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Rising Star #5

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Our thrilling music series "Rising Star" is now in Chapter 5!

As we present you with a new group of 10 exceptional recording artists that are ready to leave their imprint on the music industry, get ready to go on a trip.

"Rising Star" is your go-to place for discovering the most cutting-edge sounds in today's music landscape, spanning a wide spectrum of musical genres from indie rock to hip-hop, singer-songwriters to electronic producers.

Our team of music industry professionals has tirelessly searched the world for the most exciting new artists, and we're thrilled to present them to you exclusively in this blog series.

Each musician will be presented in great depth, giving you a thorough understanding of their history, musical taste, and what makes them unique from their contemporaries.

Get ready for a wealth of incredible music for your listening enjoyment, as well as exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, and more.

"Rising Star" provides something for everyone, whether you're an avid music fan or just looking for some new tracks to make your day happier.

Discover the next talents who are creating waves in the music industry as we explore the fascinating and always-changing world of music.

We are very excited to share their amazing music with you!


Originating from Maryland, Hostile Array has undergone constant evolution, aiming to redefine their sound since its debut in 2018. Initially recognized as a well-balanced blend of heavy and catchy post-hardcore, the band has now embraced a pop-centric medium while maintaining the intensity and emotion of early 2000s post-hardcore.

By incorporating catchy hooks, polished production, and alternative beats, Hostile Array has crafted a sound that is uniquely their own. Which consists of talented musicians who bring their skills and passion to the forefront. Brendan Frey lends his powerful vocals, Garrison Frey and Hector Fernandez create mesmerizing guitar melodies, Brody Barbour handles the bass, and Fredy Menjivar provides the driving force on drums.

Their much-awaited EP, "Trauma," has been released. It is a stirring and empathetic collection of songs that explores the problems with mental health that each band member has faced. Hostile Array is a genre-defying combination of contemporary pop-centric rock and early 2000s post-hardcore that will undoubtedly strike a chord with fans.

The album "Trauma" comprises five intensely moving compositions that address various facets of mental health. The EP inspires headbanging and cathartic shouting, and from the churning instrumentation of "Wounds" to the anthemic and soaring chorus of "Heavy," it creates a memorable aural experience that will stay with listeners all summer long.

With their remarkable sound production, thought-provoking lyrics, and unique musical identity, Hostile Array is poised for a long and successful career in the heavy music scene. As they continue to evolve and defy genre expectations, they leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of their listeners.


Formed in 2010, You Bred Raptors? started as a humble DIY project. Over time, the band transformed into a fully trademarked LLC, complete with a booking agent and a dedicated street team. Their journey from humble beginnings to recognized performers is a testament to their talent and determination.

You Bred Raptors? has graced prestigious stages, earning residencies as the House Band for Off-Broadway's "Sleep No More," Adult Swim at Comic-Con, and The NYC Toy Fair for an impressive nine years. They have also collaborated with iconic artist Yoko Ono for her one-woman show at the Museum of Modern Art. Selling out shows at renowned venues like The Gramercy Theater and Music Hall of Williamsburg, their performances never fail to captivate audiences.

Their single/EP/album was recorded at Nada Recording Studio in New York, with mixing and mastering done by Eric Castillo. Production assistance was provided by Billy Shinker & Kill the Sun Productions, ensuring a polished and captivating final product.

You Bred Raptors? have carved a distinct path in the post-rock genre with their innovative instrumentation, breathtaking performance, and impressive record. Keep an eye out for You Bred Raptors? as they redefine what it means to create exceptional music and deliver unforgettable live experiences.

In conclusion, You Bred Raptors?' latest release is a testament to their skill and artistry. With a strong instrumental presence that combines elements of alternative and post-rock, this record is a captivating and polished offering. The exceptional production quality and the band's ability to create a unique sonic landscape make this a standout release in their discography. Fans of instrumental music and those seeking a fresh take on rock genres will undoubtedly find themselves enthralled by the immersive experience offered by You Bred Raptors? on this record.


Prepare to be captivated by the dynamic and high-energy trap banger "LL&P" by Lexa Terrestrial, a talented femcee making waves in the hip-hop scene. This track is unlike anything you've heard from other emerging female rappers, showcasing Lexa's unique style, fast-paced flow, and intense metal-infused vocals. With the bass-driven production by legendary hip-hop producer Blvck Monsta, "LL&P" is an empowering anthem that will make you feel like the ultimate bad b****.

Lexa Terrestrial is not your average rapper. Standing at just 4'11", she may deceive you with her petite frame, but her fierce rap skills and love for fashion leave an unforgettable impression. She has shared the stage with heavyweight artists like Hopsin, Bone Thugs, Rittz, Logic, Jarren Benton, and MGK, and even ventured into the realm of alt-pop acts such as The Millionaires, Girl Talk, and Jeffree Star. In 2016, she was featured in the XXL Freshman Issue, solidifying her status as a rising star.

Lexa's journey hasn't been without challenges. Five years ago, she became the victim of a terrifying medical malpractice incident that resulted in painful and expensive medical treatments. As a result, Lexa wears a mask 99% of the time due to a rare neurological breathing condition. Despite these obstacles, she has found unique ways to continue pursuing her passion for music while using her influence to raise awareness for ENS (Empty Nose Syndrome) and contribute to finding a cure.

In Lexa Terrestrial's repertoire, "LL&P" stands out as a highlight song because it displays her mastery of lyric writing, powerful bass, and quick-witted rap lines. It has received recognition from listeners for being among the finest exercise songs since it creates a brisk and empowering environment for strenuous physical activity.

The song is a trap/bass heavy/femcee hip-hop anthem that defies expectations and showcases her immense talent as an artist. With her distinctive style, lightning-fast flow, and captivating live performances, Lexa Terrestrial is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As she continues to innovate and push boundaries, her influence will undoubtedly extend far beyond the realms of social media, solidifying her status as an artist who is truly out of this world.

BIRDS ARE BETTER - The Island - Part One

Fjelldal, known for his quirky Southern Norwegian folk-pop, made a bold decision to break free from his established image and explore new sonic territories. Inspired by bands and artists like Fleet Foxes, The Flaming Lips, Crowded House, Susanne Sundfør, and Super Furry Animals, he embarked on a musical experiment that would become Birds Are Better.

After releasing his fifth studio album, "Hus," in January 2022, Fjelldal found himself unexpectedly underwhelmed by his work. It was a moment of truth, a realization that he may not genuinely appreciate his music if it were created by someone else. This honest self-reflection led Fjelldal to question the type of music he genuinely wanted to create.

With newfound creative freedom, Fjelldal began crafting songs in English, tapping into a different voice that resonated more deeply with his true artistic identity. No longer confined by preconceived notions of himself, Fjelldal found inspiration from the heart and embraced a more authentic approach to his craft.

After three years of exploration, songwriting, and self-discovery, Birds Are Better is ready to make its debut with "The Island – Part One." This album, the first half of a double album, showcases Fjelldal's growth as an artist. Recorded at home in Oslo and expertly produced, mixed, and mastered by his friend Håkon Gebhardt, "The Island – Part One" promises to be a captivating journey through Fjelldal's musical evolution.

The album opens with "Seven In the Morning," a track that immediately grabs the listener's attention with its ethereal atmosphere and introspective lyrics. "Super Highway" takes a different approach, infusing the album with an upbeat energy and a catchy melody that lingers in the mind long after the song has ended. In conclusion, Birds Are Better's debut album, "The Island – Part One," is a remarkable showcase of Stian Fjelldal's artistic vision and musical talent.

STRANGE SOUVENIRS - Coma Cluster (feat. Cameron James Laing)

Strange Souvenirs is composed of two brothers, Tom and Matt, who skillfully handle a variety of instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, synths, samples, loops, and vocals. Their musical journey began in the basement, where they started their creative exploration, gradually progressing and evolving.

Through trials, tribulations, and exaltation, they emerged as a dynamic sibling duo destined to make waves in the music industry. Currently, they primarily focus on producing and crafting their unique sonic tapestries within a former East Berlin weapons factory-turned-studio.

When asked about their main influences, Strange Souvenirs resist easy categorization. They admire artists who prioritize songs over selfies and substance over style, embracing a deep appreciation for music that transcends superficial trends. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres and artists, Strange Souvenirs forge their path, guided by a desire to create captivating and authentic compositions.

"Coma Cluster" serves as a prime example of Strange Souvenirs' ability to surprise and captivate listeners. The track commences with a groovy and laid-back ambiance, reminiscent of a gentle evening breeze. However, be prepared for an exhilarating twist as it transforms into a sonic tornado, hurling a pickup truck-sized surge of energy directly at your senses. The seamless transition showcases Strange Souvenirs' mastery of unexpected sonic dynamics.

Strange Souvenirs' ability to create delicate, disorienting, and occasionally danceable music sets them apart as a remarkable duo. With their latest single, "Coma Cluster," they continue to surprise and mesmerize audiences, showcasing their uncanny ability to seamlessly transition between contrasting sonic landscapes. As Strange Souvenirs leave their mark on the music scene, keep a watchful eye on their otherworldly creations and prepare to be transported to extraordinary dimensions of sound.


Introducing 2T, a dynamic collaboration between two self-producing artists from Brooklyn and Detroit. With their infectious turn-up songs, this duo is set to bring the heat to the summer music scene. Combining their talents as musicians, producers, and songwriters, 2T represents the new age of sound for hip-hop, embodying the essence of the culture.

2T consists of two young artists, one based in Brooklyn and the other in Detroit. Both members possess impressive rap and production skills, allowing them to create their unique music. Their partnership came to fruition after they crossed paths through a popular mid-eastern fashion designer named "Purple Bear." Tsunami811 embarked on a tour and connected with Kevin Bailey in Detroit, leading to a joint show that solidified their creative collaboration.

Kevin Bailey has garnered recognition through numerous local shows in Detroit, often partnering with fellow artist "MYNA" and organizing his events. Tsunami811, on the other hand, has held numerous shows in Brooklyn and recently embarked on a multi-state tour with label mates "Bad Genes" in 2023. The duo's versatility shines through as they blend original hip-hop with contemporary influences, creating a captivating and innovative sound.

"2T" comprises two singles, "oFF Da LeaSH" and "DiZZy," each showcasing the distinct styles and talents of Kevin Bailey and Tsunami811. Tsunami811 produced "oFF Da LeaSH," a track that embodies the concept of freedom and seizing opportunities while having fun. Kevin Bailey's production on "DiZZy" delivers an electrifying experience, with the song being an invitation to let loose and get lost in the mesmerizing movements of a woman's shaking derriere.

2T's partnership represents a fusion of Brooklyn and Detroit, bringing together their respective sounds and energies to create a unique musical experience. With their captivating singles, "oFF Da LeaSH" and "DiZZy," 2T serves as a harbinger of energetic vibes and a powerful wave of inspiration. As they continue to push boundaries and touch the lives of their audience, 2T establishes themselves as the new leaders of the new school, ready to make their mark on the music industry.

NDGE - Why Would I Notice U

Meet Ndge, an artist who defies genre and gender norms while making waves in the music scene. Hailing from the UK, and are gaining attention for their charismatic persona, exceptional songwriting and production skills, and a unique blend of influences that fearlessly crosses boundaries and genres. With a distinct sound and a penchant for outrageous styling, Ndge is on a mission to carve its path in the music industry.

Ndge is a multi-talented artist who writes, records, performs, produces, and mixes tracks. Their creative sanctuary, the 'Ne Plus Ultra' sound studio, serves as the backdrop for their musical journey. With an extensive collection of vinyl records spanning various eras, he draws inspiration from diverse musical influences, resulting in a captivating and genre-defying sound.

Rejecting dour and conventional styles, Ndge finds solace in the liberation and personal expression that come with pushing the boundaries of fashion choices. He is inspired by the way people today are breaking free from societal norms and embracing individuality, even on a budget. For Ndge, glamour plays a part in their unique style, but the focus remains on freedom and self-aware choices.

Prepare to have your senses awakened by Ndge's latest single, 'Why Would I Notice U.' This fizzing electro-pop track encapsulates their distinctive sound and showcases their daring and unconventional style. With an energy that defies limits and styling that pushes boundaries, the song hits you square in the face, demanding attention and leaving a lasting impact.

'Why Would I Notice U' defies expectations and effortlessly blends infectious beats and arpeggiated synths, inviting you to groove along from the first note. The passionate and flowing vocals perfectly complement the track's rap verses and catchy melodic hook. This genre-defying gem is a delightful mess for those seeking a departure from algorithmic predictability. It takes listeners on a wild, joyful ride that showcases Ndge's ability to captivate and leave an indelible mark.

MANU CHEVALIER - Get On The Dance Floor (feat. BSKI)

Meet Manu Chevalier, a talented musician, songwriter, producer, and performer hailing from Marseille, France. With a remarkable range that encompasses disco/funk, jazz, bossa nova, reggae, soul, and pop, Manu's passion for music knows no bounds. Mentored by renowned industry professionals and boasting experience as a live saxophonist and background vocalist, Manu Chevalier is making waves with his debut single "Get On The Dance Floor" featuring BSKI. Let's dive into the story of this versatile artist and his journey in the music world.

Manu Chevalier's talent has been nurtured by the best in the business. Mentored by multi-platinum and Emmy award-winning songwriters and producers, including Shelly Poole (Alisha's Attic), Paul Statham (Dido, Kylie Minogue), Morris Pleasure (Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson), and Jeff Franzel (Taylor Dayne, N'Sync), Manu has honed his skills and developed a unique musical identity. These collaborations have provided him with invaluable guidance and insights into the industry, allowing him to refine his craft and reach new heights.

Manu Chevalier is not confined to a single genre. His versatility shines through in his ability to seamlessly transition between various musical styles. Whether it's the infectious groove of disco/funk, the smooth melodies of jazz and bossa nova, the laid-back rhythms of reggae, or the heartfelt emotions of soul and pop, Manu effortlessly adapts his musicality to suit each genre's essence. This multifaceted approach allows him to explore different sonic landscapes and captivate listeners with his diverse repertoire.

Manu Chevalier released his debut song, "Get On The Dance Floor," in August 2022. It features the accomplished musician BSKI. The song evokes the disco-funk period and is evocative of artists like Justin Timberlake and Jamiroquai. The song received a lot of attention from tastemakers and left a deep effect on listeners. With a contemporary touch, it transports listeners to the heyday of disco with its contagious energy and addictive beat. The song still merits praise and admiration for its capacity to get people grooving and dancing.

Following the resounding success of his debut single, Manu Chevalier is gearing up to release another track shortly. Building on the disco-funk foundation, he is ready to unleash his next musical creation, which promises to be yet another captivating and enjoyable experience for fans. With his dedication to his craft and passion for creating memorable music, Manu is poised to leave a lasting impression on the music scene.

WIREHOUND - The Anatomy Of A Thought Undone

In the realm of music, stories of resilience and triumph over adversity have always captivated audiences. WIREHOUND, a band forged through loss and pain, embodies the indomitable spirit that fuels the human desire to overcome obstacles and pursue dreams.

Led by Paul Wenzel and Jason T Reddish, this Long Island duo's journey is an inspiring tale of perseverance, as they navigate through personal tragedies, physical disabilities, and the determination to create music that echoes the depths of their souls.

WIREHOUND draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, including Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, Beatles, Nirvana, and even Garth Brooks. Their eclectic tastes and unique musical fusion contribute to the distinct flavor of their compositions.

Over the years, WIREHOUND has garnered recognition through notable accomplishments. They opened for Maroon 5 in 2002 and shared the stage with the Presidents of the United States of America in 2003. Their performances at various festivals in and around NYC have left an indelible mark, while frequent appearances on WLIR 92.3 during the early 2000s solidified their presence in the music scene.

"The Anatomy of a Thought Undone," WIREHOUND's debut album, is a profound exploration of pain, loss, and the human experience. This thematic masterpiece takes inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" but adds a unique, personal touch. With 12 of the 13 tracks built upon a common chord progression, the album encapsulates the emotional highs and lows of Paul's journey, leaving room for listeners to find their own resonance within the music.


LaQuinta Prince, also known as Bad Ass Beauty, is an artist on the rise, ready to redefine rock music with her soulful vocals and unwavering determination. Educated at Berklee College of Music and influenced by a wide range of artists, Prince's upcoming album, "4 Horsemen," promises to be a bold and empowering release.

Prince's musical journey started at an early age, performing in various bands and professional settings. Her experiences navigating through the challenges faced by strong-minded women, including sexual harassment, misogyny, and painful relationships, have greatly influenced her songwriting.

In the creation of her music, Prince has joined forces with co-writer and producer Anthony Gemignani, who brings his guitar skills and artistic vision to the table. Together, they have crafted a sound that seamlessly combines Prince's powerful vocals and Gemignani's musical expertise.

Bad Ass Beauty, brings an energetic and powerful track with "Blast Off." With its combination of fierce guitars and commanding vocals, the song falls into the realm of alternative rock with a touch of hard rock, reminiscent of bands like Sevendust.

Prince's strong vocal performance and relatable lyrics create an empowering and engaging experience for the audience. "Blast Off" showcases Prince's ability to fuse genres and establish her unique sound within the rock music landscape.


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