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Rising Star #20

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Greetings music enthusiasts and those who love discovering new talent! We are pleased to extend an invitation to join us on our next thrilling musical journey, "Rising Star 20." Prepare to be amazed by emerging artists from all corners of the globe, each with their unique melodies and lyrics. This adventure promises to redefine your perception of the music scene and leave you in awe.

Our commitment to providing a diverse and intriguing lineup has yielded exceptional results. You will embark on an audio journey that transcends national and cultural boundaries, creating a beautiful mosaic of the human experience through a variety of genres and perspectives.

Within the harmonies and melodies, you will find tales of triumph over adversity, whispers of love and dedication, and the enchanting alchemy of transforming dreams into harmonious symphonies. The artists invite you to journey alongside them through the corridors of their creativity.

As part of our ongoing series, we are excited to showcase the brilliance of these extraordinary artists. Dive into the depths of their creative wells, trace their intricate paths, and witness the birth of their art. Their music is not just a performance, but a bridge that effortlessly connects hearts across divides.

For those who are moved by the power of music, "Rising Star 20" breaks free from genre restrictions. This event offers a range of emotions, ideologies, and storylines, regardless of your individual musical preferences. Be prepared to be mesmerized as innovation takes center stage and harmony unites us all. The stage is set, and the performers are ready to cast their spells and ignite a symphony that celebrates the diverse range of human expression.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the symphony commence!

KESURAPAN's "Lifeless Shells": A Journey into Dark and Melancholic Euphoria

Munich, Germany has long been a hub of musical innovation, and it's in this vibrant city that KESURAPAN came to life in 2019. Building upon the foundation laid by their debut demo, "Blind Worship," the band is now poised to make waves in the music scene with their debut studio EP, "Lifeless Shells," which was released in September. This EP is a testament to their evolution, both lyrically and musically, promising an emotional and diverse experience that will leave listeners captivated.

KESURAPAN consists of Dom on vocals, Matze on guitar, Ade on bass, and Fabi on drums. Together, they create a unique sound that draws inspiration from influential bands like Deftones, Tool, and 90s Alternative Metal. Their music is a blend of darkness and melody, a journey through intricate instrumentals and powerful lyrics that dive deep into the human experience.

The EP comprises three tracks: "Falling Faster," "Lifeless Shells," and "Oblivion." Each song explores different facets of emotion and existence. "Falling Faster" delves into themes of loss, grief, and profound friendship. "Lifeless Shells" delves into the fear of increasing isolation and indifference, or perhaps the desire for it. "Oblivion" pays tribute to their musical idols while simultaneously burning down the monuments erected in their honor, lurking in the ashes of their creation.

"Lifeless Shells" is a musical journey that seamlessly weaves together long passages of instrumental finesse with moments of rage and bittersweet melodies. It's an experience that leaves you with a beautiful ache, a realization that something is amiss in the world and that pain can be oddly enchanting.

The EP was recorded by Martin Frank in Austria, a choice that reflects the band's commitment to crafting a high-quality sound. Their music, characterized by its dark, moody, melancholic, yet energetic style, invites listeners to explore the nuances of human emotion while getting lost in the intricate layers of their music.

As KESURAPAN promotes "Lifeless Shells" to the world, they stand on the cusp of a thrilling journey into the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts. Munich's music scene is about to witness a rising force, a band unafraid to confront the shadows within us all and transform them into musical magic. Keep an ear out for KESURAPAN, and let their "Lifeless Shells" envelop you in their captivating world of dark euphoria.

Blind Man's Daughter: Crafting a New Chapter in Progressive Metal with "Sundressed"

In the realm of progressive metal, where virtuosity and innovation often collide, Albuquerque's own Blind Man's Daughter has emerged as a formidable force. Led by the talented Ashley Wolfe, this melodic progressive metal band has been making waves in the metal scene with their latest album, "Sundressed." Let's dive into the story behind the band and the mesmerizing music that is redefining the genre.

Blind Man's Daughter's journey began back in 2012 when Ashley Wolfe embarked on a musical adventure. Hailing from Durango, Colorado, Ashley started the project as a one-person studio endeavor. For the next decade, it served as a passionate outlet for songwriting, vocals, and guitar playing—a true labor of love.

"Sundressed" is a sonic journey that takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Ashley's lyrical depth and clarity of thought shine through, creating a musical experience that is both powerful and thought-provoking. Her vocals are a marvel, capable of smooth, flowing melodies, surprising growls, soaring heights, and intimate closeness—all in one album.

Blind Man's Daughter's music is a fusion of progressive rock and metal, with occasional intimate moments that reveal influences from various genres. This diversity of inspiration culminates in a style that is truly unique and captivating, making it impossible to confine the band to a single category.

As they continue to captivate audiences with their melodic progressive metal sound, it's clear that Blind Man's Daughter is a band on the rise. "Sundressed" is just the beginning of their musical exploration, and we can't wait to see where their artistic journey takes them next.

In a genre that thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, Blind Man's Daughter is a breath of fresh air. "Sundressed" is a record that demands your attention, and it's a testament to the enduring power of progressive metal to surprise, innovate, and inspire. Keep an eye on Blind Man's Daughter—they're destined for greatness in the world of progressive metal.

BŠĀR's "Adrenaline": A Pulse-Pounding Synth Journey

BŠĀR's musical journey has been an exploration of synths and danceable grooves, and "Adrenaline" is the culmination of his sonic evolution. This track is a burst of energy, an uptempo and rhythmic tour de force that grabs your attention from the very first beat. From start to finish, "Adrenaline" takes you on a sonic adventure filled with captivating hooks and a narrative that's as powerful as the music itself.

The term "Adrenaline" conjures up images of exhilaration and intensity, and BŠĀR's track does not disappoint. It's a rollercoaster ride of sound, driven by pulsating synths and infectious rhythms that will have you on your feet, dancing without a care in the world. But "Adrenaline" is more than just a catchy tune; it's a journey with a strong narrative that pulls you in and keeps you engaged.

What sets "Adrenaline" apart is its ability to tell a story through music. While the beats and melodies drive the excitement, the song also carries a message that resonates with listeners. BŠĀR's storytelling prowess shines through, creating a connection that goes beyond the dance floor.

As you listen to "Adrenaline," you'll find yourself drawn into its world—a world where music is not just a sound but a force that ignites your senses. It's a testament to BŠĀR's talent and dedication to crafting music that not only makes you move but also makes you feel.

"Adrenaline" is a testament to BŠĀR's growth as an artist. It's a sonic adventure that proves he is unafraid to push the boundaries of his artistry, exploring new realms of creativity with each release. If you're looking for a track that will inject some excitement and energy into your life, look no further than BŠĀR's "Adrenaline."

So, whether you're hitting the dance floor, going for a run, or simply in need of a musical pick-me-up, "Adrenaline" is the song that will provide the adrenaline rush you crave. Experience the pulse-pounding synth journey of BŠĀR's "Adrenaline," and let the music take you to new heights of excitement and exhilaration.

François Marius and His Summer Anthem: "Ça Roule Rastaman"

Summer has a magical way of bringing people together, and music often serves as the soundtrack to our sun-soaked adventures. This year, François Marius, the talented Canadian reggae musician, has gifted us with a sensational summer anthem that promises to keep our spirits high and our feet moving. His latest single, "Ça Roule Rastaman," recorded in Canada and Estonia during the 2023 summer and mastered at the illustrious Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, by Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Simon Gibson, is a breath of fresh air in the world of reggae music.

François Marius's musical journey has been one of dedication and self-discovery. During the long winter months, he immersed himself in honing his skills on the keyboard and cuica, instruments that have played a pivotal role in the creation of "Ça Roule Rastaman." The result is a reggae-infused summer jam that's as invigorating as a tropical breeze, bringing a touch of sunshine into our lives.

Marius's influences are as diverse as they are iconic, drawing inspiration from legends like Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and Stevie Wonder. With "Ça Roule Rastaman," he masterfully weaves together elements of reggae, pop, and soul, creating a sound that is refreshingly unique amidst the typical summer anthems that flood the airwaves.

One of the standout features of "Ça Roule Rastaman" is its captivating instrumentation. The groovy bassline, infectious guitar licks, and the playful addition of keys and brass instruments blend seamlessly, forming an irresistible sonic tapestry that invites listeners to sway to the beat. It's a composition that exudes positivity and joy, and you'll find yourself wearing a perpetual smile as you surrender to its rhythm.

What sets this record apart even further is its impeccable mastering at Abbey Road Studios in London, UK. This historic studio, forever associated with musical legends like The Beatles, has seen some of the greatest musical innovations of all time. By choosing Abbey Road for the final touch on "Ça Roule Rastaman," François Marius has solidified his place in the annals of music history, joining the ranks of those who have left an indelible mark on the industry.

So, as you embark on your summer escapades, don't forget to add "Ça Roule Rastaman" to your playlist. Let the music of François Marius be the companion to your sunny days and carefree nights, and let it remind you that, indeed, life is rolling along just fine, Rastaman style.

TOM MINORI's "It's Easy to Play Hearts": A Heartfelt Dance Through Melancholy

London's own Tom Minor, known as OM MINORI, invites you to take a unique journey into the realm of heartbreak with his sophomore single, "It's Easy to Play Hearts." If you've ever wondered what a breaking heart sounds like, look no further: it's a symphony of bells and whistles, bitter remarks, driving guitars, and brutal moral statements, all set to the Motown beat of the brokenhearted. But don't be fooled by the seemingly melancholic message; with this uptempo pop-soul gem, Tom Minor offers a musical remedy to wash away your pain, whether you're on the dance floor or in the solitude of your room.

Born and raised in London N1 to a multicultural Finnish-Swedish family, Tom Minor draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres, including indie rock, new wave, punk, power pop, psychedelic, garage rock, soul, reggae, and ska. His diverse musical palette reflects the rich tapestry of his upbringing and the influence of the vibrant music scenes in London and Helsinki.

After spending several years in the shadows of showbiz and exploring odd jobs as far away as New Zealand, Tom Minor has returned to the music scene with a renewed passion. He now splits his time between the bustling streets of London and the serene landscapes of Helsinki, channeling his life experiences and musical influences into his soul-stirring creations.

"It's Easy to Play Hearts" is not just a song; it's a sonic journey that encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak. With its infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, it transforms the pain of a broken heart into an opportunity to dance away your sorrows. The Motown-inspired beat adds a touch of nostalgia and soulfulness, creating a memorable and enjoyable listening experience.

As Tom Minor navigates the highs and lows of life and love, his music becomes a vessel for emotional expression and connection. "It's Easy to Play Hearts" is a testament to his ability to capture the essence of human experiences through music, offering solace and a sense of unity to those who have danced through heartbreak.

So, whether you've recently faced heartache or are simply in the mood for an uptempo pop-soul escape, TOM MINORI's "It's Easy to Play Hearts" is your ticket to a memorable musical journey. Allow the sounds of heartbreak and healing to wash over you, and let Tom Minor's talent transport you to a world where even the most painful emotions can be transformed into danceable melodies.

Jon Gilutin's "Night Passage": A Musical Odyssey with Legends

Step into the world of Jon Gilutin, a Grammy-winning songwriter, LA studio keyboardist, and producer, as he embarks on a captivating musical journey with his latest record, "Night Passage." With a rich musical history that includes collaborations with legends like James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Aretha Franklin, and more, Jon Gilutin brings a wealth of experience to his new music, and it's time for the world to take notice.

The track "Night Passage" is a testament to Jon's mastery of the keyboard and his ability to craft music that transcends genres. But what truly sets this record apart is the stellar lineup of musicians who join him on this sonic adventure. With the legendary trumpeter Randy Brecker, LA studio icon Ralph Humphrey (may he rest in peace), Luis Conte, Jerry Watts, and Mike Miller in the mix, "Night Passage" is nothing short of a musical dream team.

The story of how this musical powerhouse came together is a testament to the bonds formed among friends and colleagues in the vibrant LA music scene. Their paths crossed over the years, creating a synergy that is palpable in every note of "Night Passage."

The influences behind this record are as diverse as the musicians themselves. Drawing inspiration from the CTI music era, which includes luminaries like Freddie Hubbard and The Brecker Brothers, "Night Passage" weaves a tapestry of sound that pays homage to the greats while pushing the boundaries of contemporary jazz and fusion.

Now, Jon Gilutin is on a mission to share "Night Passage" with the world. His goal is to secure a spot on active playlists, earn rave reviews, and receive airplay on radio stations far and wide. With the collective talent and artistry of the musicians behind this record, there's no doubt that "Night Passage" is poised to make a significant impact in the world of contemporary jazz and beyond.

So, if you're ready for a musical odyssey led by a maestro and joined by legendary artists, it's time to embark on Jon Gilutin's "Night Passage." Allow the melodies to sweep you away and the rhythms to carry you on a journey of sound and soul. This record is a testament to the enduring power of music and the timeless brilliance of those who create it.

Eva No's "Stainless Steel" EP: A Masterclass in Modern Electronica

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern music production, Eva No emerges as a captivating and innovative force to be reckoned with. Her latest EP, "Stainless Steel," is a testament to her prowess, offering a sonic experience that is as crisp and polished as the title suggests. With meticulous attention to detail and fearless exploration of diverse musical influences, Eva No's "Stainless Steel" is a five-track journey that will leave you spellbound.

The EP opens with its self-titled track, immediately setting the mood with a driving yet hypnotic tone. It's a sonic journey that takes you through an intricate landscape of electronica, seamlessly blending synth textures and other electronic elements with infectious melodies. Eva No effortlessly blurs the lines between various musical genres, creating a sound that is refreshingly immersive and bound to captivate listeners from start to finish.

"Stainless Steel" is a musical tapestry that features elements of dance, pop, and even hints of reggae, as evidenced in the track "Bring Me Flowers." With each song, Eva No showcases his ability to navigate through different sonic landscapes while maintaining a cohesive and engaging sound. This EP is a testament to his wide creative range, proving that he is unafraid to push the boundaries of his artistry.

As you delve into the world of "Stainless Steel," you'll find yourself entranced by the hooks and intricacies woven throughout each track. Eva No's music is not just something you listen to; it's something you experience. The EP is a dynamic blend of electronic elements and melodies that leave a lasting impression, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh and immersive twist on contemporary music.

To top off this captivating musical journey, "Stainless Steel" concludes with a mesmerizing remix of the track "100%." This remix adds a lush and dreamy vibe to an already enchanting EP, leaving you with a sense of wonder and a desire to hit the replay button.

Eva No's "Stainless Steel" EP is a shining example of modern music production at its finest. With its crispness, mixed clarity, and fearless exploration of musical boundaries, it stands as a testament to the artist's talent and innovation. So, whether you're a dedicated fan of electronica or simply seeking a fresh sonic adventure, don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Eva No and "Stainless Steel." It's a musical journey that's bound to leave you captivated and craving more.

John Basile's "Satisfied": A Soulful Journey Through Jazz

In the world of jazz, some musicians play their instruments, and then some artists have a profound conversation with their music. John Basile, an accomplished jazz guitarist and composer, unquestionably belongs to the latter category. With a career spanning decades and a musical journey enriched by his studies and collaborations, John Basile has recently released his 11th album, "Satisfied." This record, featuring Gary Versace on Hammond B3 organ and Carmen lntorre Jr. on drums, is a testament to Basile's musical depth and artistry.

Born and raised in the vibrant musical hub of Boston, John Basile's journey into the world of jazz began at Berklee College and culminated at the New England Conservatory of Music. His formative years were enriched by the mentorship of legendary jazz guitarists such as Jim Hall, Barry Galbraith, and Chuck Wayne. This solid foundation laid the groundwork for a career that would see him become a respected sideman and leader in the jazz world.

Since relocating to New York City in 1985, John Basile has graced the stage and the studio in various musical formats. His talent as an accompanist has led him to collaborate with iconic artists such as Peggy Lee, Sylvia Sims, Rosemary Clooney, and Tony Bennett. In the realm of contemporary instrumentalists, Basile's guitar has harmonized with the likes of George Mraz, Michael Becker, Tom Harrell, John Abercrombie, and Red Mitchell.

One of the defining characteristics of John Basile's guitar style is his finger-style technique, which treats the guitar like a piano. This approach allows him to simultaneously comp chord fragments and play intricate melodies, resulting in a rich and nuanced sound. His improvisational approach is akin to a deep conversation, where sophisticated single lines effortlessly float above a sparse harmonic landscape. The result is music that swings with a profound sense of emotion and depth.

John Basile's latest release, "Satisfied," is a musical conversation that transcends genres and generations. This album, featuring the exceptional talents of Gary Versace and Carmen lntorre Jr., showcases the palpable chemistry and dynamic between the trio. With a mix of original compositions and reimagined jazz standards, each track on "Satisfied" is a carefully crafted masterpiece designed to evoke a range of emotions.

John Basile's musical journey is a testament to the power of dedication, mentorship, and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence. His 11th album, "Satisfied," is a testament to his musical maturity and artistic depth. As jazz enthusiasts, music aficionados, and guitar connoisseurs, we are privileged to witness the soulful grooves and heartfelt conversations that John Basile continues to create. Be sure to tune in on September 1st when "Satisfied" becomes available on all major streaming platforms. It's an experience you won't want to miss.

Dirty Mitts' "Women": A Fresh Take on Rock Ballads

Rock 'n' roll has always been a genre known for its electrifying energy, but every so often, a band comes along that not only rocks the stage but also delivers a message that resonates with the times. Enter DIRTY MITTS, a UK foursome that is gearing up to unleash their latest EP, "Hands Off!" on November 10th. The EP promises to be a powerhouse of sound, and it's already making waves with their scorching single "Women," a track that not only rocks but also reflects contemporary themes that are increasingly prominent in music today.

Before diving into the heart of their new single "Women," let's get acquainted with DIRTY MITTS. Formed in 2022, this diverse four-piece band hails from the UK, Poland, and Egypt but has firmly planted its roots in London. Comprising Tommy Balaam (vocals), Matt (bass), Mo (guitar), and Mateusz (drums), they've come together through a shared love for powerful rock 'n' roll.

At first listen, "Women" by DIRTY MITTS might seem like your typical rock ballad, with an opening that exudes the energy of a Saturday night filled with mischief and allure. However, as the song unfolds, it takes a unique turn. What sets "Women" apart is its ability to offer a broader appreciation for women.

"Women" takes the listener on a journey. It starts in familiar rock territory but gradually transforms into something more reflective and thought-provoking. It's not just about fleeting moments or passionate nights out; it's about celebrating and acknowledging the various facets of womanhood.

To complement the song's message, DIRTY MITTS has released an equally captivating music video. The video artfully captures the diverse aspects of womanhood, bringing the song's theme to life. It's a visual representation of the band's commitment to delivering a powerful message through their music.

DIRTY MITTS' "Women" is more than just a rock song; it's a testament to the band's ability to infuse their music with relevant social themes. By blending classic rock elements with contemporary messages, they've created a track that stands out in today's rock playlist. As they gear up to release their EP "Hands Off!" on November 10th, the excitement for DIRTY MITTS is reaching new heights. So, if you think you can handle the dirt, be sure to get your hands on "Hands Off!" and experience the unique sound of DIRTY MITTS for yourself.

Ray Johnson's "Ocean Blue": A Lyrical Voyage into the Heart

Hello, music lovers! We're back with some exciting news from the talented singer-songwriter, Ray Johnson. You might remember him from his previous hit, "Carried By The Wind," and today, he's bringing us another musical masterpiece - "Ocean Blue."

Ray Johnson's journey in music began at a young age, singing with the choir in grade school when he was just 6 years old. His passion for music grew, and by the time he was 12, he started learning to play the acoustic guitar. In high school, he continued honing his musical skills, participating in vocal ensembles and forming his first cover band. Ray's dedication to his craft carried him through college, where he further developed his vocals and guitar skills. After graduation, he established himself as a successful solo act, captivating audiences with his acoustic and vocal prowess.

Ray's musical journey took a significant turn when he ventured into songwriting. His songs found their way into the repertoire of his cover bands, and it became clear that he had a knack for creating heartfelt and engaging music. This passion culminated in the formation of Saldo Kreek, a band dedicated to writing and performing original songs. Under Ray's guidance, Saldo Kreek released two successful CDs, "Panning for Gold" and "Love Street," setting the stage for his remarkable solo career.

Fast forward to 2023, and Ray Johnson is making waves once again with his latest album, "Appealing To Angels." The second single from this album, "Ocean Blue," is gaining steady momentum, captivating listeners worldwide. The song's allure lies in its harmonious blend of acoustic pop/rock, Americana, and soft ballad elements. Ray's guitar rhythms create a dynamic and engaging soundscape, while his poetic storytelling draws listeners in with sincerity and conviction.

"Ocean Blue" has not only resonated with fans but has also caught the attention of playlist curators on Spotify, media blogs, internet radio stations, and even TV and film producers. The song's universal appeal transcends musical genres, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a musical journey that will lift their senses and soothe their souls.

As Ray Johnson continues to make his mark on the music industry, "Ocean Blue" serves as a testament to his dedication and creative prowess. With each note, he invites us into his world, where melodies and emotions flow like the ebb and flow of the tides. So, dive into the enchanting depths of "Ocean Blue" and let Ray Johnson's music take you on a lyrical voyage into the heart. It's an experience you won't want to miss.


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