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Rising star #3

Updated: May 23, 2023

Welcome to "Rising Star," our exciting new music blog series dedicated to showcasing the best new talent across a range of musical genres. In this session, we'll introduce you to 10 up-and-coming recording artists who are poised to take the music world by storm.

From indie rock to hip-hop, from singer-songwriters to electronic producers, "Rising Star" is your one-stop shop for discovering the freshest, most innovative sounds in music today. Our team of music experts has scoured the globe to find the most promising new artists, and we're thrilled to bring them to you in this exclusive blog series.

We'll be profiling each artist in detail, providing you with an in-depth look at their background, their musical style, and what sets them apart from the crowd. We'll be sharing exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and of course, plenty of their music for you to enjoy.

Whether you're a die-hard music fan or just someone looking for some new tunes to brighten up your day, "Rising Star" has something for everyone. So join us as we take a journey through the exciting and ever-changing world of music, and discover the next generation of stars who are making waves in the industry. We can't wait to share their music with you!

TALIA GRACE - Soliloquy

Talia Grace, a musician born and raised in Los Angeles, California, began her journey as a musician at the age of seven. She started playing shows with her siblings by the time she was nine, and fell in love with writing and recording music by the age of 12.

Talia is an independent artist who has her hand in every step of the creative process. She writes and funds her music 100% and promotes it herself. Her music is a labor of love and she believes that it comes across.

Influenced by the likes of Bon Iver, Don McLean, Adele, Sufjan Stevens, and Noah Gundersen, Talia's music is a unique blend of pop and folk that captures the essence of life's ups and downs. Her latest single, "Soliloquy," was written and recorded in South Austin and produced by Taylor Webb, with mastering by Bob Boyd of Ambient Digital.

The song itself was inspired by a moment of realization that Talia had while sitting alone at Radio Coffee and Beer. She was struck by the feeling of isolation and loneliness, and the song reflects those emotions while also exploring what makes life worth living.

Talia's music is a testament to the power of the independent artist. With complete control over every aspect of her music, from writing to production to promotion, she can create art that truly represents her vision. And with her focus on creating music that connects with people on a deep level, Talia Grace is an artist worth keeping an eye on.

LUKX - Everyday

Lukx is a Belgian music duo consisting of the father-son team of Nils and Lucas Malmport. Nils is the composer, producer, mixer, and mastering artist, while Lucas is the singer and writer. Their music is a unique blend of English and French lyrics that falls somewhere between Hip-Hop/Rap and Pop.

The father-son team has performed at numerous small gigs and featured once on Belgian radio. Together, they produce fresh music that blends various genres such as Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and House. With their unique sound and production style.

One unique aspect of Lukx's music production is that they release a new song every first Friday of the month. The duo produces their creative releases straight from their small home studio in Belgium.

For "Everyday," their latest release, they collaborated with three of Lukx's friends in the composition process. Nils recorded, mixed, and mastered the track. The song is a subtle, melodic, and groovy track that features Lucas's everyday thoughts, desires, and fears.

The song switches between English and French lyrics to reach as many people as possible, and the catchy tune is sure to get listeners in the mood. Definitely, Lukx is an up-and-coming music duo to keep an eye on.

THE NUMB PROJECT - Abstract Facts

The Numb Project, the downtempo moniker of Portland-based producer Chris Calarco, has just released a new four-song EP titled "Abstract Facts". This EP represents the most complete and mature work of the producer, blending atmospheric downtempo and psychedelic glitch hop.

Chris Calarco released his debut double LP, "Soundbridge Sessions," in 2003 on Pittsburgh’s Hexagon Records, and then vanished for over 17 years. He resurfaced in 2021 with the self-released "Wakeless LP" and three other singles.

This new EP is a journey of warm and haunting melodies, dynamic boom-bap beats, and percolating rhythmic shifts. The result is a tension-filled groovy sonic landscape that will make you want to listen with headphones on. The EP draws inspiration from the turn-of-the-millennium trip-hop scene of Boards of Canada, DJ Krush, Telefon Tel Aviv, and the modern downtempo dub style of Sorrow, Tycho, and Segue.

"Blind" is an intriguing instrumental track from The Numb Project that blends glitch and downtempo elements with a dynamic and driving rhythm. The track opens with atmospheric synths and swirling glitch effects before a hard-hitting beat kicks in, pushing the track forward with a sense of urgency.

"Abstract Facts" demonstrates sonic precision and fat grooves that show Chris Calarco’s maturity as a producer. The EP is undoubtedly his most fully realized work to date, and it sits comfortably alongside thoughtful headphone candy genres like trip-hop, glitch-hop, and psychedelic downtempo.

FONVERY - I Might Be Enough

Fonvery is a musical project led by Francis Convery, a singer-songwriter based in Philadelphia. Convery draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including surf rock and lo-fi 80s pop. The artist cites Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Alvvays, Alex G, and Steve Lacy as some of his biggest influences.

Convery began his musical journey by taking a guitar class in high school. From there, he quickly fell in love with songwriting and began recording music in his bedroom. He has since opened for bands like the American Authors and played on the main stage at Penn State's THON twice.

Fonvery's music has been described as having a special atmosphere and an insanely beautiful timbre of voice. Convery hopes that his music will resonate with listeners and let them know that they are not alone in their feelings.

The single "I Might Be Enough" is about regaining one's identity and learning to love again after being in a tumultuous relationship. This song and his upcoming album were born during the lockdown and served as a way for Convery to maintain his sanity during a challenging time.

For Convery, "I Might Be Enough" represents the moment when he found his self-esteem and decided to take a metaphorical leap off the high dive and see how he landed. He hopes to inspire others to create great art despite any limitations they may face.

THEVERSO - Take Me Out

Italian singer-songwriter Luca Cicinelli's solo project TheVerso is a musical exploration of the different meanings and opposites contained in the Italian word "verso", which can mean both the verse of a poem and the sound of an animal.

Inspired by the likes of The Cure, Oasis, R.E.M., and The Beatles, Luca's music combines elements of 90s pop-rock, Britpop, classic rock, and new wave to create a sound that is both pop and dark at the same time.

His latest single, "Take me out", is a personal declaration of love for The Cure's music and a request for help to escape from a situation of oppression.

The song was recorded in Rome, Italy, at HombreLobo studio, with Luca writing the music and lyrics, singing and playing the guitar, while the producer Valerio Fisik played the other instruments, mixed, and mastered the song.

With previous songs entering Italian radio charts for independent artists and the music video for "Endless Corridor" being shown on Telesia TV, Luca's work has been described as an evasion from daily life, inviting listeners on a personal search for balance and truth.


The Ruby Tears are a rock band that was formed during the lockdown. For the first 12 months, they were purely an online writing partnership without even meeting in person. Their influences come from the late 60s, 70s glam and rock, New Wave, and 80s Post Punk. The band members are John Goodfellow on guitar and vocals, Jimmy Sangster on bass, and Jeff Skellon on lead and rhythm guitars.

The Ruby Tears' main influences come from guitar pop from the late 60s, glam rock, punk, new wave, and post-punk. As for notable gigs or festivals, they haven't played any yet, but they did a gig last year until health issues put a stop to that. They also played at the iconic Dublin Castle in Camden as part of a special weekend to throw a spotlight on up-and-coming new indie bands. It was a fantastic venue and a real thrill to make their London debut.

Their latest EP was recorded in Salford at 6Db studios, and Ding from the Pixies had recorded and produced some great acts from his studio. The two songs on the single are two of their live favorites, different from each other but coming from the same place at the same time. There is a crossover of styles in each of them, Americana meets New Wave, Fuzzrock meets Country.

One of their songs, Never Gonna Be (Like It Is On TV), is about believing the hype of television romance - the insidious influence of corny boy-meets-girl stereotypes. Another song, Piccadilly, is about the stumbling ‘walk of shame’ through early morning city center streets as the breaking sun lights up a world of regret.

In conclusion, Ruby Tears is a band that proves that even during difficult times, there is always room for creativity, and great things can be achieved through collaboration. Their music is a mixture of different genres, and their passion for it is evident in their songs. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this exciting new band.

SUGAR NOVA - Tiny Helicopters (jackLNDN Remix)

Denver-based duo Sugar Nova, comprised of Luke Miller from the band Lotus and Rachel Eisenstat from Raven Jane, is breaking musical barriers with their unique blend of electronic beats and soulful vocals.

Catchy, vocal-driven electronic tunes from their first album defy easy categorization thanks to arrangements that pay homage to Indie-Dance, Nu-Disco, Dance/Electronica, Dream Pop, and Chillwave. Their music keeps your body rocking to the beat while focusing on profound lyrical subjects.

Renowned house producer and DJ jackLNDN has remixed "Tiny Helicopters," Sugar Nova's third song. While retaining the emotional effect of the original vocals, the remix gives the song a glittering, tropical club flavor. Vocal chops and energetic drumming give the song a house feel, yet euphoric synthesizers and soothing piano chords re-harmonize the tune.

Luke Miller, one half of Sugar Nova, thought jackLNDN would be the perfect person to remix "Tiny Helicopters," saying, "The way he treats vocals in his tracks is very thoughtful and balanced. He did a great job of putting a fresh sound on the track but keeping the intimacy of Rachel's original vocal."

Overall, "Tiny Helicopters" is an impressive debut from Sugar Nova that showcases the duo's talent for crafting catchy electronic tracks with deep, introspective lyrics. If you're a fan of soulful vocals, dreamy synths, and bouncy beats, this is a track you won't want to miss.

THE PARLOPHONICS - Dying of the Ligh

The Parlophonics, a rock outfit founded in 2020, may be spread out across the world, but their music sounds like they're all in the same room. Their latest release, Dying Of The Light, showcases the trio's shared love of retro British rock with their unique indie twist.

Despite the challenges of creating music long-distance, The Parlophonics' members, Robert Horvath, Fernando Perdomo, and Hugh Macdonald, have found a way to blend their sounds seamlessly. Dying Of The Light is a testament to their hard work, and the result is an album full of tonal harmonies that feel like they're all in the same room.

The album was masterfully mixed by Grammy Award winner Zach Ziskin, adding a layer of polish to the already impressive sound. The cover art for the album is courtesy of Klaus Voormann, the legendary artist known for designing the Beatles' Revolver album cover.

Despite being an independent outfit without the backing of a major label, The Parlophonics have managed to create an impressive body of work with Dying Of The Light. Their love for retro British rock and pop music shines through in every song, making this album a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Overall, "Fill My Sky" is a fun and catchy track that showcases The Parlophonics' impressive musicianship and ability to seamlessly blend different genres and sounds. It's a great example of the band's retro-inspired yet modern approach to rock music.


Jane Swane is a Korean American producer, artist, and songwriter who creates music that blends melancholy and trippy sounds with bold beats. Her lyrical melodies are woven into stories that touch on personal emotions, resulting in captivating tracks that stay with you long after the music ends.

Swane cites Beach House, Radiohead, and The Weeknd as her main influences, and it's clear from her music that she's taken inspiration from these artists and made something uniquely her own. Her sound is both haunting and energizing, with a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments creating a dreamy atmosphere that's at once introspective and energizing.

Although she hasn't played any notable gigs, festivals, or events, Swane has been consistently getting on Spotify playlists and building up her production credits. Her self-produced single was recorded at The Box Studio in Burbank, and the song itself deals with the reality of a pained relationship. It's a topic that many of us can relate to, and Swane's ability to weave personal emotions into her music makes the song all the more powerful.

The production of "Give Me Up" is also top-notch. The drum machine beats give the song a certain edge, while the use of reverb and other effects creates a dreamy, otherworldly atmosphere. The song is well-mixed and balanced, allowing each element to shine without overwhelming the others.

Overall, "Give Me Up" is an excellent example of Jane Swane's talent as a producer and artist. With her blend of melancholic sounds, personal lyrics, and catchy melodies, she has created a truly captivating song. Fans of alternative pop with a relaxing vibe will want to check it out.

ROBBIE RAPIDS - Turn Back Around

Grand Rapids, Michigan native and musician Robbie Rapids currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Robbie's music, which focuses on rock, crosses several sub-genres, including hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock, rock for adults, and even a little bit of southern rock, blues rock, and country rock.

Robbie's musical journey began with playing guitar in a high school jazz band, and later honing his craft as a cover song master before eventually venturing into writing original songs. He has performed publicly on numerous occasions under various band names, but is perhaps best known for his stint fronting a Tom Petty tribute band, thanks to the similarity of his voice and musical taste.

Now, Robbie is making waves with his solo project "Robbie Rapids", which features the "Rapid Response Unit". His latest release, "Turn Back Around", is a song about self-reflection and the need to change direction in life. As Robbie himself explains, "It's my own self-motivational song and I hope it inspires others".

Unlike his previous releases, "Turn Back Around" took a different approach to recording. Robbie worked with musicians he had been performing live with for the past three years, rehearsing the song idea and adding it to their rotation for about three months. The song, however, didn't fully come together until Robbie enlisted the help of producer and mixer Dani Macchi, who helped bring the song to life and achieve Robbie's vision.

As a bonus, Dani can also be heard playing electric guitar and keyboard pads on the track. With his unmistakable voice and passion for rock, Robbie Rapids is an artist to keep an eye on. Fans of his music can look forward to more releases from his solo project.


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