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Rising Star #12

Welcome, music enthusiasts and curious souls, to a breathtaking journey through the wondrous world of sound and creativity. Today, we stand on the cusp of an extraordinary event - the much-awaited "Rising Star 12" session, proudly curated and hosted by us. If you thought you knew what musical brilliance was, prepare to be astonished as we dive into a captivating showcase of emerging artists from diverse genres and ideologies.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, there's a shimmering constellation of new stars on the rise, each one bringing a unique perspective, sound, and story to the fore. "Rising Star 12" is a celebration of this burgeoning talent, a space where artistry flourishes unbound by convention and where innovation knows no boundaries.

Embracing musical diversity like never before, the 1111Cr3w has carefully crafted a lineup that traverses across genres, cultures, and ideologies. From soul-stirring ballads to foot-tapping beats, from soothing melodies to rebellious anthems, this eclectic ensemble of artists will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. Prepare to be serenaded, surprised, and swept away by the sheer magic that will unfold on stage.

But it's not just the music that sets "Rising Star 12" apart; it's the very essence of the artists themselves. Behind each captivating performance lies a powerful narrative - stories of resilience, love, passion, and dreams that have been turned into harmonious expressions. These musicians have dared to dream big and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination, and through their art, they beckon us to join them on their incredible journeys.

This series will take you behind the scenes, introducing you to extraordinary artists, unearthing their inspirations and creative processes, and shining a spotlight on their unique perspectives that resonate so deeply with audiences across the globe. With their music, they break barriers, build bridges, and forge connections that go beyond borders and boundaries.

So, whether you're an ardent fan of a specific genre or simply an enthusiast of soul-stirring melodies, "Rising Star 12" promises to be a kaleidoscope of emotions, ideas, and experiences. Prepare to immerse yourself in the raw energy of the up-and-coming stars, each of whom holds the potential to shape the future of music.

Join us as we embark on this exhilarating odyssey, where creativity knows no limits and unity lies at the core. Let the 1111Cr3w's "Rising Star 12" session be your gateway to a world of undiscovered musical gems, waiting to dazzle and redefine the very essence of modern music. The stage is set, the artists are ready, and the journey awaits. Are you prepared to be amazed?

Let the symphony begin!

Unraveling the Enigmatic 'Mythologies': Herald K's Folk Noir Masterpiece

In the enchanting realm of music, where myth and melody intertwine, one Norwegian singer-songwriter stands out for his captivating ability to breathe new life into ancient tales. Meet Herald K, a musical storyteller based in Vienna, Austria, whose album, 'Mythologies,' was released to bewitch audiences on the 12th of May 2023. Steeped in Folk Noir enchantment, Herald K's music transports listeners to a world where old myths resurface with renewed vigor, leaving us spellbound with each melodious verse.

'Mythologies' is not just another album; it's a sensory expedition through currents and undercurrents, where bodies of water symbolize the ebb and flow of ancient tales. Herald K's compositions, grounded in folk arrangements, skillfully weave together acoustic instruments to create a mesmerizing soundscape. His lyrics, often inspired by vintage literature, add depth and mystery to his music, evoking the timeless essence of mythological stories.

In this curious collection of songs, Herald K dauntlessly delves into ancient myths, retelling them in his lyrical language while allowing the unconscious to guide his interpretations. Just as the great ancient poets, Homer and Ovid, personalized the myths in their own era, Herald K immerses himself in these narratives, emphasizing certain aspects and unraveling their hidden energies with an instinctive touch.

Herald K's second album showcases a delicate blend of old acoustic instruments, harmoniously arranged in original compositions that exude a postmodern charm. Through intuitive selection and creative prowess, Herald K unifies these captivating songs with recurring motifs and archetypes, forming a harmonious ensemble that entrances the senses.

So, prepare to be transported to a world where ancient myths and haunting melodies intertwine, and where Herald K's artistic vision weaves tales that reverberate with contemporary relevance. Embark on this journey with Herald K, and let the mythical currents carry you to places where dreams and reality dance in perfect harmony.

Emily Coomber's "Slipping": A Haunting Dream-Pop Power Ballad With a Powerful Message.

In the vast landscape of music, certain songs possess the ability to captivate listeners with their ethereal beauty, stirring melodies, and profound lyrics. Emily Coomber's record "Slipping" is undoubtedly one of those rare gems, a dream-pop power ballad that leaves a lasting impression on the heart and mind of anyone who hears it.

At the heart of "Slipping" lies a tapestry of sweeping synthesizers, creating a lush and dreamy ambiance that envelops the listener in a cocoon of emotions. Emily's rich vocals soar effortlessly, accompanied by sophisticated harmonies that add depth and resonance to the song. The expertly crafted moments of space within the music allow the poignant lyrics to shine through, leaving a profound impact on the audience.

The power of "Slipping" extends far beyond its enchanting soundscape; it carries a clear and urgent message that beckons us to confront the pressing issues of our time. Through heartfelt lyrics, the song questions whether we will allow our future to slip through our fingertips. Emily Coomber uses her art as a medium to encourage us to reflect on the state of our world and our responsibilities in shaping its destiny.

An exceptional collaboration with producer Maarten Hogenhuis and the masterful touch of drums, "Slipping" emerges as a testament to the artistic prowess of Emily and her team. The haunting sense of urgency conveyed in the track strikes a chord with listeners, urging them to take action and be more mindful of the world around them.

So, let us open our hearts and minds to the mesmerizing sounds of "Slipping" and the upcoming "WITHIN/WITHOUT" double EP. Through Emily Coomber's music, we may find the courage to confront the challenges of our time and embark on a journey of self-discovery that leads to a brighter, more compassionate future for all. As the dream-pop power ballad lingers in our souls, we shall heed its call to action and embrace the profound artistry of Emily Coomber.

Just Arrogant Animals and Fish And Scale's Record "Liars For Hire Episode I"

In the vast world of music, some artists genuinely touch our hearts and souls with their authentic creations. One such artist is Fish And Scale, also known as Roland Wälzlein, whose music transcends conventional boundaries and evokes a profound sense of wisdom and understanding. With a unique blend of independent folk music and a mystical touch, Fish And Scale's songs take listeners on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation.

Fish And Scale's music is a rare gem in the independent folk music scene, attracting attention from around the world. His artistically arranged songs pay homage to life and its profound intricacies. With a voice that is both powerful and soulful, Fish And Scale creates an atmosphere that captivates listeners, leaving a lasting impression. The artist's dedication to conveying a meaningful message through his lyrics sets him apart from the mainstream.

The song "Wonderful" delves into the human search for fulfillment, love, and freedom. It emphasizes the beauty of life and the intrinsic value of existence, regardless of one's successes or failures. This powerful realization allows individuals to see themselves reflected in the magnificence of the world around them.

In conclusion, Fish And Scale, with his musical authenticity and profound introspection, emerges as a unique artist in the realm of independent folk music. Through his EP "Wonderful" and record "Liars For Hire Episode I," he weaves a tapestry of emotions, guiding listeners on a journey of self-discovery and inner wisdom. With every song, Fish And Scale invites us to connect with our true essence and embrace the beauty of life in all its glory.

So, let the melodies of Fish And Scale's music touch your heart, as you embark on an extraordinary journey of self-exploration and contemplation. Join the growing community of dedicated fans who have discovered the magic of Fish And Scale's music and let it resonate with your soul.

MIRON Unleashes Rock and Roll Energy with "All of a Sudden"

Prepare to immerse yourself in an electrifying rock experience as we introduce you to Miron, the Paris-based singer/songwriter who is taking the music scene by storm. With their latest single, "All of a Sudden," Miron delivers a full-on rock anthem that combines powerful guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and a captivating vocal performance. Join us as we delve into the world of Miron and explore the raw power of "All of a Sudden."

Miron's journey as an artist began in the local theaters, where he honed his craft and carved out his distinctive style. With an authentic voice and a commanding stage presence, Miron ventured into rock and roll to tell his story. The combination of raw talent and a passion for music quickly caught the attention of audiences, and Miron's star began to rise.

Now, Miron sets the stage ablaze once again with the release of "All of a Sudden." This latest track represents a powerful continuation of Miron's musical journey, showcasing their growth and evolution as an artist. From the moment the song begins, you are engulfed in a whirlwind of rock and roll energy, with vibrant instrumentation and hauntingly evocative vocal performance.

The lyrics of "All of a Sudden" delve deep into the listener's soul, weaving a tale of intensity and emotion. With its pulsating rhythms and searing guitar riffs, the song carries an undeniable energy that will have you moving to the beat from start to finish. Miron's ability to craft riveting and memorable rock anthems is on full display in this dynamic track.

So, turn up the volume, let loose, and let "All of a Sudden" ignite your rock spirit. Allow Miron's powerful performance and infectious sound to wash over you as you experience the true essence of rock and roll. Embrace the journey of Miron as they continue to captivate hearts and minds with their electrifying music.

AVARAJ's "Til Death": A Soul-Baring Journey Through Failed Love

In the vast realm of music, some artists bare their souls through their work, turning their struggles into powerful and resonating melodies. One such exceptional talent is AVARAJ, a solo artist, producer, DJ, and beatmaker, who takes listeners on an emotional journey through her debut album, "Til Death." With candid honesty, AVARAJ tells the deeply personal story of her failed marriage, where she grapples with self-blame and the complexities of love and loss.

AVARAJ's debut album "Til Death" is not just a collection of songs; it is a poignant and cathartic exploration of the emotional aftermath of a failed marriage. Each track serves as a window into AVARAJ's heart, providing listeners with a glimpse of her vulnerability and the depths of her introspection.

The album starts with "Patience," a reflective song reflecting on long-distance relationships' challenges. AVARAJ captures the essence of her partner's perspective, conveying the reassurances and efforts required to sustain the love they share.

AVARAJ's "Til Death" is a testament to the power of music as a medium of healing and self-expression. With heart-rending honesty, AVARAJ bares her soul and invites listeners to connect with her on a deeply personal level. The album's emotional depth and relatable themes of love, guilt, and vulnerability will undoubtedly strike a chord with many.

As AVARAJ's debut album, "Til Death" marks the beginning of her artistic journey, with more stories waiting to be shared. As she continues to explore her experiences through music, we can expect to be taken on an even more soul-stirring and captivating musical odyssey. Keep an eye out for this talented artist as she makes her mark in the music industry with her raw emotion and profound storytelling.

Rye Catchers Unleash "Creeping On Me": A Catchy Alternative Pop-Rock Tune with Legendary Collaborators

Step into a world where cool chords, infectious grooves, and meaningful lyrics converge to create a musical experience like no other. Meet Rye Catchers, the brainchild of talented songwriter/producer David McClintock Roberts, whose latest release, "Creeping On Me," is an alternative pop-rock sensation that promises to leave you hooked from the very first note.

Rye Catchers, led by David McClintock Roberts, is not just an ordinary music project; it's a musical adventure that transcends genres and showcases a fusion of talent and creativity. With a diverse array of genres and an ensemble of exceptionally skilled musicians, Rye Catchers has mastered the art of crafting music that's both enjoyable and deeply meaningful.

The unique sound and brand of Rye Catchers are built on cool pedal point bass lines, breezy yet profound lyrics, and melodies that linger long after the last note fades away. As a songwriter and producer, David McClintock Roberts has honed his craft to deliver exciting and captivating music that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

Additionally, Rye Catchers enlisted the multi-genre session vocalist and voice actor Nikki, whose astounding vocal range spanning 3.5 octaves adds a captivating dimension to the track. Her powerful voice complements the music flawlessly, elevating "Creeping On Me" to new heights.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of Rye Catchers, where each note holds a story waiting to be told and every melody beckons you to dance along. With "Creeping On Me," this talented collective invites you to embrace the journey into a realm of musical wonder, and you won't want to miss a single beat.

See Level's "Frame of Mine": A Sonic Journey Through Lo-Fi Excellence

In the vast and diverse world of music, some artists strive to break new ground and carve out their unique path. One such visionary artist is See Level, a producer and fan-turned-musician, whose passion for sound and sonic diversity has culminated in a mesmerizing second album, "Frame of Mine." With a vast knowledge of music and a commitment to creating an unparalleled digital legacy, See Level has crafted a collection of twenty irresistible tracks that showcase his talent for crafting immersive and genuine Lo-Fi excellence.

For See Level, music was never just a fleeting passion but a lifelong devotion. Drawn to the various styles and sounds of music from an early age, See Level was determined not to follow the conventional path but to blaze a trail of his own. Fuelled by a desire to offer something distinct, See Level set out to create a digital legacy defined by versatility and sonic diversity.

From introspective melodies that evoke powerful emotions to tracks capable of healing the mind, body, and soul, "Frame of Mine" is a potent dose of music that connects with listeners on a profound level. See Level's commitment to staying true to his roots as a fan ensures that every track exudes an enticing and engaging quality, a reflection of the kind of chilled cuts he genuinely enjoys himself.

With "Frame of Mine," See Level has crafted an auditory odyssey that captivates and resonates with fans of Lo-Fi Electro. His passion for sound, dedication to authenticity, and boundless talent have culminated in an album that transcends boundaries and immerses listeners in a sonic wonderland.

As See Level continues to explore his artistry and sonic versatility, we eagerly anticipate the music he has yet to share with the world. "Frame of Mine" is a testament to the power of music to transport, heal, and connect with audiences on a profound level. Explore the magic of See Level's music and embark on a journey through his unparalleled Lo-Fi excellence.

BEAR BEAT's "Prism": An Electronic Odyssey through Emotion and Meaning

In the dynamic world of music, artists often emerge who defy traditional genre boundaries and forge their unique paths. One such exceptional talent is Bear Beat, a solo Producer, DJ, and Beat Maker, whose work transcends genres and delves into the realm of dark mystical fantasy. With a dedication to drawing emotion and meaning in every piece, Bear Beat's music is an ethereal journey that captivates listeners.

Among Bear Beat's impressive discography, the track that takes center stage is "Prism." This exceptional piece showcases Bear Beat's talent for crafting a unique blend of electronic sounds and rhythms, all the while accompanied by soothing vocals that add an extra layer of depth to the composition. From the moment the opening intro begins, listeners are whisked away on a mesmerizing journey through a soundscape that feels both surreal and strangely familiar.

"Prism" is an auditory experience that captures the essence of Bear Beat's artistic vision. Its intricate melodies and pulsating beats demonstrate his keen ability to maintain engagement from start to finish. The track's captivating arrangement draws listeners into its spellbinding world, where emotions are evoked and meaning takes shape through every beat and note.

Bear Beat's music is more than just electronic productions; it is a dark mystical fantasy brought to life through beats, rhythms, and melodies. With "Prism" as a shining example of his artistry, Bear Beat takes listeners on a journey that transcends genres and dives deep into the realm of raw emotion and meaning.

As you delve into the captivating sounds of Bear Beat, prepare to be transported to a world where musical boundaries cease to exist, and each note carries a profound weight. Keep an ear out for this enigmatic artist, as his dedication to drawing emotion and meaning in his work continues to pave the way for an exciting and ethereal musical odyssey.

KWEAN OONTZ: A Multidisciplinary Artist Unleashes Their Sonic Marvel, 'A KWEAN OONTZ NOVEL'

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, some artists push boundaries, challenge norms, and create something truly extraordinary. Enter KWEAN OONTZ, a multidisciplinary phenomenon whose creative journey spans literature, film, and now, a remarkable music project. Led by the visionary Chris Courtney Martin, this music project takes listeners on an exhilarating ride through sonic landscapes that defy genre categorization.

Before delving into the world of music, KWEAN OONTZ's mastermind, Chris Courtney Martin, garnered recognition in Hollywood for their work with luminaries like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Niecy Nash. Their thought-provoking poetry captured the attention of academic institutions, with some pieces considered course material at the collegiate level and even acknowledged by The Arturo Schomburg Center. A true creative force, KWEAN OONTZ's artistic roots can be traced from Philadelphia, PA, while their connections extend to both Los Angeles and Fayetteville, North Carolina.

KWEAN OONTZ's latest musical offering, 'A KWEAN OONTZ NOVEL,' is not just an album but an enchanting expedition through the mystical realms of sound and emotion. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like The Prodigy, Major Lazer, and Zebra Katz, the project showcases a captivating fusion of styles, leaving listeners mesmerized with every beat.

Among the tracks that define 'A KWEAN OONTZ NOVEL' is "MARQUESS MUNDAE," a heartfelt dedication to a late friend whose influence remains imprinted in the artist's life and creative pursuits. It stands as a testament to the power of acceptance and the enduring impact of love. "OUTTA POCKET," another standout track, serves as a love letter to Philadelphia, KWEAN OONTZ's rightful home. With its nostalgic nods to Baltimore Club Music from the early 2000s, this ode to a beloved region resonates deeply with listeners.

This departure into music proves that KWEAN OONTZ is a force of creativity that defies classification, making its mark with an unrivaled passion and vision. 'A KWEAN OONTZ NOVEL' serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless power of artistic expression. So, join KWEAN OONTZ on this enigmatic journey through 'A KWEAN OONTZ NOVEL,' where music, poetry, and emotion coalesce into a spellbinding experience.


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