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Rising Star #16

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Hello music lovers and those with a passion for discovering new talent. We are thrilled to present to you the next exciting chapter in our journey - "Rising Star 16." Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will showcase emerging artists from all over the world through their unique notes and lyrics. We promise to bring a fresh perspective to the music scene that will leave you amazed.

Our fervent dedication to curating a diverse and captivating lineup has borne fruit. Prepare to embark on an auditory odyssey that transcends borders and cultural confines. From diverse genres to unique perspectives, this event forms an exquisite mosaic of the human experience.

Within the melodies lie tales of triumph over adversity, echoes of love and devotion, and the alchemy of transforming dreams into harmonious symphonies. The artists you're about to meet have surmounted obstacles with unwavering resolve, and their music extends an invitation for you to journey alongside them.

As part of this ongoing series, we proudly lift the curtain, allowing the brilliance of these exceptional artists to shine. Delve into their creative wellsprings, trace the labyrinthine paths they've walked, and witness the birth of their art. Their music isn't just a performance; it's a bridge that connects hearts across divides.

"Rising Star 16" shatters the confines of genre, serving as a feast for those whose spirits are moved by music. Whether you're drawn to specific strains or yearn for melodies that touch your soul, this event offers an array of emotions, philosophies, and narratives. The stage is set, the anticipation palpable – prepare to be captivated as innovation takes center stage and harmony unites us all. The artists stand ready to weave their enchanting spells. Let the symphony commence!

Unveiling REAFFINITY's "Tether": A Sonic Journey Through Melodic Introspection

In the heart of Pittsburgh, PA, a musical force is emerging that defies genre boundaries and captivates with its blend of raw emotion and intricate melodies. Meet REAFFINITY, a multi-faceted project spearheaded by the talented American musician Chris Diana. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of influences including rock, indie, alternative metal, post-grunge, and post-punk, REAFFINITY's latest record, "Tether," is an EP that takes listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey.

With a sound that's as multifaceted as the artist behind it, REAFFINITY weaves together a tapestry of musical elements that range from pressurized syncopation to melodic introspection. The result is an immersive sonic landscape that's both energizing and emotionally resonant. Atmospheric soundscapes meld seamlessly with brooding guitar riffs, creating a rich sonic canvas against which emotive vocals take center stage. The experience is a blend of energetic rhythms and evocative melodies, leaving listeners spellbound.

The unveiling of "Tether," REAFFINITY's latest EP, is a momentous occasion for both the artist and music enthusiasts alike. With seven new songs that span a diverse range of genres, "Tether" serves as a testament to Chris Diana's ability to traverse musical boundaries and create a mosaic of soundscapes. From rock to post-genres, and even delving into ambient and metal influences, "Tether" is a musical odyssey that promises something for every palate.

REAFFINITY's "Tether" isn't just an EP – it's a musical journey that invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of emotion, introspection, and sonic exploration. Chris Diana's unique ability to blend a myriad of influences results in a collection of songs that are both captivating and thought-provoking.

As the melodies unfold and the atmospheres shift, "Tether" captures the essence of musical evolution and experimentation. So, if you're seeking a sonic experience that challenges conventions and touches the heart, look no further than REAFFINITY's "Tether." With its diverse range of genres and captivating melodies, this EP is a testament to the boundless creativity and musical prowess of its visionary creator.

Star Persona's "You Are Mine": A Resounding Return to Rock's Roots

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, one band stands tall as a beacon of pure, unadulterated rock. Star Persona, after a brief hiatus during the tumultuous days of lockdown, is back with a vengeance, ready to unleash its electrifying sound once again. With a firm commitment to real instruments and storytelling through music, their latest release "You Are Mine" is set to reignite the flames of rock passion.

The lockdown may have forced many to pause, but Star Persona chose to channel their energy into a resurgence of creativity. After taking a break from recording and releasing, they are now gearing up to grace our ears with a series of new singles. From light to heavy rock, Star Persona's range is as vast as the rock genre itself, embodying the true spirit of sharing music.

Star Persona is all about real musicianship, utilizing drums, bass, guitars, and keyboards to create their unique sonic universe. The driving force behind their music is Claude Malette, who takes on the roles of songwriter, vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and bassist. With the help of friends and fellow musicians, their synergy amplifies the energy and authenticity that reverberates in their music.

Star Persona's latest single, "You Are Mine," is a testament to their dedication to storytelling. Inspired by the fiery red-headed character from the movie "Wedding Crashers," the song delves into the complexity of love. It's an ode to the intensity of unrequited affection and the journey of realization that someone special is there all along.

Star Persona's "You Are Mine" isn't just a song; it's a testament to the enduring power of rock. Their return after a break speaks to their unrelenting passion and dedication to the craft. With its powerful sound, rich storytelling, and unwavering commitment to the genre's roots, Star Persona is a force to be reckoned with. So let the guitars roar and the drums pound, for Star Persona, is back, and they're here to remind us all of the timeless magic of rock 'n roll.

Frances Hope's "Paradigm": Shifting Perspectives Through Ethereal Alt-Pop

In the dynamic world of music, where genres intertwine and creativity knows no bounds, emerges Frances Hope, an alt-pop singer-songwriter whose latest record "Paradigm" promises to be a transformative auditory experience. With an eclectic mix of influences and a collaborative spirit, Frances Hope's journey to crafting this ethereal masterpiece is as captivating as the music itself.

"Paradigm" isn't just a song; it's a fusion of talents that came together to create a sonic journey that defies conventions. Frances Hope joined forces with the Grammy-winning drummer and producer Ron Thaler, known for his contributions to hits like "No One" by Alicia Keys and collaborations with Lana Del Rey and David Guetta. This powerhouse partnership brought life to an alt-rock anthem that resonates with shades of Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Birdy.

The making of "Paradigm" involved a combination of elements that define Frances Hope's unique sound. Ethereal qualities intertwine seamlessly with a driving force, creating a sonic experience that transcends mere melodies. With influences as diverse as these, the album promises to resonate with a broad spectrum of listeners who appreciate music that defies categorization.

Frances Hope's music doesn't just rely on the notes and chords; it thrives on the stories it tells. Like the media's preference for artists with stories that go beyond the music itself, "Paradigm" is a record that's rife with incidents worth relating to. Frances Hope's introspective journey finds expression through every track, making it a narrative that's as compelling as it is harmonious.

As the track unfolds and every note resonates, listeners are invited to shift their perspectives, embrace vulnerability, and find solace in the healing power of music. With "Paradigm," Frances Hope crafts a transformative experience that stays with you long after the last chord fades away, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking an alt-pop adventure that's as emotive as it is unforgettable.

Stereo Print's "Closer": A Musical Escape to Summer Bliss

If you're yearning for the warmth of the sun on your skin and the sound of waves crashing against a distant shore, look no further. Stereo Print's latest record, "Closer," is more than just a song – it's a journey to a sun-kissed beach bar, a musical escape that combines Parisian electro vibes with a touch of London's edginess. With its haunting vocals and melodic allure, "Closer" is the perfect soundtrack to your daydreams.

As you hit play on "Closer," you're instantly transported to a world where summer never ends. The track exudes an intimate and catchy vibe, inviting you to immerse yourself in its pulsating rhythm. Stereo Print, a French composer-producer based in London, masterfully blends Parisian electro elements with the raw edge of London's music scene, creating a unique sonic experience that's hard to resist.

Behind the scenes of "Closer" lies a collaboration of talent that elevates the track to greater heights. Featuring the guitar artistry of Hawi Gondwe, whose past collaborations include iconic albums like Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" and George Michael's work, the track is a symphony of musical prowess. The fusion of Gondwe's guitar magic and Stereo Print's production creates a dynamic blend that resonates in every bar.

Mastered in Paris by Antoine Chabert, a three-time Grammy winner known for his work on hits like "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk, "Closer" is a result of meticulous craftsmanship. Every element of the track has been carefully curated to create an immersive musical experience that captures the essence of the journey toward love.

Stereo Print's "Closer" isn't just a record; it's a portal to a world of emotions. With its Parisian electro vibes, London's edginess, haunting vocals, and melodic prowess, the track is a musical masterpiece that resonates with anyone yearning for the warmth of summer and the promise of love. As "Closer" envelops you in its enchanting embrace, it's a reminder that music has the power to transport us to places we've only dreamed of, even if just for a few magical minutes.

Darren Cox Unveils His Musical Evolution with "Nightime"

Emerging artist Darren Cox, hailing from the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, proudly presents his latest creation, "Nightime." After a hiatus from the music scene, Cox returns with a mesmerizing blend of alternative R&B and pop that unveils his growth as a singer, songwriter, and producer. "Nightime" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Cox's journey of creative exploration and personal evolution.

"Nightime" isn't just a song – it's a symphony of emotions carefully woven into a sonic tapestry. Cox's Romanian roots and passion for crafting captivating melodies serve as the driving forces behind his music. Despite the challenges posed by the global lockdown, Cox transformed his setbacks into opportunities for growth, honing his skills and refining his artistry.

In a serendipitous moment of inspiration, "Nightime" came to life. While sifting through old demos and abandoned projects, Cox's creative spark ignited. Within hours, melodies were humming, and lyrics were flowing, giving birth to a song that encapsulates the essence of Cox's artistic journey.

"Nightime" radiates a polished and distinctive sound, thanks to Cox's collaboration with Valencia-based DJ and Producer D. Basto. The partnership between the two friends and creative minds adds an extra layer of depth to the single. This collaborative effort beautifully merges Cox's vision with D. Basto's production prowess, resulting in a track that resonates on multiple levels.

"Nightime" isn't just a song release; it's a testament to Darren Cox's growth, dedication, and unwavering passion for music. With his unique blend of alternative R&B and pop, Cox invites listeners to join him on a sonic journey that captures the essence of his experiences and creative evolution. As the enchanting melodies of "Nightime" resonate, it's a reminder that music has the power to encapsulate emotions, memories, and the journey of self-discovery.

ZicZac's "Dream of Me": Reviving Rock 'N Roll with Scandalous Swagger

From the vibrant heart of Vienna, Austria emerges a solo artist who's single-handedly reviving the spirit of Rock 'N Roll in modern times. ZicZac, an emerging force in the music scene, has just unveiled his latest track, "Dream of Me." With a penchant for timeless rock vibes and an unapologetically scandalous story, ZicZac is setting the stage for a new era of rock-infused audacity.

ZicZac isn't just an artist; he's a musical powerhouse. Armed with his signature raspy vocals and an array of instruments at his disposal, he takes on the roles of vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and more. His latest release, "Dream of Me," is a testament to his ability to single-handedly capture the essence of rock's heyday and infuse it with modern energy.

"Dream of Me" doesn't just evoke the spirit of rock; it personifies it. ZicZac masterfully weaves the trends of modern rock with the essence of the past, creating a sonic experience that's both nostalgic and fresh. Influenced by a variety of music genres, ZicZac's journey has led him to curate a sound that's as authentic as it is captivating.

Every great song has a story, and "Dream of Me" is no exception. ZicZac's inspiration for this track ignited shortly after a triumphant gig. The track narrates a steamy love story that unfolds amidst a backdrop of mystery and desire. "Dream of Me" paints a picture of an encounter between the narrator and a mysterious, captivating woman. The lyrics unravel a narrative that's equal parts enigmatic and scandalous.

ZicZac's "Dream of Me" isn't just a song; it's a statement. With its scandalous narrative, powerhouse vocals, and electrifying melodies, the track redefines the boundaries of modern rock. ZicZac's dedication to infusing contemporary trends with timeless allure results in a sonic masterpiece that's destined to captivate audiences, ignite conversations, and solidify his place in the modern rock revival. As the final chords fade away, "Dream of Me" leaves a trail of sultry intrigue in its wake, inviting listeners to embrace the audacious spirit of rock 'n roll once again.

Angus Woodhead's "Freedom": A Gospel-Infused Musical Journey

In the ever-evolving world of music, where artists constantly strive to find their unique voice, Angus Woodhead emerges as a seasoned musician with over 30 years of multifaceted experience in the industry. A true Renaissance man, Angus has not only honed his skills as a performer and musician but has also carved a path as a sound engineer, producer, and mentor to aspiring artists. His latest single, "Freedom," resonates with his rich musical journey and carries a message that transcends boundaries.

Angus Woodhead's name might not be a household one yet, but it carries the weight of decades of hard work and dedication in the music realm. With roles ranging from an international touring musician to a live sound engineer and music producer, Angus has indeed seen and done it all. This depth of experience serves as the cornerstone of his ability to connect with his audience and create music that carries genuine emotion and substance.

Angus Woodhead's latest single, "Freedom," serves as a testament to his musical prowess and his unwavering faith. The song's uplifting message about finding freedom through faith in Christ resonates deeply in a world that often feels fragmented and tumultuous. With its modern country edge and gospel-infused lyrics, "Freedom" is more than just a song – it's a heartfelt declaration of hope that reminds listeners of the light that can pierce through even the darkest of times.

The production of "Freedom" is a testament to Angus's commitment to excellence. Recorded and mixed at Glasshouse Studios Australia, the single bears the mark of Angus's skillful touch as a producer and engineer. With the support of fellow musicians and collaborators, including David Deighton and Misha Gursky, the track's harmonious blend comes to life.

Angus Woodhead's "Freedom" is more than just a song – it's a journey through his musical evolution, a reflection of his vast experience, and a beacon of hope in a world that often feels uncertain. With its modern country sound and gospel-driven message, "Freedom" invites listeners to find solace and inspiration in the power of faith. As Angus continues to mentor and create, his influence on the musical landscape is sure to expand, leaving an indelible mark on both his local community and the broader world of music. So keep an ear out for Angus Woodhead and let the melodies of "Freedom" take you on a soul-stirring journey of faith, hope, and musical innovation.

Liliana Ferreira's "Changing Faces": A Melodic Reflection on Relationships

In the realm of pop music, Liliana Ferreira shines as a rising star with a voice that captivates and melodies that resonate deeply. Her latest single, "Changing Faces," carries a soft melody but packs a profound message that echoes the experiences of many. With a talent that knows no bounds and a passion that fuels her music, Liliana Ferreira's "Changing Faces" is a testament to the power of storytelling through song.

Liliana Ferreira's journey in music began early, and her debut single released in 2021 garnered significant attention with over 100,000 streams and downloads. Her talent for pop music is unmistakable, driven by her remarkable voice and impressive vocal range. Her subsequent singles, including "Loving the Light," earned recognition as "Best Pop Song" finalist at the World Songwriting Awards.

Hailing from Viana do Castelo, Portugal, Liliana's introduction to performing came at the young age of 10 when she was invited to sing at school events. Since then, her journey has taken her across genres and borders, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist. Her recent collaboration with 'Hunchback Music' for film trailer recordings in the Netherlands is a testament to her international appeal.

"Changing Faces" was born out of a relatable and familiar scenario – the struggle to sustain a relationship when the spark has dimmed. The emotional weight of the lyrics was brought to life by songwriter Raymond Fry, who was inspired by personal experiences. The recording process took place in London, requiring Liliana to travel from the Netherlands. With a touch of irony, she battled sleep deprivation and cold temperatures during her London journey, a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Liliana Ferreira's "Changing Faces" isn't just a song; it's a mirror reflecting the complexities of relationships. Her ability to translate emotions into music is nothing short of remarkable. With her passion for storytelling and her gift for music, Liliana Ferreira continues to evolve as an artist, creating melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide. As "Changing Faces" gently weaves its spell, listeners are reminded of the power of music to capture the essence of human experiences and emotions.

Carl Kammeyer's "One": A Harmonious Fusion of Sounds and Unity

In the bustling heart of Dallas, TX, resides a musical maestro who is crafting a sonic experience like no other. Meet Ossico, the brainchild of electronic artist Carl Kammeyer, whose music is a symphonic amalgamation of live instruments and electronic beats. Ossico's latest record, "One," is a testament to the power of unity and the harmonious blend of diverse musical influences.

Ossico is more than just an artist – it's a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of Carl Kammeyer's creative soul. Drawing inspiration from his family, especially his mother, who ignited his musical passion in his early years, Carl has carved a unique niche for himself in the electronic music scene. With a musical palette that includes guitar, piano, saxophone, and a plethora of synthesizers, Ossico's music is a marriage of the organic and the electronic.

Ossico's record "One" is a sonic journey that resonates with the theme of unity. At its core, "One" is a celebration of familial bonds and the power of togetherness. Through his music, Carl captures the essence of unity as a family, a concept that's woven intricately into each note and rhythm. "One" stands as a testament to the profound impact that unity and collaboration can have on artistry.

As you delve into the tracks of "One," you're met with a harmonious fusion of sounds that paint a vivid picture of unity and togetherness. Each song serves as a unique brushstroke, contributing to the larger canvas of Ossico's musical narrative. Carl Kammeyer's ability to seamlessly blend live instruments with electronic elements creates an auditory experience that's as rich and diverse as the influences that shaped him.

Ossico's "One" is more than an album – it's a musical journey that invites listeners to embrace unity, celebrate familial connections, and revel in the harmonious blend of organic and electronic sounds. Carl Kammeyer's vision transcends genres, weaving a sonic tapestry that's as intricate as it is captivating. Through "One," Ossico showcases the power of music to unite, uplift, and create an emotional resonance that lingers long after the last note fades away. So, if you're in search of a musical experience that's equal parts innovative and heartwarming, "One" by Ossico is the record you've been waiting for.


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