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  • Fernando Triff

Rising Star #35

Updated: May 7

Welcome once more to the captivating realm of "Rising Star," where we extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on an exhilarating journey of musical discovery.

In our tireless endeavor to redefine the boundaries of conventional music, we proudly unveil "Rising Star 35" – not merely a blog post, but a dynamic symphony of innovation and artistry, poised to elevate your auditory senses to unprecedented heights.

Envision an exquisite tapestry of emerging talents converging from every corner of the globe, each wielding their unique sonic brush to paint a masterpiece of melodies that resonate with the essence of human experience. From triumphant tales of overcoming adversity to tender expressions of love and devotion, prepare to embark on a kaleidoscopic voyage through a vast spectrum of emotions.

In this extraordinary showcase, the artists transcend mere performance; they are storytellers, weaving intricate narratives that beckon you to explore the depths of their imagination. Through the universal language of music, they invite you to embark on a transcendent journey, where every note serves as a gateway to boundless creativity.

"Rising Star 35" defies the constraints of genre, embracing diversity as its guiding principle. Here, innovation takes center stage, and unity becomes the common thread that binds us all. Prepare to be captivated as each artist unveils their unique perspective, enriching the tapestry of our collective musical odyssey.

So, are you prepared to embark on this extraordinary adventure?

Join us as we navigate through uncharted musical territories, where talent transcends borders and creativity knows no bounds. The stage is set, the performers are poised, and the symphony is on the cusp of commencement.

Brace yourselves for yet another enchanting experience – "Rising Star 35" eagerly awaits your attentive ears! 🌟🎵

Myah: Crafting Emotional Soundscapes with "everything"

Hailing from the sunny shores of South Florida, Myah emerges onto the music scene with her latest record, "everything," a poignant soft pop/indie love ballad that delves deep into the complexities of relationships and the longing for clarity.

In "everything," Myah navigates the tumultuous waters of love, grappling with the realization that a once-promising relationship is slipping away. The song captures the raw emotions of confusion and heartache, tinged with a glimmer of hope for reconciliation. Myah's soulful vocals and introspective lyrics paint a vivid picture of the inner turmoil experienced when faced with the inevitable changes in a relationship.

Born and raised in South Florida, Myah's musical journey began at a young age, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including alternative rock, pop, and pop-punk. Influenced by iconic bands such as The National, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, and Twenty One Pilots, Myah's sound is a fusion of infectious pop melodies and introspective storytelling.

Storytelling lies at the heart of Myah's music, with lyrics that tap into her own life experiences, infused with a hint of nostalgia. Her ability to craft relatable narratives resonates deeply with listeners, creating a connection that transcends boundaries.

Beyond her music, Myah finds joy in simple pleasures like indulging in a good croissant and skating around town, reflecting her laid-back and authentic approach to life and artistry.

With "everything," Myah invites listeners on a heartfelt journey through the highs and lows of love, offering a glimpse into the universal human experience of longing, loss, and ultimately, hope. As she continues to carve her path in the music industry, Myah's introspective lyrics and soulful melodies are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

TaniA Kyllikki Strikes Gold with Heartfelt Ode to Love in "I Struck Gold With You"

In a world where love often feels fleeting, British independent singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki delivers a stirring hymn to love's fortitude with her latest record, "I Struck Gold With You." With its enchanting fusion of modern pop and soulful R&B, this tender love ballad envelops listeners in an embrace of authenticity and tenderness, offering a beacon of hope in an often tumultuous world.

At the heart of "I Struck Gold With You" lies a story of solace and acceptance, beautifully conveyed through TaniA's emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The soft melodies played on the piano and the calming sound of her voice harmonize to convey the subtle strength and power of love, making this composition perfect for romantic moments and heartfelt reflections.

The song's lyrics, penned by TaniA herself, weave a narrative of unfaltering devotion and deep connection, celebrating the enduring nature of love despite the odds. As the second chorus builds with intensity, listeners are taken on an aural journey through the depths of emotion, guided by TaniA's soulful delivery and heartfelt sincerity.

But perhaps what is most remarkable about "I Struck Gold With You" is the story behind its creation. TaniA wrote, recorded, and shot the music video entirely on her own, using nothing more than a selfie stick and her own creative vision. Despite facing numerous challenges, including her own health struggles, TaniA has remained steadfast in her dedication to her craft, inspiring countless fans around the world with her resilience and determination.

With over one million views on the music video in just one month since its release, "I Struck Gold With You" marks a significant milestone in TaniA's musical journey. Her husband, Rynellton, took to Facebook to praise her strength and tenacity, noting her remarkable ability to accomplish everything she sets her mind to despite her health challenges.

Indeed, TaniA Kyllikki's story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the unwavering strength of the human spirit. Through her music, she continues to inspire others to embrace their true selves and pursue their passions with courage and conviction.

As "I Struck Gold With You" continues to resonate with audiences around the world, TaniA Kyllikki stands as a shining example of the transformative power of love and the indomitable nature of the human heart. So, let her music be a guiding light in your own journey, and may you find solace and inspiration in the heartfelt melodies of TaniA Kyllikki.

 Brett Benowitz : Crafting Empowering Anthems with a Rock 'n' Roll Soul

Brett Benowitz, a rising rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, delivers electrifying performances infused with soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics. Comprised of Philip Chuah on bass, Nic Kubes on drums, and Josh Vasquez on lead guitar, the trio combines their diverse musical influences to create a signature sound that resonates with audiences far and wide.

Their journey began when frontman Brett Benowitz crossed paths with Nic during a photo shoot in LA, where they bonded over their shared love for music. Soon after, Josh joined the band after impressing Brett with his guitar skills during a musical production. Phil completed the lineup after a chance encounter at a friend's birthday party, solidifying the band's chemistry and camaraderie.

Drawing inspiration from rock legends like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The White Stripes, and Led Zeppelin, Brett Benowitz  has quickly made a name for themselves in the LA music scene. Despite being together for only a few months, they have headlined iconic venues such as The Viper Room, Hotel Cafe, The Mint, and Harvard and Stone, garnering a dedicated following along the way.

Beyond their musical prowess, each member brings their own unique experiences to the table. Phil, the bassist, has toured with Charlie Puth and performed with music icons like Stevie Wonder, while Brett has earned recognition as an actor with appearances in Super Bowl commercials and national theatre tours.

Their latest single, "Take Back Your Life," recorded at Jackpot Collective in El Segundo, CA and produced by Jon DeRing, is a powerful anthem urging listeners to break free from the confines of digital addiction and reclaim their power. With gritty vocals, Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar riffs, and thunderous drum beats, the song delivers a message of hope and resilience in turbulent times.

During the recording process, the band faced challenges in finding the perfect guitar part until Josh suggested using a slide, inspired by the iconic sound of Alice In Chains. This creative breakthrough elevated the song to new heights, giving it a signature sound that sets it apart.

In Brett's words, "This song is an empowering message with a badass delivery. It'll rock your world and reawaken something powerful within." With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, Brett Benowitz  is poised to make waves in the rock 'n' roll scene and inspire audiences with their electrifying anthems.

Unveiling Musical Alchemy: The Carrie Armitage Quartet's Debut Album

Embark on a sonic journey like no other with The Carrie Armitage Quartet and their eponymous debut album. Led by the visionary Carrie Armitage herself, this ensemble of top Canadian musicians invites listeners to immerse themselves in a fusion of composition that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres.

Embark on a sonic journey like no other with The Carrie Armitage Quartet and their eponymous debut album. Led by the visionary Carrie Armitage herself, this ensemble of top Canadian musicians invites listeners to immerse themselves in a fusion of composition that pushes the boundaries of conventional genres.

In a musical landscape where experimentation is often overshadowed by familiarity, The Carrie Armitage Quartet emerges as a beacon of innovation. Carrie's journey towards this project was fueled by a desire to reinvent her approach to composition, leading to collaborations with exceptional talents such as Gary Craig on drums and Mitch Starkman on bass.

The album is a testament to the power of collaboration, as each musician brings their unique energy and expertise to the table. From the driving rhythms crafted by Gary Craig to the depth and expansiveness of Mitch Starkman's bass lines, every track is infused with a sense of collective creativity and camaraderie.

But the magic doesn't stop there. The album features contributions from two exceptional guitarists: Brian May and Bob McAlpine. Brian's free-abandon energy ignites the tracks with soaring moments that evoke the spirit of rock, while Bob's precise and thoughtful compositions add a layer of beauty and precision to the mix.

Behind the scenes, the album's final sonic design was crafted by sound wizards Anton Evans and Erman Aydöner, whose meticulous attention to detail ensures that every note resonates with clarity and depth.

From the intricate arrangements to the captivating performances, The Carrie Armitage Quartet's debut album is a testament to the transformative power of music. So, dive in, and let yourself be carried away by the spellbinding sounds of this extraordinary ensemble. As Carrie herself says, "Happy listening always."

Embark on an Ethereal Journey with Thy Veils' "Next Forever"

Prepare to transcend the boundaries of time and space as Romanian art collective Thy Veils unveils their mesmerizing new album, "Next Forever." With a sonic tapestry that defies categorization, Thy Veils invites listeners on an introspective voyage through the depths of consciousness and the mysteries of existence.

"Next Forever" emerges as a captivating auditory odyssey, weaving together elements of ambient, electronic, world music, and experimental sounds into a rich and immersive sonic landscape. Led by visionary Daniel Dorobantu, Thy Veils crafts an album that transcends traditional notions of genre, offering instead a transformative experience that resonates on a profound level.

At the heart of "Next Forever" lies a narrative that explores the eternal present, a realm where time is but a fleeting illusion and existence stretches infinitely before us. Through ten intricately crafted tracks, Thy Veils invites listeners to surrender to the cosmic pulse of the universe and embrace the boundless possibilities of the unknown.

The album's sonic palette is as diverse as it is immersive, with each track offering a unique blend of textures, rhythms, and melodies. From the ethereal atmospheres of "Neoradiant" to the pulsating energy of "Next Forever," Thy Veils demonstrates a mastery of sound that captivates the senses and transports listeners to otherworldly realms.

But "Next Forever" is more than just an auditory experience; it's a philosophical journey that delves into the nature of reality and the human condition. Through their music and imagery, Thy Veils invites listeners to contemplate the deeper dimensions of existence, encouraging introspection and self-discovery.

As listeners embark on this transcendental journey, they are invited to explore the interconnectedness of all things and embrace the infinite possibilities of the universe. With "Next Forever," Thy Veils offers a glimpse into a world where time dissolves and the music becomes a gateway to the eternal present.

So, let go of preconceived notions and surrender to the cosmic vibrations of Thy Veils' "Next Forever." Immerse yourself in a sonic adventure unlike any other and discover the infinite possibilities that lie within. As Daniel Dorobantu and his collective invite you to explore, remember that forever is only the beginning. "Next Forever" awaits, beckoning you to embark on a voyage of discovery that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Are you ready to join Thy Veils on this ethereal journey?

Sam Feinstein Unveils Intoxicating Synth-Rock Ballad "Need Me"

Sam Feinstein, the bassist of synth-pop band The Monitors, ventures into solo territory with his latest release, "Need Me," a brooding synth-rock ballad that captivates with its catchy hooks and atmospheric vibes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Weezer, Eurhythmics, and Talking Heads, Sam delivers a unique blend of sounds that leave listeners craving more.

"Need Me" delves into the dark depths of addiction, offering a haunting portrayal from the perspective of the addiction itself. With atmospheric synthesizers and rock guitar driving the melody, Sam paints a vivid picture of a tumultuous relationship, where love and toxicity intertwine in a delicate dance.

As a solo artist, Sam takes full control of the production process, crafting each song with meticulous detail. He draws on his experience touring nationally with The Graysmiths and sharing stages with the New World Symphony in Miami to infuse his music with depth and authenticity.

While Sam regularly performs with The Monitors in San Jose, California, his solo project allows him to explore new musical avenues and push the boundaries of his creativity. With "Need Me," Sam invites listeners to embark on a sonic journey that is equal parts introspective and exhilarating.

As the Bay Area's synth-pop scene continues to evolve, Sam Feinstein stands at the forefront, weaving captivating tales of love and longing with his infectious melodies and evocative lyrics. With "Need Me," Sam proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of indie music, leaving a lasting impression on listeners far and wide.

Rebirth of Rock: Panther Style Returns with "Dynasty" EP

Chicago's musical landscape is about to experience a seismic shift as Panther Style emerges from a 13-year hiatus with their electrifying EP, "Dynasty." A veteran ensemble boasting members from esteemed acts like Mary Tyler Morphine and Dyslexic Apaches, Panther Style is set to unleash a sonic revolution that's been brewing beneath the surface for far too long.

What awaits listeners within the depths of "Dynasty" is a potent concoction of heavy, danceable rock, infused with influences from rock titans such as The Cult, New Order, and U2. Lead single "Dynasty" serves as the EP's pulsating heartbeat, accompanied by a dystopian music video that's as visually striking as it is thematically resonant. But that's just the beginning.

Panther Style doesn't just pay homage to their influences; they make them their own. A cover of The Cult's "Love Removal Machine" injects new life into a classic, showcasing the band's ability to seamlessly blend homage with innovation. Tracks engineered at Electrical Audio by Greg Norman (known for his work with Nirvana and the Pixies) and mixed by Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist ensure a sonic experience that's nothing short of sublime.

Why should "Dynasty" find a place on your playlist? For starters, Panther Style delivers solid musicianship and irresistibly catchy tunes. Their unique blend of heavy riffs and infectious groove is a testament to their mastery of the craft. Don't just take our word for it — "Dynasty" has garnered critical acclaim from the likes of the Chicago Tribune and Chicagoist, cementing its status as a must-listen for rock enthusiasts everywhere.

But Panther Style is more than just a band; they're a testament to resilience and camaraderie. Formed 19 years ago, the band has weathered the storms of life together — relationships, jobs, and family — emerging stronger and more united than ever. For them, music is not just a passion; it's a testament to the enduring power of friendship and love.

"Dynasty" is more than just an EP; it's a statement of intent. It's a reminder that rock music still has the power to move and inspire, to challenge and provoke. With Panther Style leading the charge, the future of rock looks brighter than ever.

Join Panther Style on their journey as they celebrate the release of "Dynasty" with a live performance at Live Wire Lounge in Chicago on May 11th. Bring your earplugs, and prepare to be swept away by the sonic revolution. The dynasty begins now.

Enter the Borderless Realm of QUENA.K's "HEY DUX": A Fusion of Cultures and Sounds

Prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other as QUENA.K unveils his groundbreaking record, "HEY DUX." Blending the infectious beats of EDM with the melodious pop of the Andean flute Quena, QUENA.K delivers a borderless sound that transcends all barriers of time and genre.

At the helm of this innovative project is Sendai, Japan-based sound creator and Quena player, Isao Kaneko. With "HEY DUX," Kaneko showcases his unique ability to infuse the soul of Asia and Japan into his music, creating a sonic experience that is both captivating and transcendent.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including 90s ambient techno, tribal and world music, J-pop, and Japanese anime culture, QUENA.K crafts a sound that is as eclectic as it is exhilarating. Each track on "HEY DUX" is a testament to Kaneko's boundary-pushing creativity and his dedication to exploring new sonic territories.

Recorded entirely in his private studio, "HEY DUX" is a testament to Kaneko's talent as a solo artist and producer. Each track is meticulously crafted, blending infectious rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, and thought-provoking themes into a cohesive and immersive musical experience.

At its core, "HEY DUX" is about breaking down barriers and celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity. Through his music, QUENA.K invites listeners to embrace the idea that there are no borders in the world or in people, encouraging them to explore new perspectives and embrace the interconnectedness of humanity.

As QUENA.K himself puts it, "'HEY DUX' is more than just an album—it's borderless music for a new era. It's a celebration of unity, diversity, and the power of music to transcend all boundaries. So, dive in, and let the journey begin."

With its infectious beats, soul-stirring melodies, and thought-provoking themes, "HEY DUX" is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners everywhere. So, crank up the volume, let go of your preconceptions, and immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of QUENA.K.

Unleashing Girl Power: Exploring The Gas Widows' "She Starts Fires"

In the pulsating heart of New York City's underground music scene resides a band that refuses to compromise. The Gas Widows, with their unapologetically raw sound, are here to ignite a revolution. At the forefront of their sonic rebellion is their anthem "She Starts Fires," a blistering testament to girl power.

The Gas Widows' music is a sonic cocktail, blending indie rock, alternative vibes, and the gritty essence of punk. Led by the enigmatic J2Dread, a native of Queens with a mind as addled as it is inspired, the band channels influences ranging from the Pixies to the Wu-Tang Clan. Their sound is a sonic assault on the senses, raw and unfiltered, yet strangely melodic.

"She Starts Fires" is a rallying cry for the disaffected and restless souls. It's a track that embodies the spirit of rebellion, perfectly suited for both tearing up the streets on a skateboard and wreaking havoc in a hotel room. But beyond its frenetic energy lies a deeper message — one of empowerment. In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, The Gas Widows champion individuality and strength, particularly in the female experience.

With lyrics that delve into themes of mental illness, heartbreak, addiction, and other gritty aspects of life, The Gas Widows wear their authenticity like a badge of honor. Their music is a mirror reflecting the darker corners of society, unafraid to confront the demons lurking within.

As the anticipation builds for their debut album, slated for release in the summer of 2024, fans of indie rock with a punk edge have much to look forward to. The Gas Widows promise an experience that's as cathartic as it is electrifying, a sonic journey through the underbelly of New York City's streets.

In a world craving authenticity, The Gas Widows emerge as torchbearers of a new wave of punk rock. With "She Starts Fires" leading the charge, they invite listeners to join them in their rebellion, to embrace the chaos, and to celebrate the power of being unapologetically oneself. So, turn up the volume, let the music wash over you, and prepare to set the world ablaze with The Gas Widows.

Ivan Grobenski's "KINK": A Creative Departure into Hip-Hop/Trap

Ivan Grobenski, one of Croatia's most versatile musicians, takes a daring leap into the realm of hip-hop/trap with his latest album, "KINK." Known for his eclectic musical explorations, Grobenski's inspiration stems from continuously evolving his approach to music-making and delving into diverse lyrical and musical narratives.

Following the success of his soulful album "Apocalipstick," which garnered critical acclaim and nominations for prestigious awards, Grobenski embarks on a new sonic journey with "KINK." The album features nine tracks, including the single "Dynamite" and the latest release, "Liberty," accompanied by a captivating lyrics video.

Unlike his previous works, "KINK" represents a significant departure in Grobenski's creative process. Embracing experimentation, Grobenski crafted the album using heavily manipulated samples, while the lyrics were constructed through a cut-and-paste technique, drawing from fragments of social media posts, memes, and short videos. The result is a fascinating blend of sound and text, where words intertwine based on their sonic qualities rather than literal meaning.

In his quest to challenge conventional music-making practices, Grobenski sought to eliminate the guitar and explore the fusion of rapping and singing. Embracing the complexities of hip-hop, Grobenski honed his rap skills, developing a unique flow that seamlessly integrates with his soulful vocals.

Reflecting on the creative process behind "KINK," Grobenski delves into the relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI). By adopting an AI-inspired approach, Grobenski aimed to mimic the fast-learning nature of machines, drawing from existing data to remix and reinterpret musical elements. Through this innovative approach, Grobenski explores the boundaries of human imagination and machine-driven creativity.

"KINK" challenges listeners to rethink traditional notions of music composition and production, inviting them on a sonic journey that blurs the lines between human and machine. Grobenski's bold experimentation and boundary-pushing artistry reaffirm his status as a trailblazing figure in Croatia's music scene.

As "KINK" continues to captivate audiences, Ivan Grobenski solidifies his reputation as a visionary artist unafraid to push the boundaries of musical expression. With each album, Grobenski reaffirms his commitment to artistic evolution, promising future sonic adventures that defy expectations and inspire creativity.


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