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Rising Star #28

Salutations, aficionados of musical enchantment and admirers of extraordinary artistry!

Step into the mesmerizing domain of "Rising Star 28," where we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to submerge yourselves in the enthralling tapestry of musical exploration.

Picture a mosaic of burgeoning talents hailing from every corner of the globe, each wielding their sonic brush to craft melodies that promise to reshape the contours of your musical landscape. "Rising Star 28" is more than just an event; it stands as a revolutionary force, a magnetic allure poised to redefine your perception of music.

Our commitment to defying norms has given rise to an eclectic fusion of sounds. Brace yourselves for an odyssey that transcends borders, delivering not merely a playlist but a kaleidoscope of the human experience. From triumphant reverberations overcoming adversity to the gentle whispers of love and dedication, witness the alchemy that transmutes dreams into harmonious symphonies.

The artists aren't merely performers; they are storytellers beckoning you to traverse the labyrinthine corridors of their creativity. In the universal language of music, they share their most intimate experiences, inviting you to become an integral part of their sonic journey.

"Rising Star 28" refuses to be confined by genres; it is a celebration that encapsulates a rich spectrum of emotions, ideologies, and narratives, irrespective of your customary musical preferences. Prepare to be captivated as innovation takes center stage, and harmony emerges as the binding force that unites us all.

Get ready for a musical spectacle where talent recognizes no boundaries, and creativity extends to the infinite. The stage is set, and the performers are ready to cast their spells, conjuring a symphony that revels in the vast and varied expressions of humanity.

Are you primed to be spellbound? Embark on this extraordinary expedition with us and allow "Rising Star 28" to redefine your musical journey. The symphony is on the brink of commencement – brace yourself for a magical experience! 🌟🎵

"Dancing with Tuareg": DJ Thommek's Mesmerizing Journey from Desert Sundowners to EDM Masterpiece

In the vast realm of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), artists often draw inspiration from the unlikeliest of places. For DJ Thommek, a seasoned producer with a penchant for crafting mesmerizing beats, the genesis of his latest record, "Dancing with Tuareg," takes us on a unique journey through the hot desert sands of Africa.

Meet DJ Thommek, a musical virtuoso who has been fine-tuning his craft on Ableton for several years. Despite his electronic roots, Thommek's musical journey began with a guitar and double bass in various bands during his youth. His evolution from traditional instruments to the digital realm is a testament to the diverse influences that shape his sound.

The inspiration for "Dancing with Tuareg" emerged from an unexpected source – a vivid account from Thommek's friends who ventured into the heart of Africa. Envision a scene: the scorching desert sun dipping below the horizon, the rhythmic gait of camels, and the silhouette of Tuareg tribespeople dancing in the twilight. It was the magic of a sundowner in the African desert that birthed the captivating melody.

Armed with this evocative imagery, Thommek set out to encapsulate the essence of the desert experience in a musical composition. The result is a sonic journey that transports listeners to the heart of Africa, capturing the spirit of the Tuareg people and their dance under the evening sun. The fusion of EDM beats with the cultural echoes of the Tuareg creates a unique soundscape that is both entrancing and exhilarating.

The record seamlessly blends electronic elements with the organic sounds that Thommek's past as a live instrumentalist brings to the table. The pulsating rhythm, coupled with ethereal melodies, encapsulates the essence of the African landscape and the spirit of celebration. "Dancing with Tuareg" is not just a track; it's a sonic adventure that beckons the listener to join the dance under the desert skies.

DJ Thommek's "Dancing with Tuareg" stands as a testament to the power of music to transcend borders and cultures. In this EDM masterpiece, Thommek invites us to partake in the magic of an African sundowner, where the sands are hot, the beats are infectious, and the Tuareg dance in the fading light. It's not just a record; it's a captivating journey that reminds us of the universal language that is music.

Unveiling Marr Not Meeger's Debut: "Yellow Car" Sets the Tone for 'The Boy in The Tree' EP

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Paris, the debut single "Yellow Car" by the talented Marr Not Meeger (real name Rowan Meagher) is making waves on all streaming platforms. This promising young Irish singer-songwriter, now based in Paris, offers a refreshing blend of acoustic folk and 90's grunge in her much-anticipated first release, providing a sneak peek into her upcoming EP, 'The Boy in The Tree.'

"I'm really excited that 'Yellow Car' is out," Marr Not Meeger expresses enthusiastically. The track, serving as a teaser for her forthcoming EP, delves into the complexities of self-sabotage within relationships. With heartfelt lyrics and a melody that lingers, "Yellow Car" invites listeners to reflect on the intricacies of human connections, a theme many can relate to. Marr Not Meeger's soulful vocals and poignant songwriting shine through, setting the stage for a promising musical journey.

Recorded in Studio Montmartre in October 2023, Marr Not Meeger shares her positive experience in the studio. The track was brought to life under the guidance of Andreas Lecter, who handled both recording and mastering. The collaborative effort between Marr Not Meeger and Lecter resulted in a sonically rich and emotionally resonant debut single, marking the beginning of an exciting musical chapter.

"Yellow Car" is just the tip of the iceberg. Marr Not Meeger has big plans for 2024, with 'The Boy in The Tree' EP slated for a mid-year release. The EP, comprising seven songs, promises a diverse sonic landscape that reflects Marr Not Meeger's wide range of influences, ranging from iconic figures like Nina Simone and Bob Dylan to contemporary artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Beabadobee. This eclectic mix ensures that Marr Not Meeger is carving out a unique space in the musical realm.

The stage name "Marr Not Meeger" is more than a moniker; it's a nod to identity. Marr Not Meeger explains that her choice stems from the need to clarify the pronunciation of her Irish surname. Drawing inspiration from Johnny Marr of the Smiths, who similarly altered his last name, Marr Not Meeger feels a sense of camaraderie with the guitarist. Through this choice, she is finding her own voice, a voice that resonates with authenticity and originality.

"Yellow Car" marks the beginning of Marr Not Meeger's musical journey, and it's a journey worth following. As she navigates the intricate landscapes of relationships and self-discovery, Marr Not Meeger invites us to join her on this sonic exploration. With 'The Boy in The Tree' on the horizon, the world eagerly anticipates the full spectrum of Marr Not Meeger's musical prowess. Get ready for an EP that promises to be as diverse and captivating as the artist herself.

"Seven Wishes": Sometimes Julie's Rock Odyssey Unveils a Visceral Sonic Tapestry

San Diego's musical landscape has always been a hotbed for originality, and at the forefront of the city's engaging rock scene stands Sometimes Julie. The brainchild of singer/songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker, Sometimes Julie has been making waves since 2014, delivering raw yet refined sounds that blend hard-driving rock with deep-seated pop, blues, and country influences. Now, the band is back with their fifth and latest album, "Seven Wishes," a musical odyssey that encapsulates the universal yearning for love, healing, freedom, excitement, success, acceptance, and redemption.

Sometimes Julie first captivated audiences in 2014 with their award-winning debut, "Head First," setting the stage for a musical journey that continued with "Bright Side of the Line" (2016), "Breaking" (2018), and the San Diego Music Award-nominated "Where Are You?" (2020). Now, the band is poised to enchant listeners once again with the release of "Seven Wishes," an album that continues to showcase their rock roots while venturing into the realms of pop, country, and blues.

"Seven Wishes" may not be a concept album in the traditional sense, but it unveils a cohesive theme that binds the seven tracks together. Each song on the album represents a visceral yearning – a wish – whether it's for love, healing, freedom, excitement, success, acceptance, or redemption. These feelings of overwhelming desire, universally relatable, form the backbone of the album, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Recorded at Pacific Beat Recording and BigRock Studios, "Seven Wishes" boasts the familiar faces of the Sometimes Julie lineup, including Monica Sorenson, Rick Walker, Anthony Sarain, Bruce Paul Allen, Dave Fuller, and the frequent collaborator Andy Machin. However, this album introduces special guest contributors, such as Laura Chavez on guitar, Roger Friend on percussion, Larry Grano on drums, and Clair Allison & Yvonne Fuller on backing vocals. This dynamic collaboration infuses the album with diverse musical elements that enrich the overall listening experience.

A notable highlight of "Seven Wishes" is Monica Sorenson's dual role as lead vocalist and instrumentalist. The album marks a significant moment in Sometimes Julie's evolution as Monica, inspired during the pandemic, learned to play the piano and lends her newfound talent to several tracks. This addition adds a fresh layer to the band's sound, showcasing their adaptability and willingness to embrace new creative dimensions.

"Seven Wishes" is not just an album; it's a testament to Sometimes Julie's growth, versatility, and unwavering commitment to crafting music that resonates with the soul. As the band takes listeners on a journey through the seven wishes, each track unfolds as a musical gem, polished with the unique blend of influences that define Sometimes Julie's signature sound. Get ready to be stirred by the sexy yet powerful melodies of "Seven Wishes" – an album that captures the essence of desire, yearning, and the unrelenting pursuit of dreams.

ACTVE CAPTVE's Grand Finale: "Last Forever" Brings New Year's Eve Emotion to the "Saudaze" EP Saga

As the clock ticks down to the final moments of 2023, ACTVE CAPTVE has a New Year's Eve gift for fans eagerly awaiting the crescendo of their musical journey. The band announces the release of "Last Forever," the grand finale to their debut EP, "Saudaze." This explosive single fuses the untamed energy of pop punk with the shimmering nostalgia of 80s synthwave, creating a sonic landscape that is both invigorating and reminiscent. Join Justin, the band's frontman, as he pours his heart into the lyrics, grappling with the complexity of love, loss, and the paradoxical desire for connections to last forever.

"Last Forever" is a musical collision, seamlessly blending the raw, unbridled energy of pop punk with the synthwave tones of the 80s. ACTVE CAPTVE's ability to navigate these diverse elements speaks to their innovative approach to music. The result is a poignant and electrifying conclusion to the emotional journey embarked upon in the "Saudaze" EP. As Justin delves into the conflicting emotions of clinging to a love while acknowledging its inevitable end, "Last Forever" captures the essence of saudade – a feeling of longing and nostalgia for something that can never be fully recaptured.

The "Saudaze" EP has been a soul-searching exploration for Justin, delving into themes of loss and self-discovery. "Last Forever" serves as the emotional climax, encapsulating the paradox of holding onto fleeting connections. The song invites listeners to reflect on the transient nature of relationships, acknowledging that some things are destined to be ephemeral. It's a poignant farewell to the old and a welcoming embrace of the new, symbolized by the single's release on New Year's Eve.

As the world bids farewell to the old and welcomes the new, ACTVE CAPTVE encourages fans to join them in embracing the electrifying energy of "Last Forever." The single's release on New Year's Eve is symbolic of a transition into a new chapter filled with hope, resilience, and the acknowledgment that, like the passing year, some things are destined to become cherished memories.

Beyond "Last Forever," ACTVE CAPTVE invites fans to stay connected through social media for exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and updates on their ever-evolving musical journey. As a force that defies conventional boundaries, ACTVE CAPTVE continues to redefine the possibilities of modern music, from disco to hard rock, pop punk to synthwave.

"Last Forever" isn't just a song; it's a sonic journey that captures the essence of emotion, the complexity of relationships, and the inevitability of change. ACTVE CAPTVE's fearless approach to experimentation has culminated in a musical masterpiece that bids adieu to the "Saudaze" EP saga with a bang. As the countdown to midnight begins, let "Last Forever" be the soundtrack to your New Year's Eve, ushering in a new chapter with the electrifying energy and distinctive sound that ACTVE CAPTVE brings to the world of modern music.

 Diana Omar's Sonic Revolution: Exploring "Sentimentalist in Chaos"

In the eclectic realm of music, there are artists who not only captivate listeners with their melodies but also leave a lasting impact with the depth of their storytelling. Diana Omar, a Yale student and singer-songwriter from Maryland, seamlessly fuses pop and indie influences to craft a unique aural experience. Her latest single, "sentimentalist in chaos," delves into the intricate tapestry of human emotions and self-discovery, inspired by a revolutionary figure discussed in one of her unexpected Yale writing classes.

Diana Omar's music is a testament to her ability to blend diverse sounds while weaving compelling narratives. "sentimentalist in chaos" is no exception, drawing inspiration from a historical figure described as a "sentimentalist in chaos" during one of Diana's Yale writing classes. The song explores the profound feeling of being alienated by society for acknowledging emotions in the midst of conflict. It serves as a poignant reminder to embrace our humanity rather than conforming to societal expectations of emotional detachment.

As a songwriter, Diana Omar navigates themes of love, self-discovery, and personal growth with a rare combination of strength and tenderness. "sentimentalist in chaos" is a musical journey that reflects her introspective approach to life, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of their own emotions. Through her lyrics, Diana creates an atmosphere where vulnerability is celebrated, encouraging her audience to connect with their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Diana is a passionate STEM advocate, committed to providing opportunities for underrepresented students. Her dual identity as a Yale student by day and a singer-songwriter whenever inspiration calls showcases the multidimensionality of her pursuits. Through her music platform, Diana aims to inspire young minds to pursue careers in STEM, breaking barriers and fostering diversity in these fields.

Diana refers to her lyrics as her "inner monologue," and in "sentimentalist in chaos," she invites listeners into this intimate realm. The song serves as a window into her reflections, creating a space for shared experiences and connection. As she shares her personal journey through music, Diana bridges the gap between artist and audience, fostering a sense of community.

"Sentimentalist in Chaos" is not just a song; it's a sonic revolution that challenges societal norms and embraces the beauty of vulnerability. Diana Omar's ability to blend genres and explore profound themes makes her a standout artist in the musical landscape. As she continues to craft compelling narratives and advocate for STEM opportunities, Diana paves the way for a future where creativity, emotion, and intellect seamlessly coexist. Join her on this musical and intellectual journey, and let "sentimentalist in chaos" be the soundtrack to your exploration of self and society.

"Colours" by Fallin' Astronauts: Painting a Sonic Canvas of Diversity and Love

In the heart of Austria, a two-man indie-pop force known as Fallin' Astronauts emerged in 2020, introducing a sonic blend that fuses classic indie-pop sounds with ethereal elements. Recognizable for their bright guitar riffs, reversed effects, and polyphonic vocals, Fallin' Astronauts crafts music that transcends genres. Their latest single, "Colours," is a vibrant celebration of life's different facets, diversity, and the power of embracing love in a world marked by prejudice and stereotypes.

"Colours" wasn't born in a studio but rather on the road, inspired by a breathtaking sunset that painted the sky with intense hues. This visual spectacle became the muse for a song that explores the kaleidoscope of life's experiences. The track serves as a symbolic reference to the Pride Flag, emphasizing the importance of tolerance and peace in a world often tainted by judgments and misconceptions. Fallin' Astronauts believe in the mantra: "Never judge a book by its cover."

Fallin' Astronauts comprises Mars, the lead singer, pianist, and occasional guitarist, and Eris, the lead guitarist, background vocalist, and primary instrumentalist. Their musical journey began in the classical realm, crossing paths at concerts during their time as music students. After a brief stint with another band, the duo embarked on their own project, evolving a distinctive sound marked by bright guitar tunes and ethereal elements.

The duo's music is born in their home studio in Vienna, complemented by collaborations with sound engineers from Austrian studios. The visual aspect is equally important, and the band collaborates with a graphic designer to create captivating artwork that complements their sonic creations.

"Colours" epitomizes indie-pop with upbeat vibes and acoustic elements. The song's ethos is rooted in inspiring open-mindedness and advocating for tolerance. Fallin' Astronauts aim to spread love and counteract the negativity that often pervades our world.

"Colours" by Fallin' Astronauts is more than a song; it's a vibrant expression of life's spectrum, a call for tolerance, and a celebration of love. With their eclectic influences, global aspirations, and commitment to breaking down stereotypes, Fallin' Astronauts invite you to join them on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and paints a canvas of diversity.

"Heading North" by The Alpines: A Sonic Odyssey Through Post-Apocalyptic Adventures

Embark on a musical journey with The Alpines, a folky rock duo hailing from Utah, as they invite you to experience their latest record, "Heading North." This concept album is a captivating narrative of four travelers navigating a post-apocalyptic world, blending elements of Americana, psychedelic, dance, folk, synth, and indie. With standout tracks like "Everything has Changed," "The Takeaway," and the titular "Heading North," The Alpines deliver a sonic odyssey that resonates with themes of adventure, loss, and discovery.

The Alpines' origins trace back to a coffee-fueled meeting between Bri and Danny in 2021. United by a shared vision, they began writing together, eventually conceiving the idea for a post-apocalyptic concept album, "Heading North." The full band came together, and their first gig at Kilby Court marked the beginning of a musical adventure that would take them to notable venues and festivals.

With influences ranging from Fleet Foxes to Arcade Fire, The Alpines have graced stages at the Utah Arts Festival, Grid City Fest, Craft Lake City DIY Fest, and more. A memorable connection formed at the Utah Arts Fest led to an invitation to play at The Velour, a significant honor for the band.

The album, recorded at Rocket Skate Studio with Danny Patino, Bri McCall, Levi Johnson, Jake Trotta, and Nate Brown, encapsulates a diverse range of musical styles. Blending French dub, synthy shoegaze, and powerful vocals, "Heading North" ensures a captivating auditory experience, filled with ear candy that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.

The creation of "Heading North" coincided with Bri's preparation for a 400-mile hike across the Pacific Northwest Trail. The sense of adventure and the anticipation of her solo journey through grizzly bear country found its way into the album's lyrics. Themes of resilience, discovery, and the uncharted territory are intricately woven into the sonic fabric of each track.

"Heading North" by The Alpines is not merely an album; it's a sonic odyssey that immerses listeners in a post-apocalyptic world filled with adventure, resilience, and self-discovery. With their diverse musical influences and a penchant for storytelling, The Alpines beckon you to join them on this musical escapade, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their evolving journey.

"Angel By My Side by Halvorsongs": A Harmonious Ode to Faith, Hope, and World Peace

Step into the world of Scott Halvorsen, a versatile songwriter, producer, and music publisher known for his ventures under Lawrence Pelz Music and Halvorsongs. Scott embarks on a new musical journey with his project, releasing the uplifting soft rock inspirational ballad, "Angel By My Side." This heartfelt single, the first of 12 in the series, carries a positive message of hope and love, emphasizing the power of faith for peace and a better world.

Recorded on the iconic Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, "Angel By My Side" came to life under the guidance of Grammy Member and award-winning producer Mark Riddick. Mark, whose impressive portfolio collaborated with Scott to bring forth a harmonious composition that resonates with spirituality, hope, and a universal call for world peace.

The single is characterized by a spirit of spirituality versus religion, encapsulating a message of hope and advocating for global peace. Scott's ethos behind "Angel By My Side" rests in creating a musical sanctuary that transcends boundaries, offering solace and inspiration to listeners across diverse backgrounds.

The song's lyrics draw inspiration from the last interview given by ex-Beatle John Lennon, particularly his emphasis on 'singing songs for peace.' Scott crafted "Angel By My Side" as a personal reflection on faith in a higher power, intertwining universal themes of peace and hope. The track serves as a gentle reminder that, despite individual beliefs, a common ground can be found in the pursuit of a better world.

In the process of recording, Scott experienced both shock and delight upon learning about the session musicians collaborating on "Angel By My Side." However, the excitement comes with a twist, as legal constraints prevent Scott from publicly crediting these illustrious session players who contributed to the song's enchanting sound. A secret kept for now, but one that adds a layer of intrigue to the single's production.

"Angel By My Side by Halvorsongs" is not just a song; it's a melodic sanctuary that invites listeners to reflect on faith, embrace hope, and join the universal call for world peace. Scott Halvorsen's musical journey unfolds with this soul-stirring single, promising a cascade of harmonious tales that resonate with the collective heartbeat of humanity. As the notes of "Angel By My Side" reverberate, Scott Halvorsen invites you to share in the uplifting journey towards a better world through the language of music.

"FLASK" by SPACE OWL: A Genre-Bending Sonic Odyssey

Seattle-based ensemble SPACE OWL invites music enthusiasts on an extraordinary sonic journey with their latest epic release, "FLASK." This through-composed rock masterpiece is a genre-blending odyssey, featuring a constellation of influences ranging from Phish to Frank Zappa. Led by the brilliant compositional skills of Ari Joshua, SPACE OWL unleashes a musical expedition that transcends boundaries, pushing the limits of psychedelic progressive rock.

"FLASK" is not your conventional song; it's a through-composed opus that spans multiple time signatures and musical genres. The composition unfolds with echoes of Frank Zappa's classical influence, traverses sections reminiscent of reggae and jam rock, and culminates in a peak before seamlessly unwinding like a palindrome. The listener is taken on an epic journey that mirrors the complexities of space and time.

Ari Joshua, the visionary composer behind SPACE OWL, showcases his brilliance in "FLASK." Backed by a stellar lineup, including Bob Lovelace, John Ewing, and David Appelbaum, the band weaves a sonic tapestry that captivates the imagination. Each member contributes their unique talents, creating a musical landscape that is both intricate and expansive.

With over a decade of musical exploration, SPACE OWL has cultivated a devoted following by blending psychedelic rock with genre-bending experimentation. Their recent archival dig yielded a trove of unreleased gems, further showcasing their versatility and range.

"FLASK" by SPACE OWL is more than a song; it's a sonic odyssey that defies categorization. The genre-bending composition takes listeners on a transformative journey, reflecting the vast possibilities of rock n' roll. As SPACE OWL continues to explore the boundless realms of music, "FLASK" stands as a testament to their commitment to pushing the envelope and creating immersive sonic experiences. Prepare to be transported to a world of sonic wonder as you embark on this musical adventure with SPACE OWL.

"La canzone dei pianeti" by Massimo De Simone: A Celestial Journey of Love

Embark on a celestial journey of love with Massimo De Simone's latest single, "La canzone dei pianeti." This romantic pop ballad, adorned with orchestral pop arrangements and sweet guitar melodies, serves as a poignant narrative of the special bond between a father and his son. As the guitar gently guides listeners towards a world of dreams and fantasies, the song unfolds into a heartwarming story of shared paths and timeless connections.

"La canzone dei pianeti" creates a dreamlike atmosphere with its orchestral pop arrangement, elevating the storytelling to a cinematic level. The guitar, akin to a sweet handmaid, accompanies the audience through the enchanting landscape of the song, creating a backdrop for the tale of an extraordinary relationship.

At its core, the song narrates the enduring love between a father and his son, emphasizing their parallel journeys that never stray too far apart. The most enchanting voyage they undertake together transcends reality, leading them through imaginary worlds and celestial bodies. Falling asleep in each other's arms becomes the inception of a shared dream, a celestial sojourn between planets, all while the rhythmic ticking of time provides the soundtrack to their intertwined lives.

Massimo De Simone, the singer-songwriter behind this musical masterpiece, showcases his ability to craft emotive narratives through his music. The romantic pop ballad reflects not only his musical prowess but also his gift for storytelling, inviting listeners to connect with the universal theme of love and familial bonds.

"La canzone dei pianeti" is available on all major digital platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in this celestial symphony whenever they desire. The single is a testament to Massimo De Simone's commitment to sharing meaningful stories through his artistry.

"La canzone dei pianeti" by Massimo De Simone is more than a song; it's a celestial journey encapsulated in music. With its orchestral pop arrangements and heartfelt storytelling, the single invites audiences to explore the depths of love and connection. As the guitar strums its sweet melodies, listeners are transported to a realm of dreams and fantasies, guided by the tender narrative of a father and his son. In the rhythmic embrace of time, the song unfolds like a celestial lullaby, marking the soundtrack of an everlasting bond.


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