, Nathaniel Paul has recently ventured into a solo career, and his single "The World We're Living In" is gaining significant recognition. With influences ranging from Tame Impala to Mac DeMarco, Nathaniel Paul's musical style is both unique and captivating.

Nathaniel Paul, born in Michigan City, IN, embarked on his musical journey after relocating to New York City. With a background in classical guitar, Nathaniel brings a distinctive blend of raw talent and refined craftsmanship to his music. As a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, he takes charge of every aspect of his productions, infusing them with cutting vocal dynamics and meticulous instrumental color.

"The World We're Living In" is the follow-up single to Nathaniel's critically acclaimed debut album, "Learning to Listen." This introspective track delves into the state of our current culture and the juxtaposition of various elements in our lives. Nathaniel shot the accompanying music video in the bustling streets of New York City, capturing the essence of his concept. The video serves as a reflection on where our society stands, incorporating diverse visuals to enhance the song's profound lyrics.

Nathaniel Paul's musical journey is an inspiring testament to the power of creativity and self-expression. With his upcoming album and the release of "The World We're Living In," Nathaniel continues to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide. As his music evolves, we can't wait to witness the captivating experiences he will create for us in the future. Keep an eye out for Nathaniel Paul and immerse yourself in his enchanting musical world.


Empty Machines was born from the solo instrumental project of Thomas Crawford, who crafted his music in the comfort of his home studio. Recognizing the potential for something greater, Crawford enlisted the talents of Jodie Helena as the band's vocalist, transforming the project into a full-fledged duo. Embracing a DIY ethos, Empty Machines takes full control of their creative process, writing, recording, and mixing their music in their home studio. This approach allows them to maintain artistic integrity and deliver a sound that is uniquely their own.

Empty Machines' music defies easy categorization, blending elements of alternative, electronic, and ambient genres. The result is a cinematic wall of sound that immerses listeners in a sonic journey. Their ability to seamlessly fuse different styles creates an otherworldly atmosphere, transporting listeners to new dimensions of musical expression. With each track, Empty Machines pushes boundaries, offering a fresh take on contemporary music.

Empty Machines' debut single, "Luna," is set to be released on June 30th. This eagerly anticipated track serves as a compelling introduction to their unique sound. "Luna" offers a glimpse into the sonic landscape that Empty Machines is poised to explore further. With ethereal vocals, haunting melodies, and intricate layers of sound, the track showcases the duo's ability to create an immersive and evocative musical experience.

While Empty Machines may be new to the scene, their dedication to crafting a distinct sound sets them on a promising path. With complete control over their creative process, they have the freedom to experiment and evolve their musical vision. As they continue to develop their repertoire and gain momentum, audiences can expect to be captivated by the sonic landscapes that Empty Machines will continue to create.

Empty Machines, the Glasgow duo, are ready to make their mark with their debut single, "Luna." Embracing a DIY approach and crafting a sound that defies traditional genre labels, they create cinematic and immersive soundscapes that captivate listeners. As they venture into uncharted musical territories, Empty Machines is set to carve out a unique space within the industry. Keep an eye on this promising duo as they embark on their musical journey and continue to captivate with their sonic artistry.


Wagner the Band, formed in 2019, immediately earned a name for themselves in the Austrian music industry with their bold lyrics and explosive sound. Rainer Wagner on vocals and guitar, Gregor Huber on keyboards and vocals, Michael Fink on guitar, Max Legat on drums, and Nicolas Fischer on bass make up the band. Their debut album, "Awkward Hearts," which was released in 2019, received critical praise and was well-received by fans.

"XTC" serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Wagner the Band's second studio album, which is set to be released later this year. Building on their growing fan base and reputation within the Austrian music scene, the band continues to captivate audiences with their energetic performances and thought-provoking lyrics. Fans eagerly await the release of the new album, as "XTC" promises to take them on an emotional journey through Wagner the Band's unique musical landscape.

"XTC" is a deeply personal song for Wagner the Band, drawing inspiration from real-life experiences. It narrates the tale of a drug addict who finds himself entangled in a captivating world where the drug assumes the role of a seductive lover. However, as the addict comes to grips with the destructive nature of this love-hate relationship, he embarks on a desperate quest for liberation and redemption.

Wagner the Band showcases their remarkable ability to seamlessly blend genres in the captivating track, "XTC." Their music encompasses elements of funk, rock, and pop, resulting in a groovy and soulful sound that sets them apart from the crowd. Influenced by the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, and David Bowie, the band brings a unique musical flavor to their compositions, ensuring a distinct and unforgettable listening experience.

With their forthcoming release, "XTC," Wagner the Band showcases their musical prowess and emotional depth. The band's ability to tackle subjects like addiction with sincerity and vulnerability sets them apart in the music industry. As they continue to forge their path, Wagner the Band's fusion of funk, rock, and pop will undoubtedly captivate audiences worldwide. Keep an eye out for their upcoming album, as they solidify their place as a formidable force in the Austrian music scene and beyond.

MIDNITE GOSSIP - Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]

Indie-pop duo Midnite Gossip is set to ignite the music scene with their latest release, "Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]." Combining elements of alternative and synth-pop, this mesmerizing remix takes listeners on a sonic journey into a late-night realm. Produced by band member Mickey Valenz, the track infuses an ethereal, industrial, dark synth wave sound with a driving rhythm, creating an atmospheric experience that is both captivating and immersive.

Inspired by cinematic elements from iconic films like "Drive" and "Blade Runner," as well as the immersive world of the video game "Cyberpunk 2077," Midnite Gossip's "Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]" transports listeners into a realm of shadows and neon-lit streets. The remix weaves together layers of ethereal melodies and pulsating beats, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that is both evocative and mysterious. The dark synth wave elements add a touch of nostalgia while maintaining a modern, cutting-edge sound.

At the heart of the remix lies a driving rhythm that propels the song forward, creating an irresistible energy that pulses through every beat. The prominent bass line adds depth and intensity, anchoring the track and guiding listeners through the sonic landscape. The synergy between the rhythm and bass ensures that "Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]" is not only an immersive experience but also a dancefloor anthem that will keep bodies moving and hearts racing.

Midnite Gossip's ability to seamlessly blend genres is a testament to their versatility as artists. With "Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]," they showcase their willingness to explore new sonic territories while staying true to their alternative synth-pop roots. By incorporating elements of the 90s industrial and dark synth wave genres, they create a unique fusion that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. This commitment to crafting evocative music that pushes boundaries is what sets Midnite Gossip apart in the indie-pop landscape.

With the release of "Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]," Midnite Gossip invites listeners to immerse themselves in a late-night world of ethereal melodies, driving rhythms, and dark synth wave nostalgia. This remix showcases the duo's versatility and commitment to crafting evocative music that pushes boundaries. As the nightfall descends, let Midnite Gossip be your guide into a sonic realm where shadows dance and streetlights flicker. Get ready to lose yourself in the captivating soundscape of "Streetlights [Mickey Valenz Remix]."


Dirty Slippers, the indie pop/rock band hailing from Gyula, Hungary, has been making a name for themselves on the international music scene with their latest single, "Honest Kid." This English-language track, recorded at the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, showcases the band's talent and marks a significant milestone in their career.

The song is an emotional reflection on the passage of time and the innocence of childhood. "Honest Kid" tells the story of a middle-aged man looking back on his youth, a time when life was simple and the world seemed peaceful. It's a sentiment that many listeners can relate to, especially in today's turbulent times filled with the challenges of a global lockdown and ongoing conflicts.

To accompany their heartfelt song, Dirty Slippers has released a captivating music video shot in the legendary castle of Sarvar City in Hungary. The picturesque location provides a stunning backdrop that complements the emotional depth of the track. By combining their musical talent with visual storytelling, Dirty Slippers has created a multi-dimensional experience for their fans.

"Honest Kid" serves as the first single from Dirty Slippers' highly anticipated upcoming album. The band plans to return to Abbey Road Studios later this year to record the full album, which will be released not only in their homeland but also in the UK and throughout Europe. This ambitious endeavor showcases the band's determination to expand their reach and share their music with a wider audience.

Not content with conquering their home country, Dirty Slippers has taken their energetic live performances across Europe, playing over 1000 shows in eight different countries. Their music resonates with fans from Germany to Croatia, and their infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics have garnered them a dedicated following.

Keep an eye out for Dirty Slippers as they make their mark on the global stage, and be sure to listen to their latest single, "Honest Kid," to experience the heartfelt sound that has captivated fans both in Hungary and beyond.

MR - My Getaway

Meet MR, the experimental pop-disco duo consisting of singer-songwriters Maxwell Pollock and Robert Rosado. Hailing from the US Tristate region, MR combines the nostalgic dance grooves of the 70s and 80s with robust, modern-day production and melody. Their latest single, "My Getaway," is a vibrant electronic-pop track that transports listeners to a lush, tropical holiday through its upbeat and infectious sound.

Maxwell Pollock and Robert Rosado, longtime friends, and singer-songwriters, form the creative force behind MR. Their collaboration as MR began during the height of the lockdown when they decided to join forces remotely and create music together. Drawing inspiration from their shared affection for the 80s and 90s pastiches, Maxwell and Robert bring a unique blend of influences to their music, resulting in an innovative and exciting sound.

MR's music seamlessly blends the dance hallmarks of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with contemporary production techniques. The duo's ability to incorporate nostalgic elements while infusing modern-day melodies and production creates a distinct sonic experience. With a dexterous approach to songwriting, MR captivates listeners with their experimental pop-disco fusion, offering a refreshing take on the genre.

"My Getaway" serves as the duo's third single, showcasing MR's ability to create infectious electro-pop tracks. The song takes on an upbeat and vibrant tone, equating one's partner to a lush, tropical holiday. With its catchy hooks, pulsating beats, and dynamic vocal performances, "My Getaway" immerses listeners in a world of excitement and escape. The track perfectly captures the essence of MR's sound and showcases their prowess in crafting captivating pop compositions.

MR's music is a nostalgic journey that combines the dance grooves of the past with the innovation of the present. With their latest single, "My Getaway," the duo invites listeners to escape into a tropical paradise through their infectious electro-pop sound. Maxwell Pollock and Robert Rosado's collaborative efforts as MR offer a fresh and exciting take on the genre, leaving listeners eager to see what sonic adventures they will embark upon next.

KYOTI - Dance Like Everybody's Watching

KYOTI is a dynamic trio consisting of Ed Burgon on vocals, David Mabbott on keys, and Benji Huntrods on drums and production. Originally hailing from Newcastle and now based in London, the band creates pop music with a purpose, delivering powerful messages through their eclectic sound.

Snarky Puppy, a jazz group, modern singer-songwriters like John Grant, and electronic music producers like SOHN and Bonobo are just a few of the musicians that have influenced KYOTI. Their music has been compared to the pop sensibilities of the Pet Shop Boys, the vivacious energy of Hot Chip, and the inventiveness of Alt-J.

At the forefront of KYOTI's discography is their latest single, "Dance Like Everybody's Watching." This infectious track is a disco celebration for introverts who may not typically enjoy nights out. It tells the story of a couple who reluctantly heads out to a dance party but ends up reveling in the freedom of dancing without a care in the world. "Dance Like Everybody's Watching" also touches upon the heightened social anxiety experienced by many after the challenges of the lockdown, encouraging listeners to embrace the joy of being out and about once again.

KYOTI teamed up with Mercury Nominated Producer Shuta Shinoda to bring "Dance Like Everybody's Watching" to life. The track features raw vocal takes, tape-recorded drums, and Alexis Taylor's from Hot Chip vintage Rhodes piano, capturing the essence of KYOTI's energetic live performances on record. This collaboration allowed the band to infuse their disco anthem with the infectious energy and authenticity that fans have come to expect.

KYOTI's "Dance Like Everybody's Watching" showcases the band's ability to create pop music with substance. By infusing disco elements and powerful messages into their sound, they create a unique and captivating musical experience. As KYOTI continues to explore new musical territories and share their authentic voice, they are sure to leave an indelible mark on the pop music landscape.

DYLAN M KIDD - neuroplastic

In the bustling music scene of Los Angeles, a talented artist by the name of Dylan M Kidd has emerged, captivating listeners with his eclectic sound and introspective lyrics. His latest EP, 'neuroplastic,' is a seven-track masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of genre, blending elements of pop, R&B, electronic, and folk. Recorded, mixed, and produced entirely in Dylan's bedroom studio, this project showcases his versatility and creative vision. In this blog post, we delve into the captivating world of 'neuroplastic' and explore the musical prowess of Dylan M Kidd.

'neuroplastic' is a dynamic EP that takes listeners on a sonic journey through various musical landscapes. Dylan's luscious, acoustic-driven production immerses us in a nostalgic-yet-progressive ambiance. The project seamlessly transitions from funky, quirky rhythmic pop to stripped-down acoustic ballads, demonstrating Dylan's ability to explore different musical styles and create a cohesive body of work. Drawing inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Bibio, Tame Impala, and Frank Ocean, Dylan M Kidd offers a unique fusion of sounds that captivate and intrigue.

Lyrically, 'neuroplastic' delves into themes of indecisiveness and the concept of neuroplasticity, which can work to a creative's disadvantage. Dylan's introspective approach and thoughtful songwriting provide a first-person narrative that resonates with listeners. Through his honest and vulnerable lyrics, he invites us to reflect on our own journeys and the ways in which our minds adapt and evolve. 'neuroplastic' serves as a reminder that growth and self-discovery often come with challenges and the need to navigate our ever-changing thoughts.

One of the standout tracks on 'neuroplastic' is the leading single, 'zoom out,' featuring a guest verse from Naji, a long-time SoundCloud friend of Dylan's. This collaboration adds another layer of depth to the EP, showcasing the power of artistic connections and mutual inspiration. 'zoom out' encapsulates the essence of the project and serves as a gateway to the mesmerizing musical world of Dylan M Kidd.

Dylan M Kidd's 'neuroplastic' EP is a testament to his artistic growth and undeniable talent. By blending genres and exploring introspective themes, he creates a listening experience that is both immersive and thought-provoking. As Dylan continues to evolve and experiment with his craft, we can expect to see him rise as a prominent figure in the music industry. Keep an eye out for this emerging artist, as his unique blend of musical styles and heartfelt storytelling will surely leave a lasting impact.

ATARI PILOT - I Took A Photo

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to "Train Of Life," Atari Pilot is poised to capture hearts once again with "I Took A Photo." The band's unique blend of indie rock resonates with listeners, as they deliver music that is both relatable and emotionally charged. With their distinct sound and genuine approach to songwriting, Atari Pilot has successfully carved out a place for themselves in the industry.

Atari Pilot's return to the music scene has been met with enthusiasm from both critics and fans alike. With their unique sound and heartfelt approach, they have garnered significant airplay on independent radio stations in Europe and Canada. The band's ability to tap into the emotions of their listeners and create a connection through their music sets them on a path to continued success.

"I Took A Photo" takes listeners on an introspective journey, delving into the fragile balance that exists within relationships. The song revolves around two individuals at a crossroads, desperately searching for each other in hopes of finding a resolution. It encapsulates those uncertain moments where the future hangs in the balance, emphasizing the importance of understanding and connection.

The evocative lyrics of "I Took A Photo" were born out of a writing session where Onze, the lead vocalist, captured the essence of a story waiting to be told. The lines "Sometimes, some people, they don't wanna be found, I took a photo and I showed it round" encapsulate the essence of the song's narrative. Atari Pilot's music aims to be a soundtrack to life's moments, and "I Took A Photo" tells a story that is both personal and universally resonant.

Atari Pilot's latest single, "I Took A Photo," showcases the band's ability to craft emotionally charged music that resonates with listeners. Through heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, they explore the delicate balance within relationships, capturing moments of uncertainty and the desire for resolution. With their distinctive sound and genuine storytelling, Atari Pilot is solidifying their place in the indie rock scene, and we can expect to hear more captivating music from this talented group in the future.


In a world where music often gets entangled in commercialism and trends, there are still those who stay true to the essence of creating pure music driven by passion and love. The Happy Curmudgeons, a remarkable group of musicians, embody this commitment, channeling their songwriting and musicianship to create heartfelt melodies.

The Happy Curmudgeons came together when Dave Hamilton and Jeff Warner collaborated for a benefit event aimed at raising awareness about the Flint Water Crisis back in 2015. Since then, their musical journey has been fueled by a diverse range of influences. While it's impossible to name them all, artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, and Patsy Cline have played a significant role in shaping their sound.

Among the Happy Curmudgeons' noteworthy repertoire is their song "Rustic Glory." This particular track, recorded in various locations across Michigan, carries a deep sense of remembrance. It serves as a tribute to those who have loved and supported us throughout our lives, playing instrumental roles in shaping who we are today. "Rustic Glory" beautifully encapsulates the profound gratitude we feel towards those individuals, celebrating their stories and the lasting impact they've had on our hearts.

The Happy Curmudgeons have been releasing singles, to compile into their upcoming second album, aptly titled "2nd Chances." This upcoming project promises to be a testament to their musical evolution and dedication to creating authentic and memorable compositions. With each release, the band continues to captivate listeners with their distinctive sound, showcasing their unwavering passion for making music from the heart.

The Happy Curmudgeons' commitment to creating genuine music driven by love and passion sets them apart in an industry often driven by commercialism. Their song "Rustic Glory" serves as a heartfelt tribute, celebrating the influential individuals who have played a significant role in our lives. Keep an ear out for their music and experience the transcendent power of the Happy Curmudgeons' timeless sound to compile.


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