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  • Fernando Triff

Rising Star #6

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Welcome to Chapter 6 of our amazing "Rising Star" music blog series! Prepare to be carried away as we present you with another outstanding group of 10 up-and-coming recording artists that are poised to ignite the music industry.

From genre-defying experiments to heartfelt ballads, "Rising Star" is your go-to place for discovering the most innovative sounds in today's music scene. Our passionate team of music lovers has been working nonstop to find the unsung heroes, the real trailblazers in the business, and we're thrilled to bring them to you exclusively in this comprehensive blog series.

Get ready to dig deeply into each artist's backstory as we give you an inside look at their upbringings, artistic inspirations, and the creative processes that have helped to develop their distinct musical identities. Be ready to be enchanted by a variety of captivating tunes and creative compositions that will make an enduring impression on your spirit.

"Rising Star" has something for everyone, whether you're a die-hard music enthusiast, always on the lookout for the latest in aural innovation, or just someone who wants to find out about interesting new music. Join us on this thrilling journey through the constantly changing world of music, and see for yourself the outstanding talents that are influencing the future of the sector.

We're thrilled to share their exceptional music with you, and we promise that this chapter will be an unforgettable journey into the realm of musical brilliance. Stay tuned for the magic that awaits!

SPIES - Playing With Matches

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with SPIES, the dynamic duo comprising Austrian singer-songwriter Maggie Loeffler and British producer Dan Fisher. With a shared passion for rock guitars, thumping disco beats, and an uncanny ability to craft catchy hooks and anthemic choruses, SPIES is set to make their mark on the music scene.

Maggie and Dan's collaboration came about serendipitously, and their instant chemistry has led to the release of several exciting singles. But that's not all—they have also been hard at work on their highly anticipated full-length album, which is slated for release in 2023. Fans can expect a fusion of electrifying sounds and infectious melodies that will undoubtedly leave them craving more.

Drawing inspiration from classic pop punk bands like Blink 182, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne, SPIES infuse their music with a refreshing blend of nostalgia and contemporary energy. Their songs are irresistibly catchy, driven by pulsating rhythms and powerful vocals that will have you singing along in no time. The band's high-energy live performances have already garnered them a devoted fan base, despite their relatively short time together.

In their highly anticipated debut album, "Playing With Matches," SPIES delivers an electrifying collection of tracks that showcase their unique blend of alternative pop rock and punk influences. Among the standout songs on the album is "Falling In A Dream," a vibrant and infectious track that encapsulates the band's energetic and catchy sound that immediately grabs the listener's attention with its punchy guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms, reminiscent of the heyday of pop punk.

The song's driving energy is perfectly complemented by Maggie Loeffler's dynamic vocals, which effortlessly transition from powerful and commanding to vulnerable and emotive. SPIES' ability to craft memorable hooks is on full display in "Falling In A Dream." The anthemic chorus is instantly captivating, inviting listeners to sing along and get swept up in the infectious melody.

MARK WINTERS - Boundary Layer Radio Remix

Texas-based indie-rock musician Mark Winters is soaring to new heights with the radio remix of his popular title track, "Boundary Layer." This refreshed version takes a more aerodynamic approach, infusing the original song with additional percussion elements, a tighter bridge, and engaging harmonies that are sure to make listeners sing along.

Mark's musical journey began with a heartfelt guitar serenade for his wife on their anniversary. It was through this experience that he discovered the joy of connecting with people through music. His sound, characterized by rock with a positive vibe, finds influence from the likes of John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz.

Whether performing as a solo act, a duo, or with his band, Mark Winters and the Jetliners, he consistently delivers a captivating musical experience. His ability to craft evocative songs that leave a lasting impression is a testament to his artistry and dedication.

With the radio remix of "Boundary Layer," Mark Winters invites listeners to embark on a musical journey filled with energy, harmonies, and lyrics that touch the soul. This Texas troubadour is ready to take flight, and his unique blend of rock, poetry, and positivity is sure to captivate audiences far and wide.

With this track, Winters seamlessly blends the energetic essence of rock music with the authentic charm of Americana. The remix takes the original song to new heights, infusing it with additional percussion elements, tighter arrangements, and harmonies that add depth and character to the overall sound. The result is a dynamic and engaging musical experience that showcases Winters' ability to bridge genres and create a unique sonic landscape.

TOWSE - We'd Start A Garden

Towse is not just Grace Fellows; it's an umbrella under which collaborators are invited to join the musical journey. The core lineup includes Grace on piano and vocals, her partner Corwin on violin and vocals, and the talented Mark on bass and percussion. Together, they form a powerful trio that infuses their performances with emotional depth and improvisational flair.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, and Joanna Newsom, Towse combines their influences with a deep-rooted appreciation for traditional folk music. This fusion of styles serves as a foundation for their collaboration, allowing them to explore and convey their emotional intentions through captivating storytelling.

Towse has already made waves in the music scene, supporting singer-songwriter Jon Gomm and performing at renowned venues like The Troubadour in LA and The Old Blue Last in London. Their upcoming plans include touring the west coast of the US and performing at the Sh'bang festival in Washington State, further solidifying their presence in the European music scene.

With "We'd Start a Garden," Towse invites listeners to embark on a soul-stirring musical journey, embracing vulnerability, and finding solace in shared experiences. The single showcases their ability to blend indie orchestras and twee singer-songwriter aesthetics with poignant storytelling, creating an emotionally rich and unforgettable listening experience that showcases Grace Fellows' remarkable vocals intertwined with an indie pop vibe that captivates listeners from the first note.

With a tender yet powerful delivery, she effortlessly conveys the emotional depth of the lyrics, inviting the audience to delve into a world of introspection and vulnerability. The song's enchanting melodies and thoughtful instrumentation create an immersive experience, drawing inspiration from indie pop aesthetics and infusing them with Towse's unique charm. Grace's vocals soar over the infectious hooks, leaving a lasting impression and solidifying "We'd Start a Garden" as a standout track that beautifully exemplifies Towse's ability to create evocative and unforgettable music.

RYAN YINGST - Please Don't Burn The Sage

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ryan Yingst has released his poignant single, "Please Don't Burn The Sage," which delves into the depths of grief and the unexpected ways in which love and loss intertwine. With a unique blend of influences spanning folk, rock, soul, and pop, Yingst's introspective songwriting and intimate production style shine through in this heartfelt track.

In "Please Don't Burn The Sage," Yingst channels his personal experiences of unique losses into a song that balances vulnerability with a touch of humor. While acknowledging the pain associated with death, the track aims to find solace by embracing the idea that the presence of loved ones can be felt in unexpected ways. The song's gritty and intimate recording captures the essence of Yingst's authenticity and purpose, making it relatable to those who have experienced profound grief and thought-provoking for those who have not.

As a versatile performer, songwriter, and producer, Yingst draws inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists, including Jeff Buckley, Theo Katzman, and The Shins, resulting in a diverse musical landscape that showcases his unique individuality. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Yingst's improvisational influences ensure that each performance carries its distinct energy, captivating audiences across the United States.

With previous releases receiving favorable reviews, including praise for his songwriting skills and brilliant guitar work, Ryan Yingst's dedication to honesty and authenticity shines through in all his musical endeavors. His upcoming projects promise to deliver the same level of heartfelt connection, whether he is embodying a character, sharing personal stories, or creating from inspired moments.

"Please Don't Burn The Sage" was recorded in Nashville, with initial tracking done in collaboration with producer Shane Weisman. The song's production process took an unexpected turn when a previously recorded version by a Grammy-winning studio band and producer was discarded in favor of a grittier, more intimate approach. This decision resulted in a track that truly reflects Yingst's vision and allows listeners to connect deeply with his exploration of life after death.


Inkakai comprises six skilled musicians, each bringing their unique talents to the group. Their stage attire includes black katanas, masks, and hooded clothing adorned with striking red fire symbols. This anonymity allows the band to maintain a strong focus on their music and artistic vision rather than individual personalities.

The name Inkakai represents the band's core values, drawing from the concepts of shadow, fire, and society. With their masked appearances and theatrical elements, Inkakai aims to create an immersive experience for their audience. Inspired by the worlds of Star Wars and science fiction, the band seeks to transport listeners into a realm where music and imagination intertwine.

Inkakai's latest single 'Drown' serves as a testament to their musical prowess and commitment to pushing creative boundaries. With a blend of alternative rock, nu-metal, and electronic elements, the band delivers a unique sound that resonates with fans of different genres. Originally written in 2010 as a prequel to their song 'Ariel,' 'Drown' underwent re-recording in 2020 and was mixed by Tuomas Kokko in 2021.

To push the boundaries of their sound and unlock the song's full potential, Inkakai enlisted the expertise of renowned music producer Tim Palmer. Known for his work with U2, Pearl Jam, and Ozzy Osbourne, Palmer added his touch to 'Drown,' creating a sonically rich experience that showcases the band's growth and musical prowess.

Their enigmatic stage presence and collaborations with industry luminaries have propelled them to new heights, ensuring that Inkakai continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Keep an eye on this masked collective as they rise, leaving a trail of musical brilliance in their wake.

JOHN TIBBITS - Light Of The Flame

John Tibbits effortlessly blends elements of folk and alternative music, creating a unique sound that resonates with listeners. Influenced by artists like Roy Harper, Declan O'Rourke, and Frank Turner, Tibbits draws from both traditional and contemporary music to craft his signature style. This fusion of old and new creates a captivating sonic experience that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

Tibbits' lyrics resonate deeply with his listeners, offering glimpses into his personal experiences and observations of everyday life. He addresses the monotonous routine of white-collar work, delves into the complexities of relationships and friendships, and explores themes of romance and political cynicism. Through his well-penned lyrics, Tibbits brings a relatable and thought-provoking perspective to his music, capturing the essence of the human experience.

John Tibbits' E.P. "Light of the Flame" and it is standout single "Our Moment" offers a captivating musical experience that combines heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and genre-blending sounds. With his ability to connect on a personal level and his unique blend of folk and alternative influences, Tibbits stands out as a rising talent to watch. As he continues to forge his path in the music industry, his distinct voice and relatable storytelling will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on listeners.

"Our Moment" is a captivating indie rock track that beautifully blends elements of folk music. With its enchanting melodies and introspective lyrics, the song immerses listeners in a soul-stirring journey. John Tibbits' distinct vocal style and skillful guitar work bring a raw and heartfelt quality to the track, evoking a sense of nostalgia and introspection.

The fusion of indie rock and folk elements creates a unique sonic landscape that showcases Tibbits' artistry and his ability to seamlessly blend genres. "Our Moment" is a testament to Tibbits' musical talent and his ability to craft a deeply emotive and memorable listening experience.

NORRISETTE - Weird Party

Norrisette, the driving force behind the project, takes on multiple roles, composing, producing, singing, and playing synths and piano. With a passion for crafting her music from scratch, she has been based in Manchester for nine years, curating her sound in the intimate confines of her flat. Influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Bjork, SOPHIE, FKA Twigs, and classical music composers, Norrisette's music reflects an eclectic blend of inspirations.

Norrisette's journey as a live performer started in September 2021 when she supported Sylvette at Deaf Institute, marking the beginning of her musical career. Within a short span of ten months, she showcased her solo set on the Nebula Stage at Bluedot Festival, where she unintentionally cosplayed as the Jodrell Bank radio telescope.

Additionally, Norrisette co-founded FLUFF, a regular night for queer electronic music at Fuel, Withington, which gained recognition in the Guardian for its contribution to Manchester's underground music scene. Norrisette's talent has also landed her a performance slot at the esteemed Manchester International Festival.

"Weird Party" EP encapsulates Norrisette's best work, a selection of six tracks that embody her unique sound and creative vision. Each song carries its distinctive message and inspiration. "Metal Hotel," created during a temporary stay in an Airbnb, showcases Norrisette's ability to channel emotions into music even during challenging times.

Metal Hotel, a captivating track from Norrisette's "Weird Party" EP, immerses listeners in a mesmerizing blend of techno and dance elements. The song showcases Norrisette's talent for crafting electronic music that transcends boundaries and keeps the dancefloor moving. Get ready to lose yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Metal Hotel as Norrisette invites you to surrender to the irresistible allure of her unique sound.


Here is Sleepy Loco's intriguing song, "On My Mind." Sleepy Loco, a self-employed musician from Memphis, Tennessee, is a force of unbridled skill and unbridled fire in the music industry. Sleepy Loco has been making waves since the release of his first song "Regular" in 2016 with a silky yet forceful tone, swiftly gaining a devoted following in his hometown.

Building on his popularity, Sleepy Loco released three powerful songs in one summer: "Geeked Up" with 2GramBam, "The Get Bacc" with Eag Nick, and "Popcorn Playa" with Premo Rice. These tracks demonstrated Sleepy Loco's range and further established his standing in the music industry.

Sleepy Loco is influenced by a variety of musicians, including Larry June, Starlito, 8Ball & MJG. His distinctive style, which combines parts of classic music with modern rap, is the result of these influences. The song "On My Mind" features Sleepy Loco talking about a woman he recently snatched from her former boyfriend. She is motivated by unresolved issues, and Sleepy Loco gives her a better life, making her think twice about going back to her prior relationship.

Sleepy Loco's lyrics, which mirror real-life experiences and have an engrossing backstory, give his music a realistic and personal touch. The track has been polished and well-produced since it was recorded at Track Nation and engineered by Goliath Beats.

Keep an eye out for more Sleepy Loco as he continues to wow listeners with his unpolished skill and contagious enthusiasm. "On My Mind" provides evidence of his developing skill and establishes the scene for what is sure to be an interesting musical journey.

STUTTERBOY - Stutterboy ii

Introducing Stutterboy, the Brooklyn-based indie act making waves with their recently released full album. With three singles already setting the stage, their independently produced album showcases a dynamic blend of influences that seamlessly combines new wave synth tones, surfy reverb guitar, forward and percussive basslines, and intricate syncopated drums.

The result? A fierce, brooding, yet tender sound that grabs hold of your senses. Drawing inspiration from 1980s Post-Punk, and 1990s Psych Rock, and infusing a subtle undercurrent of 1960s Northern Soul and West Coast Surf, Stutterboy creates a musical journey that accompanies you on your travels.

"Be Less Embarrassing," the opening track of Stutterboy's album, sets the tone with its infectious alternative rock vibes. From the first guitar riff, the song grabs your attention and pulls you into its energetic and captivating world. The driving rhythm section, accompanied by gritty vocals, creates a sense of urgency and raw emotion.

With its catchy hooks and powerful instrumentation, "Be Less Embarrassing" showcases Stutterboy's ability to craft a compelling and memorable alternative rock anthem that leaves you craving more. It's a bold and confident start to an album that promises an exhilarating musical journey ahead.

Whether you're cruising down a scenic highway, waiting for a subterranean train, or trudging through the rain on foot, their album Stutterboy ii offers the perfect soundtrack for every moment. So fasten your seatbelt, put on your headphones, and let Stutterboy transport you with their captivating melodies and rusty vocals. Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure where nostalgia meets innovation.


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